Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel: modern techniques


Cervical cancer (or cervical cancer) is a malignant transformation of the cells of the lower part of the uterus. There are two types of cervical cancer - squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. In squamous cell carcinoma, the malignant tumor is formed from the flat epithelium, and in adenocarcinoma - from the glandular. Approximately 80-90% of cases of cervical cancer occur precisely in squamous cell carcinoma.

If 30-40 years ago, cervical cancer was considered the most common cause of death from oncology, today the mortality from this pathology has decreased by more than 50%. Such results were achieved with the help of diagnostic measures, which allow to reveal pathology at the initial stages. Diagnosis and therapy of cervical cancer in Israeli clinics is handled by a team of highly qualified specialists who know how to overcome this disease.

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Symptoms of cervical cancer

As a rule, the symptoms of this oncopathology for a long time do not manifest until the final degeneration of atypical cells of the uterus. The first manifestations, as a rule, arise when the surrounding tissues are affected. A woman may experience intermenstrual bleeding, severe bleeding during menstruation, and excessive bleeding after intercourse.

Among the common symptoms of cervical cancer can be chronic fatigue, as well as causeless weight loss.

And although such symptoms do not necessarily indicate a tumor, because they can disturb other diseases, when they appear, you need to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of cervical cancer in Israel

The first stage of diagnosis of cervical cancer is a physical examination and a thorough study of the medical history. Then a gynecological examination and a Pap test are performed, which allows to reveal dysplasia of the cervix.

To understand the degree of spread of the tumor, PET-CT is performed. To perform this study, glucose containing a radioactive atom is used. Cancer cells absorb glucose more intensely than healthy cells, which is fixed by a special camera. Thus, using PET-CT, it is possible to determine the size of the neoplasm and to detect metastases in the lymph nodes.


The final stage of the diagnosis is a biopsy followed by a histological analysis of the sample. Depending on the case, different types of biopsies are performed:

  1. Colposcopic biopsy - the use of a low-power microscope (colposcope) to take a sample of tissues.
  2. Endocervical curettage - cervical canal scraping. Used when the malignant transformation zone can not be seen with a colposcope.
  3. Conization (or wedge biopsy) - removal of the cuneate region of the cervix. Such a biopsy can also be used for therapeutic purposes in the early stages of tumor development.

Methods of cervical cancer treatment in Israel

Treatment of this oncology in Israel is conducted by experienced specialists using the latest medical technologies. Careful diagnosis allows doctors to choose the optimal tactics of therapy, which will achieve the desired result and reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

In general, the scope of therapeutic interventions depends on the stage of progression of the disease, which is determined by the size of the tumor, the depth of infestation and the extent of the pathological focus.

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Surgical methods of cervical cancer treatment in Israel

The following surgical techniques are used in Israel:

  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy- operative removal of the uterus, without involvement of neighboring anatomical structures. Hysterectomy, as a rule, does not affect the ovaries, vagina, inguinal lymph nodes and fallopian tubes. In Israeli clinics, robotic laparoscopic instruments, operated by a surgeon remotely, are actively used. This approach ensures maximum accuracy in the operation, and also avoids heavy blood loss. An invaluable advantage of laparoscopic operations is that the patient can be discharged after 1-2 days.
  • Radical hysterectomy- removal of the uterus, the upper part of the vagina and part of the inguinal lymph nodes. This operation is used in the later stages.
  • Trachelectomy- an organ-saving method of surgical treatment of pathology, which involves the removal of the cervix (but not its body), as well as the upper part of the vagina. Unlike hysterectomy, radical trachelectomy allows to maintain the reproductive abilities of the patient.
  • Partial or total pelvic exenteration- removal of the uterus, its cervix, vagina, bladder and rectum. Such an operation is performed with localized cervical cancer, which gives relapses.
  • Cryosurgery- destruction of pathological cells by their freezing. The method is used only to eliminate precancerous conditions and is not used in invasive tumors.
  • Laser Tumor Removal- evaporation of the neoplasm with a laser without damage to neighboring healthy tissues.
  • Koninization- removal of the cone-shaped part of the tissues. Such an operation is performed by a surgical, laser knife or loop electrode.

Conservative therapy

  1. Brachytherapy- a kind of radiation treatment, in which a radioactive substance in a special capsule is injected directly into the tumor.
  2. Chemotherapy.At some stages of tumor development, chemotherapy can enhance the effect of radiation therapy (competitive chemoradiotherapy). Also, the use of "chemistry" in cervical cancer is advisable when the tumor recurs or spreads.

Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel is carried out using the latest approaches in therapy and diagnosis of this disease. In the case of early diagnosis of cervical cancer in the clinics of the Earth, the promise of full recovery is very high.

How much does treatment for cervical cancer in Israel cost?

The total cost, of course, depends on the chosen therapy program and the degree of neglect of the pathology. It is noteworthy that the prices of cervical cancer treatment in Israel are approximately 30-40% lower than European prices. Such a loyal price policy is achieved through good budgetary financing of state institutions.

Clinics for cervical cancer treatment in Israel offer their patients qualified assistance at affordable prices. It is worth noting that Israeli specialists hold consultations in absentia, if there is no possibility to come to the country.

Advantages of cervical cancer treatment in Israel

Every year thousands of patients from all over the world come here for various medical procedures. Here they receive the following advantages:

  • Highly qualified doctors. In the clinics of Israel, world-class doctors who know their business to the smallest detail are accepted. Many Israeli specialists are medical professors who, in addition to medical work, also engage in research work.
  • Medical equipment of the latest generation. Israeli clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Doctors use in their practice the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment that meets all the requirements of modern medicine.
  • Excellent results.Israel is famous for its oncology. From year to year in this country, mortality from cancer is reduced due to the use of effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. Even in neglected situations, Israeli doctors help patients achieve long-lasting and stable remission.

Given the above advantages, as well as loyal prices, it is not surprising that Israel occupies a leading position in the world medical tourism.

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