Recommendations on how to reduce the white blood cell count in adults and children

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In the human body, there are endlessly different processes. One of the main and responsible is the process of blood formation. Particles of blood are produced in the bone marrow and provide protection to the entire body. Leukocytes are responsible for an important function: they destroy infections, pathogenic bacteria and harmful viruses. Blood cells produce enzymes that destroy potentially dangerous foreign elements.

The content of leukocytes in the blood is one of the main indicators revealed during the blood test. The amount of white blood particles varies throughout the day - which is quite natural. The reasons for the change in the indicator are loads on the body: physically and emotionally, eating and drinking, and sleeping. To obtain reliable results, blood sampling is performed on the sutra and on an empty stomach. If the amount of white blood particles exceeds the norm, then this condition is called leukocytosis. It occurs in diseases. Before you look for ways to reduce leukocytes in your blood, you need to understand what became the provocation promoter.

What do white cells look like?


  • What is the function of leukocytes?
  • Why do white blood cells rise?
  • How to reduce leukocytes in the blood?
  • To whom to address?
  • What should be the way of life?
  • Proper nutrition and mental state
  • How do leukocytes fall in the blood folk remedies?

What is the function of leukocytes?

Leukocytes belong to the category of form substances in the blood, like platelets and erythrocytes. They are responsible for the immune defense of the body. Leukocytes independently find pathogenic microorganisms that enter the blood from the outside and are destroyed. They participate in the fight against internal painful processes.

The leukocyte group includes five cell types:

  • Neutrophilic.
  • Monocyte.
  • Lymphocytic.
  • Eosinophilic.
  • Basophilous.

Each variety of cells is responsible for its function. For example: the largest leukocyte group is the category of neutrophils, intended for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in the body. Cells quickly move in the bloodstream and focus on the affected areas of tissues to deal with painful microbes.

Basophils are the largest granulocyte cells. Their task is to participate in the formation of inflammation and the manifestation of allergies. In these cells there are chemically active elements that are mediators of allergic and inflammatory reactions.

Eosinophilic cells penetrate the walls of arteries and veins and perform a cytotoxic function. Fight with parasites that fall into organs and tissues, are responsible for the formation of an antiparasitic immune defense.

The main immune cells in the blood are lymphocytes. On their shoulders - responsibility for humoral and cellular immune defense. Produce antigens that can fight pathogenic agents: cancer cells or viruses.

Monocytes nature has endowed with several functions, the most important of which is phagocytic immunity from microbes.

Leukocyte particles

Why do white blood cells rise?

Common causes of elevated leukocytes in the blood are the following:

  • The presence of infection in the body, accompanied by high body temperature. This includes colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, otitis media.
  • Diseases of viral origin. There are different types of hepatitis, chicken pox, rubella, etc.
  • Acute inflammatory processes in the digestive system.
  • Peritonitis.
  • Abscesses with excretion of pus.
  • Acute infectious diseases, among which are often appendicitis and cholecystitis.
  • Parasitic diseases.
  • Lesion of tissues and ligament ruptures.
  • Skin and muscle lesions: wounds, burns, injuries.
  • Dehydration leading to a thickening of the blood.

The causes of an increase in the concentration of leukocyte cells in the blood become infarction states, tumor processes, kidney diseases, internal bleeding, etc.


How to reduce leukocytes in the blood?

If, after the assay has been tested, a high white body content in the blood is detected, the patient should not seek an answer to the question of how to treat the increase in white blood cells. After all, leukocytosis is not a disease, but a factor that indicates the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. Therefore, the increase in leukocytes is a consequence of the disease. And a patient with leukocytosis should be examined to find the cause of the growth of leukocytes.

If you ignore the answers of the tests, you can skip the disease and not stop it on time. If there is an infection caused by pathogenic bacteria, they are treated with antibiotics. If the body has a virus, then prescribe antiviral drugs. When the cause of an increase in white bodies in the blood is helminthiasis, the doctor will advise antiparasitic agents.

When high leukocytes are provoked by allergy, the treating doctor prescribes antihistamines.

Often, high rates appear after a dense dinner, emotional stress, active physical activity, overexertion. In such situations, treatment is not necessary.

To whom to address?

If the value of leukocyte cells in the blood is high, then you need to consult a doctor-hematologist. This specialist will advise compliance with the rules. Some types of hematological diseases suggest additional studies. Before you go to the laboratory for blood donation, you need:

  • Do not eat 12 hours before taking blood.
  • Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke a day before the analysis, as these factors increase the production of leukocytes.
  • Reduce or stop taking medication. If you can not refuse medication, then tell the doctor.
  • Reduce the amount of water consumed the day before the analysis. If excess fluid accumulates in the body, this will have a negative effect on blood test responses.

What should be the way of life?

To lower the white blood cells in the blood, you need to take care of the correct mode of the day. If the index is increased slightly, then this is not a deviation from the norm. The level of leukocytes in the blood will be independently regulated without help.

Attention! If the increase in white blood cells is observed during pregnancy, then this is a natural process associated with increased immune defenses of the body. Pregnant women do not need to worry about how to reduce leukocytes.

However, during the gestation of the fetus, the mother organism is exposed to diseases, so the leukocyte cells also increase due to pathology. If the cause is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a harmless way to reduce leukocytes.

If the doctor has determined only the physiological causes of leukocytosis in the blood of a child or adult patient, and the indicators are increased insignificantly, then the diet and lifestyle should be regulated:

  • The body should receive a sufficient amount of time for recovery, rest. Need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
  • It is recommended to exclude overvoltages, if there is such an opportunity.
  • Moderate physical activity will be beneficial, but do not need to be zealous.
  • Remember the sufficient amount of water consumed, because dehydration is a dangerous condition.

Proper nutrition and mental state

In order to avoid leukocyte surges, a diet is necessary, in which meals are evenly distributed throughout the day. Avoid overeating. Do not get involved in fatty foods saturated with cholesterol. Such food stimulates the synthesis of leukocytes. Rid the diet and from foods that are difficult to digest: sharp, floury and fried foods.

If a long time does not pass psychological stress, depression or stress, then visit a psychologist, undergo relaxing procedures. Some patients are prescribed sedative medication.

How do leukocytes fall in the blood folk remedies?

Unconventional medicine has its own ways of treating high leukocytes. Before the reduction begins, the chosen techniques should be discussed with the doctor. The effectiveness of folk methods is often high.

Healing herbs

One of the useful medicinal plants for normalizing the blood composition is the field horsetail. It has a high concentration of silicon, which helps to achieve a low white blood cell count. A fresh juice of horsetail before eating, take a few sips. And the dried grass is brewed and given an infusion, which is to drink before eating 50 milliliters.

Another useful tool - a decoction of lime flowers. Such a drink helps to quickly reduce the level of leukocytes. It is prepared from a tablespoon of dry or fresh flowers, filled with a mug of boiling water. This mixture is desirable to boil on fire for ten minutes. Decoction after cooling to consume three glasses a day, replacing the usual tea. The method is especially useful for those who have leukocytes increased due to a cold or an infectious disease.

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