Do red wine increase hemoglobin, the rules for choosing a drink

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The human body is an amazing whole structure. To all functions fully, you need harmony. Reduction or increase of certain parameters of blood leads to a malfunction in the functioning of internal organs. Not always to adjust the results of tests patients want to take medications. In this connection, the question arises: in what cases are people's methods effective? Does red wine increase hemoglobin?


  • Is it useful to red wine
  • Why hemoglobin decreases
  • Quality of wine
  • Special instructions when using wine

Is it useful to red wine

There are different opinions about whether red wine is suitable for increasing hemoglobin. Someone believes that alcohol and health are incompatible concepts, others recommend this drink as a panacea for many pathologies. Where is the golden mean?

It is important to be able to determine the quality of red dry wine

Whether red wine will raise hemoglobin and positively affect human health depends on its quality. This aspect is influenced by:

  • place of growth of grapes;
  • technology of making a drink;
  • aging time;
  • fortress;
  • type of soil;
  • climate.

If wine is made from good grapes, only high technology is used and stored under the right conditions, it really can bring invaluable benefit to the human body. An important role is played in what quantities a drink is used.

Why hemoglobin decreases

To understand how hemoglobin and red wine are related, it is worthwhile examining for what reasons this vital indicator decreases. Low hemoglobin can appear due to the following factors:

  • decrease in the number of erythrocyte cells in the blood;
  • lack of iron in the body and inadequate production of hemocontaining molecules.

The level of erythrocytes reduces various diseases. In the analysis results it is important to look at the leukocyte formula. But people usually get iron from the food. When it is not enough, there is no raw material for the development of new molecules of hemoglobin. As a result, this indicator decreases, and the lack of oxygen, which is transferred to the tissues of hemoglobin, leads to weakness and drowsiness.

In addition to iron, other microelements are required for the synthesis of new hemoglobin molecules. With their shortage, many processes are violated, including hemopoiesis. To form hemoglobin, these substances are needed:

  • vitamins of group B;
  • folic acid in large quantities;
  • Cu;
  • Ni;
  • Co;
  • Zn;
  • Se;
  • vitamins E, PP, C.

So, in order not to think how to increase the hemoglobin level in the blood, it is worth regularly enriching your body with these components. Improve the quality of blood capable of amino acids, and many of them are not produced in the human body - they can only be obtained with food.

To see how red wine and hemoglobin in the blood are interrelated, it is worth considering the composition of the wine and see if it contains the necessary components to maintain the vital values ​​in the norm.

Quality of wine

As it became clear, red wine raises the level of hemoglobin only if it is properly manufactured and sustained. What is it that contains it, that it can have a curative effect on a person?

The uniqueness of the wine is that it contains:

  • a complex of amino acids, including irreplaceable, and peptides;
  • Organic acids that promote iron absorption;
  • vitamins of group B, which are so necessary for the production of hemoglobin;
  • polyphenols;
  • iron, zinc, copper, fluorine and manganese.

Important! Dry red wine, if it is not Cahors, you can drink even people suffering from diabetes, since it does not increase the level of glucose in the blood.

Special instructions when using wine

You need to know which wine raises hemoglobin in the blood, in order to choose the right grade. White wine does not have all the useful properties and blood indicators are not as much affected as red.

Contraindication to the use of wine, even for medical purposes, is pregnancy. Ethyl alcohol contained in the drink adversely affects the development of the fetus. If a woman wants to give birth to a healthy child, this product should be discarded.

Pregnant to drink wine is strictly not recommended

It is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the body. Some people do not tolerate this drink as a whole or some of its components.

It is important to calculate the permissible harmless dosage correctly. This can be done by calculating the amount of pure alcohol in each particular kind of drink. The maximum permissible amount of ethyl alcohol for a woman is 20 ml, and for a man - 30. In terms of wine with a 15% strength it will be 1 a glass of drink a day.


Attention! If the drink is consumed daily, then at least twice a week is worth taking a break.


If you regularly drink wine, especially in large quantities, it will lead to violations in the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels. If you have recently had chemotherapy, then before using the drink should consult with your doctor.

After suffering serious illnesses, is it worth it to drink red dry wine? It is better to consult in this respect with the attending physician

How to increase the level of hemoglobin in other ways, you can find out from the video below:

Having understood what wine to drink with reduced hemoglobin, you can pick up a suitable drink and be treated with simple means without using medicines.

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