Gel Hydrolat 10 - an effective remedy for dandruff


Table of contents

  • Information about the preparation
  • Where to buy the tool
  • Positive traits
  • The composition of
  • Technology of use
  • Product Benefits

To cure the fungus, it is recommended to apply Hydrolat 10 gel against dandruff. But not all people are trying to eliminate such a problem, since they do not understand its importance. Usually, nobody regards this condition as a disease, and therefore does not take any actions to get rid of seborrhea. Trichologists also talk about the negative consequences (baldness, psoriasis, fatty dandruff), if the time does not cure dandruff. People who smoke and have a predisposition to illness should carefully monitor their condition.

This is an innovative tool that the customers liked very much. But it is not a medicinal product, so it is not sold at the pharmacy. Everyone at his own risk and acquires a tool from the manufacturer. Therefore, before using it is better to consult a dermatologist, trichologist.

Information about the preparation

Hydrolat 10 - an innovative tool with a high concentration of drug substance.

It is produced in the form of a gel, so it is easy and easy to apply. Use the remedy for both treatment and prevention. In addition, that the drug eliminates dandruff, it also improves the appearance of the hair.


Hydrolat 10 removes the fatiness of the scalp, normalizes the condition of the epidermis and moisturizes it. The effectiveness of the tool is confirmed by various quality certificates, which can be requested from the distributor. Gel Hydrolat 10 provides a persistent healing effect, which lasts even after the course of application is completed.

At long reception this gel does not cause by-effects and accustoming. Use this tool is very simple, as it is applied only 2 times a day on the scalp and washed with running water. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by numerous studies. In 100% of cases, the subjects got rid of dandruff for as little as 1 course of taking the substance.

Where to buy the tool

Such an innovative product as Hydrolyte can not be bought at any pharmacy or supermarket. It is recommended to purchase it only on the website of the official representative. It's easy to make an order: you need to specify your number on the website, after which the operator will contact the customer to clarify all the necessary information before sending the order.

Before purchasing this gel, it is recommended to ask the seller for all licenses and quality certificates that will indicate the authenticity of the product. Pay this tool is very convenient, because money can be given after quality control. The courier will deliver it directly under the door without extra overpayments.


The average price in Russia varies between 990-1000 rubles, in Ukraine - up to 380 hryvnia, and Belarusians can purchase a gel for up to 300 thousand. rubles. The cost can not be much lower. If the price differs from the above, you need to think about the doubtfulness of this drug. It is not recommended to purchase a gel from a suspicious representative.

Positive traits

In a complex such as Hydrolyte 10 there are many useful substances that together have a good therapeutic effect. With the help of this remedy, the appearance and condition of the scalp and hair can be improved. Gel looks after the curls, gives shine and easy combing. During application, the hair becomes more fresh and clean.

It is this gel that does not cause addiction, so you can be sure that after the course of treatment, dandruff will disappear forever. But always it is necessary to remember about the necessity of long-term therapy of the problem. Use the drug simply, because it is used in the same way as a normal shampoo for washing your head.

The manufacturer company fully describes the technology of use in the instruction that is on the box. If you follow these rules, you can permanently get rid of dandruff and fatty hair.

The composition of

As for the components of this gel, it includes only natural, natural preparations that give the hair a healthy appearance, and also take care of the scalp. Due to the fact that there are components only of natural origin, the gel does not cause any harm to health. All components have a different therapeutic effect, and in complex increase the influence of other components.

Gel Hydrolat contains 10 natural substances. This compound is safe, because it is approved by the Academy of IACD. Hydrolat 10 was highly evaluated by trichologists and dermatologists. The main problem of dandruff is a fungus. McLaura in this drug is added to fight it. It in 100% of cases destroys a fungus, which caused this ailment.

Due to the fact that the preparation contains hydrolytes from mulberry, it:

  • has a good moisturizing effect;
  • regulates the water balance of the scalp.

As a result of the application, white flakes of dry dead skin disappear. Tea tree has a cleansing and refreshing effect. It eliminates the scalp from excessive fat, so a person can improve the appearance of the hair.

To create a protective layer on the head, a therapeutic component such as Icelandic moss was added to the gel. It protects the head from repeated infection with a fungus. Icelandic moss (extract) is necessary to create a protective layer that resists repeated damage to the hair and dermis. Keratin, zinc, ascorbic acid, vitamin A and B make up the vitamin balance, after which the hair becomes more healthy and well-groomed. They acquire a brilliant and smooth appearance.

Technology of use

The drug is useful and pleasant to use. The manufacturer recommends that this gel be applied to the scalp 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening). After a person completely undergoes a course of treatment, the health problems of this area will disappear forever.

To Hydrolat 10 had a powerful therapeutic effect, it must be applied in the right way:

  1. First, apply the gel to the skin and scalp.
  2. This mixture should be left for 5-7 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  3. Do not dry your hair in any special way.
  4. The first result will be visible immediately after washing your head. The skin will become moisturized, dandruff will disappear, and hair will please with brilliance and obedience.

All these stages are described on the box with the drug.

Product Benefits

This drug is different from conventional antiseborrheic shampoos, which you can buy in the store. One of the positive qualities is the immediate therapeutic effect. The amount of dandruff is reduced by 70% after the first application. Also, the itching and discomfort of the skin will be gone, and the feeling of freshness will last 24 hours.

Owners of oily hair noted that this gel reduces the fatness of the scalp. This gel has no side effects and has no contraindications. Even with prolonged admission, there is no getting used to it.


To prove the effectiveness, not one clinical study was conducted. In the course of the analysis, it was determined that in 98 out of 100 cases after the course of treatment, the scalp peeling completely disappeared. In 99% of cases, the patients noted the disappearance of the feeling of itching, stiffness, and peeling. The fungus disappeared from all who correctly applied this remedy. For Hydrolat 10, reviews are only positive, so try it and see for yourself.