The bay leaf for potency is a means tested by time


Studies recently conducted in the United States of America showed that more than 50% of all men over the age of 40 suffer from any type of sexual function disorder.


The most common problem is that the erection becomes impossible or it weakens. The problem seems all the more topical, since only a small part of all men (approximately 20-25%) who have difficulty with male potency turn to a doctor.

That is why the popular medicine is gaining popularity and medical products sold in pharmacies without prescriptions.

Basically, everyone has heard about miracle pills, such as "Viagra the adoption of which causes a persistent erection. But these medicines were created only a few years ago. However, for centuries, the problem of male potency existed among the people, and their methods of combating this ailment were developed. As a rule, decoctions based on special herbs were used.

The most interesting is that, using some of these herbs in our daily lives, we do not even suspect that are natural aphrodisiacs (ie, herbs or other products that increase libido, both in men and in women).


Products that positively affect male potency

For example, the people's way of raising the male potency is honey. One to two tablespoons of honey a day, especially when combined with nuts, can lead to good results in bed. It is also useful to eat meat (which of the boys did not say that in order to become a man, one must eat a lot of meat). In addition, the same category includes sour-milk products (kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese), onion, garlic, sea fish. But baked goods and potatoes, on the contrary, can create problems with erection.

It is undesirable to eat different kinds of semi-finished products that necessarily contain a lot of artificial food additives that negatively affect a man's capabilities.

And there is another product that each of us uses in cooking. He firmly entered our menu.

Who among us does not add a laurel leaf to the soup? He makes the taste of soup more refined and rich. But not everyone knows that the bay leaf contains essential oils in concentrated amounts. It is a natural antibiotic, since ancient times it has been used in folk medicine in the fight against many diseases.

Decoctions and infusions of bay leaves help with diabetes, inflammation, to improve immunity, they are recommended for diabetics, and also used for diarrhea and other disorders. But the most interesting is that for centuries it was also a popular way of raising potency.

How to use bay leaves to men who have problems with erection? There are three options.


You can make not very concentrated infusions or decoctions (literally 1 sheet or half a sheet for a glass of boiling water) and drink them on an empty stomach before eating.

You can just simply have soups with the addition of bay leaf more often, especially if you like them.

But there is another way - to make baths from laurel leaves and chamomile. Such baths are taken 1-2 hours before bedtime or just before sexual intercourse. Bay leaf and chamomile can be added directly to a warm bath or pre-cook the infusion and pour it into the bath. The infusion is prepared as follows: several leaves of laurel and chamomile flowers are poured with boiling water and infused for an hour. In addition to improving the potency, such a bath will give your body a pleasant smell and make you tempting.

Nevertheless, before you begin to use folk methods, try to consult a doctor.The fact is that quite often a bad erection or lack of it can indicate a heart problem.


In such cases, it is considered desirable to undergo a survey. Of course, if your doctor finds it necessary.