Efficiency of using dried apricots for improving the work of the heart and strengthening the vessels

Folk remedies

For the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies and their prevention, it is not necessary to eat large quantities of pharmaceutical preparations. Sometimes diseases can be overcome by products that individually or in complex formulations have a mass of medicinal properties and provide a therapeutic effect. One of the bright examples is dried fruits.

Dried fruits


  • What to add to the vitamin mixture?
  • Dried apricots for heart and blood vessels
  • Benefits of Prunes
  • Raisins for health
  • Mixture of Amosov

What to add to the vitamin mixture?

The composition of the healing vitamin mixture should include: ground nuts, dried apricots, natural honey, figs, dried raisins, prunes and fresh lemon. This combination of products is not without reason. Each component has a huge number of vitamins and useful elements. It's not for nothing that the mixture is considered a valuable vitamin composition, because these products in the complex become a source of energy and health.

Dry dried apricots, raisins and walnuts contain a high concentration of potassium, which is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the heart. Potassium is the only element that can prevent arrhythmia. The mixture helps to fight with atherosclerotic vascular diseases. Prunes have a tonic effect on the body: increased activity of the heart, improves health, immunity rises. This kind of dried fruit prevents the emergence and spread of cancer cells. Prunes provide an improvement in skin condition, relieving it of rashes and wrinkles.


Dried apricots provide improved vision, prevents the clogging of blood vessels. It contains vitamin A and magnesium compounds. Therefore, the product is recommended for diabetics, patients with hypovitaminosis and pathologies of the thyroid gland.


Lemon is considered a valuable source of ascorbic acid, nuts contain vitamins PP, C and group B. Honey can be called a magic remedy for many diseases. Promotes the improvement of the activity of organs, the purification of blood from harmful substances, prevents the early aging of the body, struggles with the spread of dangerous bacteria, inflammatory processes and an allergy.

Dried apricots for heart and blood vessels

Dried apricots are loved by both children and adults. For many, it replaces sweets. These dried fruits can simply be eaten, drunk with tea, added to pastries and treated to guests.

Dried apricots

In dried apricots contains a large number of useful microelements and vitamins A, PP, C, group B. Among trace elements - phosphoric, potassium, magnesium, calcium compounds, iron, complex carbohydrates, acids of organic origin, sucrose and fructose. Due to the high concentration in dried apricots of magnesium and potassium, the fruit helps to strengthen the heart muscle. It is useful for blood vessels and is suitable as a preventative for heart and vascular diseases.

Beneficial features:

  • Thanks to vitamins B, the work of the nervous system and brain improves.
  • Due to the presence of dietary fibrous elements, toxins are rapidly eliminated from the body.
  • Vegetable fibers help cleanse the intestines, preventing intestinal diseases and constipation.
  • Dried apricots are characterized by the ability to increase hemoglobin due to the presence of a large amount of iron in it.
  • It is recommended to use dried apricots to strengthen the body.
  • Due to the large amount of magnesium, the fruit is recommended for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

How many dried apricots should I eat per day? For an adult who does not have an allergy to the product, 50-100 grams of dried apricots per day is recommended. Dried fruits are useful on an empty stomach.

For the heart is useful not only dried apricots in pure form, but also vitamin blends with other dried fruits. For example: raisins perfectly strengthen the heart muscle. A mixture of dried fruits for the heart must necessarily include all available types of dried fruits, lemon or lime. As a dressing, natural honey is used.

Benefits of Prunes


Prunes are considered an effective remedy for the prevention of heart disease. It ensures normalization of pressure and acceleration of metabolism in the body. Prunes improve the activity of the digestive system, accelerate the work of the intestines, so recommend for constipation.


Has antiseptic properties, the ability to fight harmful bacteria in the mouth. Prunes support the work of the eye, helps the kidneys and gall bladder, and the antioxidants that make up it strengthen the immune system.

Raisins for health


Raisins and dried apricots are equally effective for the prevention of heart ailments. Raisins have a positive effect on blood vessels, respiratory system, soothes the nervous system, and fights anemia. Helps strengthen bones and muscles. Raisins support the digestive system, it contains antioxidants that prevent the development and spread of bacteria.

Mixture of Amosov

To ensure that the functionality of the heart, blood vessels and other important systems and organs do not fail, you need to include dried fruits in your daily diet.

A mixture of dried fruits

Amosova paste for the heart is a vitaminized mixture of dried fruits. Received the name in honor of the famous doctor. The composition is used to promote health after heavy operations. Ingredients in the paste contain a high concentration of vitamins, enzymes and microelements. Make a composition is simple, you will need to prepare:

  • Dried apricots.
  • Dark raisins.
  • Fruits of figs.
  • Dried prunes (not dried).
  • Nuts (ground).
  • Lemon.
  • Natural honey.

Fruits are taken in equal parts - 250 grams, grind in a meat grinder with one lemon, add crushed nuts and 4 tablespoons of honey. Stir the mixture and use it every morning. You can use dessert instead of tea.

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