Several signs of developing heart attack in men and first aid

Heart Attack

Heart infarction is a terrible disease that occurs with an alarming frequency in the modern world. Especially he is exposed to men older than 50 years. But due to the deterioration of the ecological environment, rapid rhythm of life and other negative factors, cases of pathology in young men under the age of 30 increased. In this regard, it is necessary to know the signs of myocardial infarction in men, in order to understand the seriousness of the situation and get medical help on time.


  • What is myocardial infarction?
  • Causes of myocardial infarction
  • The first signs of a heart attack in men
  • The flow of the pre-infarct stage
  • First aid for a heart attack
  • Treatment of Heart Attack
  • The period of postinfarction rehabilitation
  • Prevention of infarction in men

What is myocardial infarction?

An infarction is the death of the heart muscle (myocardium). If blood ceases to flow from the clogged blood vessels and the blood flow does not resume within the next 15 minutes, the main muscle of the heart dies.

Heart attack, signs on heart

Causes of myocardial infarction

The main cause of dangerous pathology is the obstruction of blood vessels. Enough blood clot or thrombus stuck in some part of the artery, as the circulation of blood through the heart stops. Because of this, about 95% of cases of heart rupture occur. However, there are many other factors provoking the attack:

  • heredity and dysplasia of the arteries;
  • exorbitant physical exertion in men or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs;
  • stress and nervous tension;
  • excess weight in men;
  • diabetes;
  • complications due to heart surgery;
  • injuries by mechanical action or electricity.

The first signs of a heart attack in men

The clinical picture characterizing the heart attack is rapidly growing symptoms:

  • a progressive attack of pain in the thoracic region or in the left part of the back, reaching an intolerable degree;
  • further movement of painful sensations on the left side of the trunk - in the jaw, neck or arm;
  • tightness in the heart behind the sternum;
  • panic attacks, fear of death;
  • sweating all over the body;
  • shortness of breath and severe weakness;
  • pallor of the skin, turning into a grayish shade;
  • blurred consciousness;
  • a feeling of nausea;
  • a feeling of lack of air;
  • stomach ache.

In order to understand the inner mechanism of the man's organism, it is necessary to take into account the pressure of myocardial infarction. At first it jumps briefly, and then drops sharply.

What can be the symptoms of a heart attack in a man

It also happens that the ailment creeps up imperceptibly, and there are no pronounced symptoms of the infarction in men.


Significant signs of a heart attack are sometimes interpreted incorrectly. A person does not consult a doctor, he is treated himself by means entirely from other diseases. Hidden symptoms of myocardial infarction in men can be manifested:

  • toothache on the left side of the jaw;
  • a strong palpitation, as if the heart was about to jump out of his chest;
  • a slight increase in temperature;
  • problems with breathing.

These signs of developing heart attack in men, even in an incomplete population, require urgent medical attention.

The flow of the pre-infarct stage

Unlike women, men do not notice a deterioration in health or do not want to respond to the first alarming signals.

When the situation reaches the pre-infarction stage, men experience panic, severe anxiety and feelings of depression. The pulse rate increases to 90 beats per minute. Gradually, pain grows behind the breastbone and lasts at least half an hour. If it does not pass even after taking the necessary medicines (nitroglycerin), then it's urgent to see a doctor.


It is important to note that some men manifest all the signs of the disease at once, others have one or none. This stage lasts for someone 1 day, someone has a couple of weeks or is absent.


First aid for a heart attack

Physicians found that almost half of men with a heart attack does not live up to the arrival of a doctor. Therefore, it is vital to provide first aid to the victim at home, at work, on the street.

Infarction in men who do not follow a healthy lifestyle, can happen at any time

Since a sick man has an outbreak of panic, he is first of all reassured by convictions that everything will be fine, he will certainly be helped.

Next, you need to follow the algorithm:

  • Immediately call an ambulance or deliver the patient as soon as possible to a medical facility.
  • Help the man to take a horizontal position, with a slightly raised head. If the victim complains of spasms in the chest, he should be seated.
  • Put a tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue of the patient. In a quarter of an hour you can give one more. However, you can not give more than three tablets, and all the more so all at once. The drug lowers the pressure and can lead to deterioration. In the right dosage, nitroglycerin will reduce pain in the heart and relieve dyspnea.
  • If you have a tonometer at hand, it is better to first measure pressure on a man, and then give medicine. If there is no apparatus, the reduced pressure is determined by the weak pulse or the pale color of the skin. In this case, nitroglycerin is contraindicated.
  • A sick man can be offered to chew half a pill of aspirin. The drug will help stimulate the work of the heart and improve the condition.
  • Open the window, the door for fresh air.
  • Remove the belt, shoes, unfasten the shirt and trousers that squeeze the weakened body of the man.
  • Give the patient valocordin. The drug relieves anxiety and panic.
  • When breathing stops, it is hard to hit the victim with a fist into the chest. If this method does not work, then do not hesitate, you need to start artificial respiration.

Treatment of Heart Attack

A man in a heart condition is immediately sent to the hospital! He immediately goes to the operating room to remove a thrombus and restore normal blood flow. Further, doctors will prescribe medications that will protect the heart from a new attack. For proper assessment of the patient's condition, the delivery of tests is mandatory.

This is how a heart attack occurs in the stage of a man in a cardiogram

For some time after the operation, the patient remains in the hospital, as he needs special care and diet food.


At first, only bed rest is shown. Then little by little it is allowed to sit and get up. Gradually, the motor activity increases until the man gets stronger. However, he will have to change the habitual image and rhythm of life to a greater extent. One of the main rules is that if a heart attack does not recur, the man needs to forget about the weight lifting for good, no matter how successful the recovery has been.

The period of postinfarction rehabilitation

Recovery after a heart attack can last several weeks or stretch for years. Everything depends on the age, the health of the man before the illness, the severity of the attack, the speed and correctness of the first and medical care, and many other factors. Some patients after a heart attack can not even get out of bed, others feel weak, anxious. In any case, you need to go through the rehabilitation period to restore health, as much as possible and help yourself to return to a normal happy life.

In order not to become a complete disabled person, simple rules should be followed.

  1. Special diet. After a heart muscle heart attack, the consumption of foods that raise the level of cholesterol in the blood becomes mandatory. These include lard, sausage, sausages, bacon, fatty sour cream and cheese, egg yolk, cakes and biscuit, butter. These products are best replaced with fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil, sea fish, egg whites and oatmeal cookies, in which little cholesterol. The diet is needed to prevent the risk of new blood clots, improve blood flow and lose weight.
  2. Drug therapy. What can not be done categorically is to conduct amateur treatment. Tablets and other drugs are prescribed only by a doctor! Individually selected by the doctor, the course will improve the work of the heart, lead the body into tone and help to avoid a heart attack.
  3. Physical exercises. This is an important restorative treatment after a heart attack. Physician LFK is an individual complex. In this matter, the regularity of classes is important, which include therapeutic walking, exercises on simulators and gymnastics. In this case, do not overexert, as this is dangerous for the heart and not yet strengthened organism.

Scrupulous for men is the issue of sexuality. Since the sexual act is the same physical activity, after myocardial infarction is contraindicated, this problem should be discussed without hesitation with a cardiologist. Only he can give the right advice. If on the part of the doctor there is no definitive prohibition, let's say sexual contact with a regular partner in a comfortable position on the side.

Since rehabilitation after a heart attack can take up to several years, family members must morally support the sick father, husband, brother or son, not to let him fall into the spirit. With a positive attitude, the process of rehabilitation after a heart attack will be much faster and more effective. It is worth remembering that you can recover from a heart attack. Do not give up, if the result is not immediately noticeable.

Prevention of infarction in men

For health, myocardial damage is very dangerous, the symptoms of the infarction state leave no doubt about the complexity of the consequences.


Do not wait until the first harbingers of a heart attack appear.


A few basic rules will help to strengthen the heart and keep well-being:

  • healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • minimizing salt intake;
  • exercise, active way of life to maintain the tone of the body, heart and body weight;
  • refusal from bad habits (smoking, consumption of alcohol and narcotic drugs);
  • control of pressure, mandatory intake of medication prescribed by a doctor when the blood pressure is lowered or increased, as sudden jumps are dangerous to the heart;
  • control of insulin, its inadequate production becomes the cause not only of diabetes, but also of heart attack.

It is equally important to maintain a normal level of iron in the blood. Men are predisposed to the accumulation of iron, which causes pathologies even among strong representatives of the stronger sex. Medications do not help to lower its level, and only donating blood at donor sites at least 3 times a year will help to avoid the accumulation of this element.

How to avoid a heart attack

Timely treatment of other diseases is important. Any infection causes weakening of the body, especially the blood vessels and the heart. Therefore, even such a simple disease as caries, should be treated in a timely manner.

The weakening of potency may be the first sign of impaired heart function in men. Although the extinction with age of male function is predetermined by nature, the beginning of this process should not be left without attention, it is important to consult a doctor.

Men with diabetes are at risk. More than half of diabetics die because of heart pathologies. Healthy men are recommended at least once a year to donate blood for sugar.

And for preventive purposes, and when manifesting suspicious symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Modern methods for detecting blood clots and heart abnormalities include electrocardiography, biochemical blood analysis, echocardiography and radiography.

With the help of electrocardiography (ECG), it is possible to identify foci of necrotic lesions in the heart and the speed of their spread. Based on the data obtained, an experienced doctor can diagnose and prescribe an effective treatment for the heart. The ECG method is most effective and is often used in modern medicine. This method is often supplemented by echocardiography (ECHO).

Biochemical blood analysis is also on the list of mandatory procedures. When studying the composition of the blood can determine the development of tumors, dying tissue and identify the body that appear in the bloodstream only with the death of the heart muscle.

With the help of an X-ray, stagnation of air in the lungs is revealed, arising from the violation of the heart.


Myocardial infarction in men, as a serious disease, requires a careful approach to treatment and preventive measures. Knowledge and skills of first aid will help you cope with your own panic or save the life of another person.

The consequences of a heart attack in men are easy to overcome with a doctor

The transition to a healthy lifestyle is worth starting, not postponing. Having acquired useful habits, having established a strict order of alternation of load and rest, a man even at the age of 60 can confidently look to the future.

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