If the heart starts to ache from smoking - than it is caused, what complications can there be?


Often people who have nicotine addiction, because of smoking, have a heartache. Such a symptom should not be ignored, because the statistics claim that most of the patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system are smokers. Negative processes in the heart can start after smoking spice, electronic cigarette, hemp, menthol cigarettes and smoking mixtures.


  • Causes of pain in the heart
  • Possible consequences
  • Prevention of heart disease

Causes of pain in the heart

Pain in the chest in the heart can appear as a result of a negative effect on the lungs, heart and blood vessels of the body. The list of dangerous processes:

  • Inhaled cigarette smoke - a supplier of 4 thousand chemical trace elements, 1% of which is capable of causing cancer, and 30 compounds - natural poison: nicotine, arsenic, cyanide, benzopropylene, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, radioactive elements. This set leads to death from diseases of the circulatory system in a quarter of cancer deaths. Appears wear of the heart muscle due to the need to reduce by 15 thousand beats per day more than a non-smoker, which is fraught with the development of insufficiency. That's why the heart of a smoker hurts.
  • With each puff for 7 seconds, the brain gets nicotine, causing the vessels to expand for up to 10 minutes, followed by a sharp contraction (spasm). This is the effect of the neurotoxin on the adrenal glands, leading to an active development of adrenaline by an unnatural way. In the case of spasm of the arteries, the pressure rises, which exerts an additional load on the cardiovascular system, which is forced to speed up the process of pumping blood, which is why the heart hurts when smoking. Painful sensations can acquire the character of burning and severity, which is dangerous by the development of ischemia.
  • Decrease in the ability of vessels to relax after a spasm occurs due to a decrease in the production of prostacyclin, responsible for post-spastic restoration of the arteries.
  • Neurotoxin interferes with the permeability of cardiac cell membranes, which leads to myocardial inadequacy of the necessary amount of calcium ions responsible for contractile function. Therefore, there are feelings that the heart is aching and after smoking it hurts.
  • Lack of oxygen, leading to increased cardiac work. This is due to a stronger connection of hemoglobin molecules with carbon monoxide (carboxyhemoglobin) particles, which replaces oxygen, preventing the erythrocytes from transferring it. The excess of carbon monoxide in the muscle cells of the heart leads to accumulative dysfunction of the entire circulatory system.
  • Reduction of elastic qualities of blood vessels and formation of cholesteric plaques and blood clots. Frequent narrowing of the arteries leads to thinning and brittleness, which is fraught with tissue necrosis. It leads to a decrease in the lumen and obstruction of the vessels by the formed fatty plaques (atherosclerosis). The toxic compounds contained in tobacco smoke can change the chemical properties of the blood towards the thickening. This effect complicates the work of the heart in its transfer, contributes to the onset of thrombosis.
  • Provocation of existing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. When smoking, the development of the pathological process takes place more deeply, pronouncedly and sharply, which often leads to necrosis of the heart tissue (infarction).
  • Excessive penetration of nicotine into the blood when smoking menthol cigarettes because of the peculiarity of such smoke to cool the respiratory tract, causing a seemingly pleasurable sensation. As a result, people are deeper and more cigarettes with menthol smokes, which increases the harmful effects of tar and toxins on the body. It has been proven by experience that the mortality from heart diseases when smoking menthol cigarettes is twice as high as the consumption of conventional tobacco.
  • If you quit smoking, your heart can hurt because of the sudden expansion of the vessels, due to the lack of effect from cigarettes. Sharp changes in the circulatory system can trigger a relapse of existing heart diseases: ischemia, angina, hypertension and others.
  • When a person quits smoking and a chest pain, this is due to excess oxygen, which in the past was replaced by carbon dioxide.

Fact! On the question: can smoking reduce life - the answer is positive. Nicotine-dependent people lose 10-15 years of life.

  • After smoking a hookah, the heart aches even more. Harm from the hookah - in the amount of nicotine in one refueling, which, in time, exceeds this figure in a cigarette. Despite the fact that the vessel cools and humidifies the smoke, water is not able to delay nicotine. And after the hookah is formed nicotine dependence, leading to violations of the functionality of the circulatory system.
Smoking hookah
  • When smoking marijuana, the heart rate increases sharply and pressure increases. The fascination with natural herbal drugs affects the psyche and brain activity in a negative aspect and increases the risk of heart pathologies, since the effect of grass wears out the organ.
  • Addiction to the use of spice, which consists of a mixture of psychotropic plants (entheogens) and of the synthetic element JWH-018 (artificial marijuana), brings harm, five times exceeding smoking.
  • Smoking of electronic cigarettes (wipe). Now there is a version about the "harmlessness" of this imitation of cigarettes. This device is similar to the principle of action with an inhaler: generates cold nicotine-containing vapor, released from a special liquid that fills the cartridge. The share of nicotine can vary: high, medium and zero, which does not guarantee its absence, causing even more addictive. The harmful effects of this substance and possible cardiovascular diseases were described above. Vagers risk the development of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, which is dangerous gangrene and amputation, kidney disease.
Electronic Cigarette

Possible consequences

If the heart hurts after smoking, during or at the person who has thrown, then there are serious problems with the blood supply system that threaten the life of the smoker. These include the following list of diseases:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • stroke, angina pectoris, arrhythmia and hypertension;
  • ischemia and heart failure;
  • atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm and many others.

To prevent such a development of events, it is necessary to abandon the pernicious habit.

Harm to smoking

Important! There is a paradoxical phenomenon - a person quit smoking, but the heart hurts right up to a heart attack. But such manifestations of nicotine starvation are short-lived, after a few days at the thrower they will come to naught.


Prevention of heart disease

To restore functionality in the heart, blood vessels and the body as a whole, after quitting smoking, it is necessary to promote this natural process and not return to a negative habit. Experts recommend:

  1. often walk in the fresh air, especially when there is a sense of lack of oxygen and aching pain in the heart;
  2. avoid stress and moral overstrain, which can provoke an increase in pressure in the vessels;
  3. provide a full sleep and limit intense physical exertion for the next five days;
  4. When the pulse increases, accompanied by pain in the heart, immediately seek help from a doctor.
Quit Smoking

The main thing is to eliminate the return to the old habit, since even one puff can cause a heart attack.

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