Can hematogen raise hemoglobin in the blood or not, the pros and cons

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Hematogen is a bioactive nutritional supplement that has been familiar to many since childhood. Its usefulness is proved by time. When scientists discovered that iron is important and useful for blood, thanks to this, this product was invented and created. It includes the blood of cattle. To it add various ingredients (honey, chocolate, nuts), so the hematogen becomes delicious. They were used during the war, they gave the wounded in hospitals to improve the condition of their blood. This is an obligatory product in the ration of servicemen on the fronts.

A treat known since childhood

Now people do not trust doctors so often and often check their words. Interested in the composition of drugs that take. In the network, you can find terrible myths about the hematogen and its benefits. For example: about the origin of blood. Let's see, does the hematogen increase hemoglobin or not?


  • Is there a hematogenic effect on blood composition?
  • Than the hematogen is useful?
  • Harm
  • Hematogen for pregnant women
  • Useful "chocolate" for children
  • What else do you need to know?

Is there a hematogenic effect on blood composition?

Hematogen refers to products that increase hemoglobin. Such products include juice from cranberries, pork and veal liver. Therefore, if the protein in the blood has not decreased much, you can correct the situation by correcting the diet or eating a hematogen. But if the hemoglobin index is much lower than normal, medical means can not be avoided.

The blood protein hemoglobin is important for the human body, so you can not significantly reduce its amount. Drugs quickly increase the level. And food is much slower, and the rates are not rising high enough.

Hematogen for increasing hemoglobin can be fully used. But if the protein deficit is serious, only it should not be relied upon.

Does the treat affect the composition of the blood?

Than the hematogen is useful?

The main benefit is that it strengthens the body and is a preventive remedy for diseases. The composition includes a large number of amino acids, which are needed for normal operation of organs and systems.

Useful properties of a chemist's chocolate:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • affects the level of iron and hemoglobin in the blood;
  • helps the body recover with anemia, the effect is compared with blood transfusion;
  • improves the function of blood formation;
  • in the composition there are many useful vitamins and enzymes.

It contains vitamin A, which positively affects the condition of the skin, hair, nails, and improves eyesight. He is prescribed to patients with anemia, he is indispensable in the treatment of this disease. Since the main cause of the disease is a lack of iron, the hematogen raises hemoglobin. Therefore, it is included in the diet of people during the recovery from surgery and weakened due to illnesses.

Hematogen - the first remedy that is prescribed as an additional therapy for anemia

Useful for people who:

  • frequent bleeding, low protein levels;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • with poisoning;
  • the diet is poor in useful elements;
  • the child lags behind in growth;
  • influenza and ODS;
  • an auxiliary agent in the treatment of vision problems;
  • for recovery after infectious diseases.

They are used to prevent the above problems.

The product replenishes the body's stores with vitamins, proteins and beneficial microelements. Eat for diseases that are associated with blood loss, for example: with ulcers.


Like any drug, hematogen has a number of contraindications. It contains additives, they can have an allergic reaction. Such a reaction can develop into bovine protein, from which the delicacy consists. All because he is alien to the body.

The reaction depends on the amount of hematogen that is eaten. The more - the stronger. And if there is it in moderation, there will be no allergic reaction. Only allergies are at risk.

People with gastrointestinal diseases are not recommended to use the product. It does not irritate the stomach and is quickly absorbed.

To consume in large quantities is not worth it. This will negatively affect the healthy and strong body. Producers are warned about this, the package indicates the daily norm for an adult (50 g) and for a child (20-40 grams).

Before using, consult a doctor so that there are no side effects, and the treatment was really effective. After all, there are some blood diseases that are not related to iron deficiency in the blood.

If you experience a feeling of nausea when you use the medication, you must stop taking it right away. Since this may be the first signs of side effects.

Hematogen for pregnant women

Is it possible to raise hemoglobin with hematogen to pregnant women? The answer is unequivocal - no. Pregnancy is one of the contraindications for the product, which is indicated by the manufacturers on the packaging.

After all, the body of expectant mothers is sensitive to allergens.

Carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body, the glucose level will rise, and this is dangerous for the child. Because of this, excess weight appears. Clots are formed due to blood clotting under the influence of hematogen.

The proteins that are contained in it, provoke fermentation in the intestines, resulting in the formation of gases. They cause discomfort in pregnant women.

One of the contraindications is pregnancy!

Useful "chocolate" for children

Hematogen raises hemoglobin, it contains a large number of useful elements, vitamins and minerals. Made from natural products. Favorably affects the immune system. Therefore, children, especially the weak and painful, it must be eaten.


The main thing is to remember that this is not a simple chocolate. Therefore, before giving the child, read the instructions and consult a pediatrician. Take a hematogen to a child can be 5-7 years 30 grams a day.


What else do you need to know?

Do not treat lightly, do not increase the daily dose. Do not take other vitamin complexes before and after taking the hematogen 2 hours. This will cause an overdose of vitamins and lead to painful conditions.

In case of overeating, treat immediately to the hospital. If an overdose of vitamin A, E or K occurs, life-threatening side effects will occur.

But if you carefully read the instructions before use, correctly calculate the dosage, eliminate the occurrence of side effects, treatment with the drug will be useful and tasty. And the answer to the question is whether the hematogen in the blood raises hemoglobin, yes.

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