Norivent is an effective remedy for cholesterol


Table of contents

  • Manufacturer and composition of the medicinal product
  • Indications, contraindications and way of consumption
  • Adverse reactions, reviews and other information about the drug

Norilvent from cholesterol is a domestic preparation, which has become well-known far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Included in its composition, active ingredients effectively reduce cholesterol in the body, contributing to the prevention of diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction. Long-term research Noriventa proved its safety for patients' health. The drug has virtually no contraindications and with proper use does not cause side effects.


Manufacturer and composition of the medicinal product

Cholesterol is an indispensable organic compound present in the cell membranes of all living organisms. It protects cells from negative influences from the outside, takes a direct part in activating metabolic processes and performs many other important functions. However, cholesterol only benefits when its level in the human body is within 5 mmol / l. With an increased concentration of organic compound in humans, the walls of the vessels form Atherosclerotic plaques provoking the development of dangerous cardiovascular diseases and reducing life expectancy.

To prevent health problems, doctors prescribe drugs that increase the cholesterol level to reduce it. One such drug is Norivent, a medicinal product on a natural basis, available in the form of drops for oral administration.

Its manufacturer is the pharmaceutical company "Aven" from the city of Aprelevka, Moscow region.

Norivent is not sold in conventional pharmacies, so you need to buy it at specialized retail outlets or on the official website of the manufacturer.


Noriventa includes only natural ingredients. Its active substances are:

  • spirulina (splits the cholesterol plaques formed on the vessel walls, normalizes the cholesterol content in the blood);
  • L-carnitine (helps to remove fat, promotes the formation of new cells, regulates the water balance in the body);
  • omega-3 (restores metabolism, normalizes blood flow, improves the functioning of the brain, liver and kidneys);
  • beta-glucan (removes excess cholesterol, clears the intestines of toxins and toxins, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system).

Indications, contraindications and way of consumption

Norivent is recommended for use by all people who have an elevated cholesterol level in their blood.

He quickly and in a short time brings his level back to normal and reduces the risk of developing hypertension, thrombophlebitis, stroke, myocardial infarction, obesity and other dangerous diseases that can lead to lethal outcome.

Norivent belongs to the group of safe medicines. The only contraindication to the use of the drug is hypersensitivity to the substances that make up its composition.

The medicine not only helps to get rid of excess cholesterol, but also has a positive effect on the activity of all organs and systems in the patient's body, so it can be taken to people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive tract and kidney. Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women should be treated with Norivent drops under the constant supervision of a specialist.

In order to achieve the expected therapeutic effect from Norivent, it should be taken strictly according to the scheme drawn up by the attending physician. It is recommended to shake before each ingestion of a drop. You need to consume them after eating, washing down with the necessary amount of water. The duration of treatment with the drug depends on the patient's state of health and is determined by a specialist individually.


Adverse reactions, reviews and other information about the drug

Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, Norivent is well tolerated by patients. Undesirable effects of taking the drug are associated with individual intolerance to its components and manifest as allergic reactions (hives, itching and rash). The described side effects occur extremely rarely and independently pass after discontinuation of therapy.

The Norivent does not interact with other medications, so it is allowed to combine with taking any medications. It does not adversely affect the psychomotor processes in the body and can be used by those who drive vehicles or work on potentially dangerous objects.

People who have had to deal with the problem of increased cholesterol, often leave positive reviews about the drug Norivent. In the majority of patients one week after the beginning of the course of treatment, this agent is observed:

  • a marked decrease in cholesterol;
  • improvement of general well-being;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • the disappearance of heart problems;
  • reducing shortness of breath while walking and running.

To normalize the level of cholesterol, the patient should undergo treatment with Norivent until the end. With long-term use, the drug has a beneficial effect on the entire body: eliminates varicose veins, removes fat deposits on the abdomen and sides, increases the endurance of the organism and allows a person to feel much younger than their own years.

Norivent advantageously differs from its pharmacy counterparts. While most of the medicines used to reduce cholesterol have a lot of contraindications and side effects, Norivent drops are completely safe and can be used by all patient categories without exceptions. They do not exert additional stress on the digestive tract and contribute to the enhancement of human health. The packaging price of Noriventa does not exceed 1 thousand rubles, while many drugs with similar effects are much more expensive in domestic pharmacies.

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Norivent is sold in vials of darkened glass with a capacity of 30 ml. Each bottle is inside a branded cardboard package and is provided with detailed information on the composition and method of application of the drug. Store the drug at room temperature. The period of its validity should not exceed 2 years from the date of issue.