How does a lump on the sternum of men?


Table of contents

  • The causes of seals on the sternum in men
  • Cancer on the sternum in men
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Preventive measures for cancer

Sometimes on the chest, a person may notice a lump in the form of a cone, bulge, or protrusion. This can mean the development of a localized tumor. This happens both in women and men at any age. Usually these are benign tumors that can be treated or infectious traumas, fibromas, cysts and the like. But to establish the truth, a man should consult a doctor and undergo a survey.

Cones or solid formations on the breastbone in the nipple region or under them appear in men during puberty (11-15 years) and can last for 12-14 months. When you touch the swollen nipples, a person feels pain. In adolescence, this is a manifestation of a normal physiological position, which is called gynecomastia and occurs in 70% of adolescents. If the above signs appear and do not disappear by the age of 10, then it is urgent to take the boy to a doctor for passing an endocrinological examination, it is recommended to make an ultrasound image of the cone on sternum.


The same should be done if after reaching the boy of 17-18 years the symptoms of gynecomastia (pain, seals on the sternum) are preserved. The ultrasound image is necessarily made, and a laboratory study for hormones is made.

The size of the lump or seal is fixed, and the patient is under the control of doctors to monitor the progress of the disease.

With excessive growth of mammary glands, a teenager is assigned a surgical operation.

The causes of seals on the sternum in men

These include diseases such as:

  • various infectious lesions of the body;
  • suffered chest trauma;
  • cystic lesions on the sternum;
  • fibroadenomas.

In addition, the formation of cones on the chest of a man is caused by such factors as:

  • the appearance of fibrous cystic nodes;
  • development of a malignant tumor - breast cancer.

Detect the seal on the chest can be easily felt with your fingers. If you experience pain, call your doctor immediately.

In most cases, all such seals (except cancer) are quickly diagnosed and treated with conservative methods, if they are small in size. With significant development, such formations are removed by surgical intervention.

The treatment is as follows:

  • examination of the patient by a doctor;
  • general blood analysis;
  • carrying out of ultrasonic researches (US);
  • if necessary, an x-ray of the chest;
  • biopsy and diagnosis.

If surgical intervention is required, an operation is performed to remove the cyst or other formation. After that the patient is in the hospital for a week and undergoes rehabilitation medication with vitamins, immuno-fortifying and, if necessary, antibacterial drugs. Then he is discharged from the hospital, and he is under the supervision of doctors for another 3 months. If there is no relapse for any reason, then the patient can be considered healthy.

Cancer on the sternum in men

Symptoms of the disease that you can install yourself:

  • on the mammary gland appeared a cone just below the nipple;
  • the organ itself has an elongated shape and, when touched, hurts;
  • there are bloody discharge when pressing on the nipple;
  • then on the skin around him appear ulcers;
  • the lymph nodes of the armpits are enlarged in size;
  • when the disease is neglected, other symptoms appear (general weakness of the body, severe weight loss, various ailments of unknown origin).

If you find at least some of the above symptoms, a man should consult a doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer

This disease is established by the following methods:

  • examination with a mammologian;
  • general blood analysis;
  • patient examination using an ultrasound machine;
  • examination on a magnetic resonance tomograph;
  • analysis of excretions and biopsy.

The doctor gives the final diagnosis of malignancy of the detected tumor after a biopsy. A special piece of tissue takes a piece of tissue from the damaged area, and seeded, and then examined the tumor cells under a microscope. To date, this method gives the most accurate results.


In the treatment of breast cancer apply a standard scheme for fighting cancer:

  • surgical operation to remove the main body of the tumor;
  • the use of radiation therapy for the destruction of active remnants of the disease - metastasis;
  • chemotherapy to consolidate the results of treatment.

Completely cancer can be cured only at the first stages of the disease. For men, this process is much more painful than for women. This is due to the following reasons:

  • a tumor in men appears in a relatively small area and spreads rapidly to other organs;
  • unwillingness of the representatives of the stronger sex to see a doctor and conduct a survey leads to the fact that the man gets on the surgeon's table when the ailment is already heavily launched.


In the treatment they try to apply all methods of combating cancer in a complex way. Otherwise, treatment will be ineffective.

Preventive measures for cancer

This is one way to avoid complications. Such actions should be applied to people who are at risk:

  • genetically predisposed to the disease of cancer in men;
  • employees of nuclear facilities;
  • patients with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • suffering from various hormonal failures;
  • overweight.

In order not to fall victim to breast cancer, they must comply with such recommendations of doctors:

  1. Balanced diet. Consume only natural products without chemical additives.
  2. It is desirable that the diet of a man to a large extent consisted of seafood and plant foods.
  3. Watch your weight. It should not go beyond the limits set for your age group.
  4. Be engaged in feasible physical exercises.
  5. Go through a course of self-control of stress.


Adoption of these measures will allow a man with cancer to relatively easily transfer all the hardships of treatment and will help to defeat the disease.