The use of products that increase hemoglobin in pregnancy


One of the important elements of the blood is hemoglobin, which often decreases during the period of bearing. To increase it, various methods are used, including a diet containing products that increase hemoglobin in pregnancy.

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  • The reasons for the lowering of the indicator
  • What are the useful components?
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The reasons for the lowering of the indicator

A low level of hemoglobin in pregnant women occurs due to the following phenomena:

  • Increased blood volume. This is because the fetus has its own circulatory system, which functions in conjunction with the circulatory system of the woman. The child also has blood, so its volume becomes much larger. As a result, the hemoglobin level falls. As a rule, such a deviation is noted after 5 months of pregnancy.
  • Increased need for iron. The baby needs more oxygen, vitamins, macro and microelements for normal growth and development. This applies to iron. The fetus takes the necessary amount of this element from the mother, so the woman has a reduced level of hemoglobin.
  • Multiple pregnancy. As a consequence, iron is consumed even more, and hemoglobin falls many times.
  • Lack of other elements in the body of a woman, necessary for the formation of hemoglobin. After all, anemia can be not only iron deficient. It arises also because of a lack of vitamin B12, folic acid.
  • Repeated delivery after a short period of time. At conception of the kid earlier than in 3 years after the previous pregnancy, the risk of development of an anemia rises. This is due to the fact that the reserves of iron and other components are restored only for 3 years after the birth of the child.
  • Taking medications that affect the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Abundant bleeding that causes posthemorrhagic anemia. This is possible at the beginning of spontaneous abortion, detachment of the fetal egg or placenta.
  • The phenomenon of intestinal dysbiosis, because of which iron and other important elements are poorly absorbed and absorbed by the body.
  • Regular stress, nervous overexertion.
  • Hormonal disorders in pregnant women. When the body increases the level of sex hormones, iron is poorly absorbed by the intestine.
  • Severe toxicosis, accompanied by frequent vomiting, unwillingness to eat. Because of these factors, the hemoglobin content decreases.
  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies, deterioration of the work of immunity, as a result of which the stock of iron is actively consumed.

In the first trimester, the body does not require a high iron content. Lowering the hemoglobin level begins with the 20th week of pregnancy. The most critical decline is observed on the 32-33 week of bearing a child. By the date of birth, the concentration of this substance is restored.

Toxicosis in pregnancy

What are the useful components?

At a low rate, patients should use products to increase hemoglobin during pregnancy. These include those that contain:

  • Iron. This element is the most important. The body should receive 15-18 mg per day.
  • Glutamic acid and arginine. These components are also important for the synthesis of hemoglobin. Even if the iron in the blood is enough, the indicator will drop if there is a lack of these substances.
  • Copper and cobalt. These elements accelerate the biochemical reaction. If they are not in the blood, then the formation of hemoglobin does not stop, but it will be slow.
  • B vitamins. Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to the fact that iron is consumed incorrectly, most of the element is deposited in the liver. The lack of vitamin C also worsens the absorption of iron in the intestine. A pregnant woman with anemia is recommended to consume about 30 mg of this element per day, then the process of blood formation will be normal.
Important! Products for raising hemoglobin to pregnant women should contain the entire list of these important components. Therefore, the diet should be designed so that the body received all the elements in the right amount, or supplemented with appropriate drugs.
Foods rich in vitamin B12

Featured Products

So what foods increase hemoglobin in pregnant women? In nature, there is everything that is required to maintain the normal level of this iron-containing protein. Therefore, it is worth taking a careful look at the composition of the diet.

The following products will help increase hemoglobin during pregnancy:

  • Nuts.From the most accessible nuts it is possible to allocate peanuts. It contains all the necessary substances for the formation of protein, except for vitamin C. Still, the products that raise hemoglobin during pregnancy include walnuts and sesame. In the absence of a future mother's violations from the digestive organs can quickly normalize the indicator, using 50 grams of nuts. Together with this portion it is recommended to eat a citrus fruit or juice, drink a decoction of wild rose berries.
  • Seafood.They are able to increase the hemoglobin content in the blood. Seafood is recommended to be used together with green vegetables and salad.
  • Beet.This vegetable is also included in the list of products useful for hemoglobin. It is rich in iron and micronutrients. Due to the beet production of hemoglobin is activated, the body is cleaned of harmful substances, the stool comes to normal, which is important when carrying a child.
  • Beef liver.This product is recommended to be used in fried form. It is necessary to cook on vegetable oil for 3 minutes. So the liver is better absorbed by the body, if a woman does not suffer from disturbances in the digestive organs. Together with it it is recommended to bake a potato, in which there is a lot of vitamin C.
  • Beans. Telling which products increase hemoglobin, we can not fail to mention these cultures. It is enough to eat them at least 2 times a week and the supply of iron will be normal. It is best to include in the diet red beans, peas and green lentils.

What other foods contain iron for hemoglobin pregnant? This is a pomegranate, red meat, oatmeal in combination with baked apples and nuts, buckwheat. Beneficially affects the process of blood formation pumpkin. Pregnant women are recommended to use honey, as it helps the iron to be well absorbed in the body.

Table of recommended products

It is not enough to know how to increase hemoglobin during pregnancy with the help of products, you still need to follow the rules of eating. Nutritionists are advised to adhere to the following conditions when restoring the indicator at home:

  • Take food in small portions, with a break between meals should not be more than 4 hours.
  • Products that contain large amounts of calcium interfere with the iron to be properly digested. Therefore, they are recommended to be consumed no earlier than two hours after eating iron-rich foods.
  • It is worth combining vegetables with meat or porridges. This will allow the iron to digest better in the body.
  • When using pomegranate juice, do not forget that you can drink it no more than 50 g per day, since this product interferes with normal digestion.
  • Do not drink a lot of black tea and coffee.
  • Do not use liquid while eating.
Compliance with diet

If you correctly plan your diet, you will be able to keep the level of hemoglobin in your body under control during pregnancy.

Important! A sufficient content of hemoglobin in the blood of a pregnant woman plays an important role for the full development of the baby and the condition of the mother herself. Therefore, during the carrying out of a child, it is required to regularly undergo a laboratory blood test in order not to miss possible complications.
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