When the girls begin to develop and grow breasts

Young girls are eagerly awaited when they become more feminine and will acquire the desired body shapes. Adolescence is characterized by serious self-criticism, because girls see in themselves only shortcomings, comparing themselves with icons of beauty and models. No wonder that every girl cares about this question. The lag in the development of the mammary glands can indicate an imbalance of hormones in the body and lead to serious health consequences.

Stages of development of mammary glands in girls


Female breasts are formed and develop gradually, each age is characterized by certain changes. Consider the development of the mammary gland in stages.

  1. From the birth of a girl to 8-10 years.This period is characterized by the absence of any visible changes in the mammary glands. The girl's breast is not expressed, flat in shape, has an appearance similar to that of a man.
  2. 9-13 years old.This stage contributes to the formation of an oval nipple, the breast is not as flat as in boys, elastic, soft. In girls, the pigmentation of the nipple begins to change, there may be recurrent dermatitis and pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands. There is a slight increase in the breast, at this stage of development it often has a conical shape.
  3. From the age of 12 to 14. At this time, the first menstruation (menarche) appears. An active formation of the girl's hormonal background begins, which can affect the frequency and duration of menstruation. Perhaps a significant darkening of the nipple. Because of the hormonal imbalance on the chest, the girls often have red spots. These symptoms pass independently without the involvement of a specialist.
  4. From 14 to 16 years.The time of the most active growth of the breasts in girls. The period is accompanied by a sharp increase in the ducts of the mammary glands, the proportion of glandular tissue in the breast begins to grow at a rapid rate. All this is accompanied by painful sensations, itching, discomfort is possible because of tight underwear, movements with hands.
  5. After 16 years. The nipple acquires the usual rounded forms, the areola of the nipple is also a kind of circle. The breast of the girl is elastic, but at the same time soft. There are cases when the process of forming the breast somewhat shifts, and the mammary glands acquire the maximum volume by the age of 22 - 23 years.
  6. The final stage of growth.It has no attachment to a certain age, but is related to the nurturing and feeding of the child. During this period, due to the preparation of the body for maternity, a woman's breast can grow to 1-2 sizes. This process is accompanied by quite painful sensations, tingling, itching. After breastfeeding, the breast decreases in size, and no more special changes occur.

What factors affect breast growth and size?

  1. The size and shape of the breast is almost completely dependent on heredity. If mom and grandmother have a lean physique and small breasts, do not expect that it will grow to large volumes.
  2. In the period of active formation of the body, it is necessary to ensure a balanced and proper nutrition of the girl. Strictly forbidden are strict diets or fasting. When typing weight often increases the size of the bust.
  3. The daily diet of a young girl should include vegetables and fruits. You need to take care of the inclusion in the food of legumes, cereals, cabbage (white-head and broccoli) - they are saturated with folic acid, which contributes to the formation of new cells of the body.
  4. Often the breasts do not grow in girls due to hormonal disorders, such as low levels of estrogen or abnormalities in the thyroid gland. These factors provoke abnormal growth of the mammary glands.
  5. A distinctive factor affecting the size is also nationality. A well-known fact: Asians and Oriental girls often have a miniature body structure and a small chest.
  6. Professional occupation in sports is a factor that negatively affects breast growth, in this case its development proceeds very slowly.

In adolescence, it is strictly forbidden to use various food additives, capsules or ointments for the speedy development of breast augmentation, this can seriously harm the young body.


If you have any questions about the development and growth of mammary glands, the girl should consult a doctor.


Breast Augmentation at Home

Cardinally increase the bust, using a variety of creams, ointments or performing certain physical exercises on the muscles of the chest, it is impossible. All these methods will make the skin more elastic, avoid flabbiness, lift the chest at the expense of increase and tone of pectoral muscles, but a cardinal increase in volume is possible only by surgical by way of.

Physical exercises, short, but regular and correct, will greatly help preserve the shape of the breast both in the process of its development and growth, and throughout the life of the woman. Enough about 2 to 4 hours a week. To maintain the tone, exercises such as push-ups, squeezing of the ball in the palms, bench press with low weight will be useful.

Under the influence of hormone therapy, the breast can begin to increase in size, but this is a temporary effect, after the drugs are withdrawn it passes.

Choosing a bra

At what age does the girl need to puzzle the question of choosing a bra and how to choose it correctly? Depending on the size of the breasts in the girl and when she began to develop, she can try her first bra in 11-12 years. It is especially important that it is not too tight and tight, otherwise there is a great risk of damaging the breast in adolescence.

Fashionable models of lingerie with padded lining for visual increase in bust volume is not desirable to wear more than 3 hours a day. They disrupt the blood supply in this area and contribute to the malformation and formation of the mammary glands.

Linen should be chosen in accordance and size, convenience and personal preferences.


To fulfill the basic physiological task of the mammary glands (feeding the baby), breast size does not matter: this does not affect the amount of milk produced.

It should be remembered that, from the aesthetic point of view, the size of the female bust is not the main criterion of beauty. First of all, you should take care of the skin tone. Sport, healthy lifestyle, properly selected underwear, refusal to smoke and excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks will help to preserve the beauty of the female breast longer. It is useful to include in your personal body care program breast massage and contrast shower in the morning.