Is it dangerous to raise cholesterol during pregnancy?


When a woman becomes registered in a female pregnancy consultation, she has to take a large number of tests. One of the most important is the analysis for cholesterol. The rate of cholesterol in pregnant women should be strictly controlled, since the health of the mother and the development of the child inside the womb depend on this substance.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is produced by the liver. He is involved in the development of female sex hormones, which is especially important in the early stages of pregnancy. At this point, this substance can increase, because the mother's body needs to form a placenta.


  • Why does cholesterol go up?
  • What should be the norm?
  • What is dangerous for increased cholesterol in pregnant women?
  • What to do with high cholesterol?
  • What physical exercises can normalize LDL?

Why does cholesterol go up?

High cholesterol in pregnancy is often considered the norm, but during this period a woman should strictly control his level. There are many reasons for this increase in blood, because in the pregnant woman the hormonal background is being restructured globally. The future mother begins to feel the changes of state of health from the first days after conception.

Low density lipoprotein cells

The reasons for increasing lipids during pregnancy are:

  1. activation of lipid metabolism;
  2. the activation of the production of female sex hormones, in particular progesterone;
  3. need for formation of the placenta.

Cholesterol is a building block of the placenta. To make it fully formed, an increased concentration of progesterone is required.

Another cholesterol in the blood during pregnancy contributes to the active production of vitamin D. This element helps the exchange of calcium, which is extremely necessary for the full formation of bone tissue of the child.

Important! It is considered acceptable if the cholesterol content of the pregnant woman exceeded the norm by a factor of -2. If this indicator is even higher, it is worth paying attention to the state of health.

After delivery, the indicator should return to normal. It is especially important to watch pregnant women after 35 years of cholesterol.

What should be the norm?

Elevated blood cholesterol levels during pregnancy are diagnosed on the second and third trimester, but to monitor a woman must take a blood test for this indicator at least 3 times for all period. The amount of this substance may differ depending on the age of the parturient.


To compare the results use a table with acceptable standards. The norm of cholesterol in the blood of pregnant women, taking into account different ages for the period of 2-3 trimester:

  • up to 20 years 6-1, 6 mmol / g,
  • up to 25 years 2-1, 8 mmol / g,
  • up to 30 years - 6, 64-1, 0 mmol / g,
  • up to 35 years - 6, 74-1, 2 mmol / g,
  • up to 40 6-12, 54 mmol / g,
  • above 45 years - 7, 62-1, mmol / g.

After 35 years, the lipid content rises not only because of pregnancy, but also due to physiological age changes. Control of heart health, blood vessels, timely blood tests for biochemistry and thyroid hormones are the main tests that women should take at this age.

In the expanded blood test, cholesterol is encoded in the abbreviation of LDL (low-density lipoproteins). It should be taken into account that this indicator can be increased if the pregnant woman smokes, drinks alcoholic beverages, and abuses fatty and fried foods.

What is dangerous for increased cholesterol in pregnant women?

Control of LDL-positive mothers take place every three months. Especially dangerous increase in late pregnancy, when it is fraught with the appearance of health problems in both the baby and the mother.

Important! It is necessary to sound an alarm if the cholesterol has exceeded the norm in 2, times. In this state, a woman has a high blood viscosity, and the vessels are exposed to a high load.

Here is a list of symptoms by which a future mother can determine elevated cholesterol:

  • soreness in the chest;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • weakness at the slightest load;
  • manifestation of early gray hair on the hair;
  • the appearance of a xanthom in the eye area.

In women, low-density lipoproteins may increase late in life due to cardiovascular pathologies, kidney disease, liver, endocrine glands.

Pregnancy consultation

It often happens that the mother's body is simply depleted. If the cholesterol is below normal, this condition can result in premature birth, memory problems, and a sharp deterioration in the state of health.

What to do with high cholesterol?

To decide how to lower cholesterol, you first need to pass tests on this indicator. Only on the recommendations of a doctor, you can take any action. Self-medication in this case is categorically contraindicated, as this can aggravate the state of health.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy

Doctors advise to adhere to the following dietary rules to reduce LDL:

  1. Exclude from the everyday menu fatty, sweet, spicy and salty foods. It is better to cook foods without frying in vegetable oil. Dishes should be stewed, baked, cooked for a couple.
  2. Remove from the diet butter, brains, liver, confectionery fats, cream.
  3. Sunflower oil is better replaced with olive oil.
  4. Women during pregnancy often overeat, as the appetite significantly increases. Overeating can provoke high cholesterol. It is necessary to take food in small portions, but not less than 5-6 times a day.
  5. In the diet should be introduced low-fat fish, flax seeds or flaxseed oil. All foods that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are useful because they can break down harmful cholesterol.
  6. For the return of cholesterol during pregnancy, it is normal to replace the red form of meat with white. It is better to give preference to chicken, rabbit, turkey.
  7. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of salty foods. Do not add to the daily menu of canned products, sausages, smoked products. In a day you can eat no more than 5 g of salt.
  8. Add fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, berries to dishes. The real protectors of the body from cholesterol consider artichoke, garlic and carrots. But to abuse garlic is not worth those women who have problems with the work of the digestive tract.
  9. Cholesterol decreased when using dried fruits, seafood, nuts. In day it is recommended to eat 2-3 kernels of a walnut.
  10. Care should be taken to the drinking regime. In a day you need to drink at least one l of water without gas, if the doctor did not restrict the pregnant woman in taking the liquid. Good cholesterol reduction results during pregnancy are seen after regular use of green tea, carrot juice, lime tea, berry fruit and oats broths.

If the LDL is still rising, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor. In some cases, a specialist may prescribe medication.

What physical exercises can normalize LDL?

If the cholesterol has increased because of the wrong way of life of the expectant mother, then, besides adjusting nutrition, it is worth paying attention to the amount of physical activity during pregnancy.

Yoga for pregnant women

If there are no contraindications to moderate physical exertion, you should pay attention to gymnastic exercises and yoga.

Active exercises in the 3rd trimester should not be. During this period, physical activity should be relaxing and calming. The main thing is to teach gymnastics and yoga in the presence of a coach.

In order not to become a victim of high cholesterol during pregnancy, it is worthwhile to monitor nutrition and activity level in advance. As a preventive measure, a blood test for LDL is recommended at least once every three months.

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