Can treatment with folk remedies give a positive result in heart failure?


Heart failure is a chronic lack of blood supply to all organs, which arises as a result of disorders in the work of the heart. Usually this pathology is the result of serious damage to the myocardium, because of which the heart can not normally fill with blood and completely emptied.

To treat this disease, medicine uses different methods, but at the same time folk remedies such as prayers, conspiracies and herbal infusions do not lose their popularity even today. Well, how effective they are, let's look further in the article.


  • Treatment of functional heart failure folk remedies
  • Treatment of pathology with diuretics
  • Treatment of heart failure with potassium and magnesium-containing products
  • Herbs that stimulate the normal rhythm of contraction of the heart muscle
  • Treatment of heart failure by conspiracies and prayers

Treatment of functional heart failure folk remedies

Treatment of heart failure with folk methods was used for hundreds of years before the advent of modern medicine, and all this time the alternative direction did not stop developing. Today, four methods of therapy are used in case of heart failure, at home:

  • vegetable diuretics;
  • the use of potassium and magnesium-rich foods;
  • reception of herbs that stimulate contractions of the heart muscle;
  • conspiracies and prayers.

The first three options are considered the most common, and as for the fourth type of therapy, it is more suitable for believers. However, patients often apply several different recipes of folk treatment from heart failure, which, in their opinion, increases the chances of curing the disease.

Treatment of pathology with diuretics

Treatment of heart failure with diuretic drugs is considered one of the most effective methods of home therapy. And this is logical, since the principle of action of therapeutic drugs, which are prescribed to a patient with heart failure by a doctor, are similar to diuretics and infusions.


Important! The principle of action of such a healing agent is to improve the filtration of the kidneys, reducing the reverse absorption of water and sodium into the renal tubules. Diuretic herbs in heart failure remove excess fluid from the body, which facilitates the burden on the heart. The same action has medicines (diuretics).


Well, to prepare people's diuretics for the treatment of heart failure, you can of the following plants:

  • birch dangling;
  • cranberries;
  • sporish;
  • juniper;
  • field horsetail;
  • blue cornflower.

Two birch leaves are used immediately for the preparation of diuretics: branches with kidneys and leaves. If the choice fell on branches with kidneys, then they harvest them at the end of winter or in the early days of autumn. For this branch, on which buds are visible, are carefully cut, tied into a small bundle and suspended to dry in the open fresh air. After the kidneys dry, you cancook the infusion. With the leaves of the birch the same procedure is carried out, the difference is that they are collected in May or June.

Dangling birch

Cowberry leaf is collected after melting snow, but before the appearance of flowers. They are dried with a cool, dry and dark place, stored raw materials for up to a year, from it is prepared a decoction.

As for the blue cornflower, sporis and horsetail, they are collected only in the summer. Juniper is harvested in autumn, when its berries acquire a black and blue shade. Note that the diuretics listed above have a positive effect on hypertension due to the improvement of kidney function.

The use of such folk remedies for heart failure is considered effective, and in some cases the treatment with diuretic herbs is even recommended to the patient by a doctor. However, with heart failure in acute form, such therapy does not help, the patient will need a full course of treatment.

Treatment of heart failure with potassium and magnesium-containing products

In addition to diuretics, the treatment of heart failure at home includes a diet that includes foods rich in potassium. As is known, this element is involved in the passage of electrical signals in the myocardium. Lack of potassium provokes heart rhythm disturbances.

Potassium in its pure form with heart failure is prescribed to patients in modern medicine paired with diuretics, since the latter remove trace elements from the body, and this must be compensated. However, in addition to a positive effect on the heart muscle, potassium itself has some diuretic properties, which makes it a universal remedy for the treatment of heart failure.

Baked potatoes are rich in potassium

Potassium-magnesium diet for hypertension and heart failure involves the inclusion of the following foods in the patient's diet:

  • cocoa powder (not less than 80%);
  • peas (helps only in cases where the course of heart failure passes in mild form);
  • almonds and raisins;
  • walnuts, peanuts;
  • potatoes baked in the oven;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • black currant;
  • peach;
  • lean beef (cooked on steamed).

Important! Observance of such a diet helps in the treatment of hypertension, which is often found in patients as a concomitant pathology in heart failure.


Herbs that stimulate the normal rhythm of contraction of the heart muscle

In the question of how to treat heart failure at home, not the least role is played by plants aimed at stimulating the work of the heart muscle. In medicine, special preparations are prescribed for this purpose - glycosides. However, if you carefully read the composition of these drugs, you can see that they mostly consist of plants that affect the body in the same way.

Will head a list of plants that positively affect the heart muscle, the usual lily of the valley. Its leaves and flowers are harvested at any time of the year. The collected ingredients are dried indoors without access to moisture. Then from the dried leaves and flowers of the lily of the valley prepare a tincture, which is used for 15-20 drops (adult) before each meal.

Lily of the valley

Treatment of heart failure with herbs, such as lily of the valley, allows not only to stimulate the patient's heart, but also to substantially normalize his nervous system. Tincture of the lily of the valley is recommended to apply at any stage of development of pathology, as it gives a strong effects on the cardiovascular system of man and is used for the preparation of medications (korglikon).

Lily of the valley May and other plants: foxglove, oleander, adonis, stropant are poisonous! It is important to carefully follow the recommended dosage, before consulting with a doctor.

In addition to lily of the valley, they treat heart failure with folk remedies and with the help of weaker tinctures: hawthorn, valerian, motherwort. However, it is better to use combined treatment of pathology using all the listed tinctures.

Similar to lily of the valley on the principle of action of the plant is wild foxglove. It is rare, mostly only on special fields, which are processed and cultivated artificially, for medical purposes. But, if you manage to collect tincture from digitalis, then it helps with the same diseases as lily of the valley.

Treatment of heart failure by conspiracies and prayers

Since ancient times, prayers and conspiracies from heart diseases have been used by the people. However, traditional medicine is skeptical about the effectiveness of this method of treatment, it is suitable for people exclusively believers.

Conspiracies and prayers help believers

Although with heart failure treatment of folk remedies, many do not cause trust, it even if it has an evidence base, while conspiracies and prayers are built exclusively on trust. However, if a patient with heart failure is a believer, then the following conspiracies will work for him:

  • Conspiracy for a sick heart. This prayer is pronounced not just so, but with a little ritual. Before the patient's chest, two knives with wooden handles are hung, which are held by the blade. When you read the prayer, the knobs strike one against the other several times.
  • Conspiracy from the heart disease. During the young month (in the period before the first quarter), water is collected from the river or lake and a special prayer is pronounced over it. Next, the water is taken to the patient to the patient home, give him a drink, soak his face and hands. A few days later, heart failure must pass or turn to the initial stage.

If you decide to choose a course of therapy with herbs and tinctures, be sure to remember that treating folk remedies for heart failure symptoms is not always effective. Therefore, before acting, it is better to go through the examination in the hospital and consult a doctor.

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