Features of laser resurfacing of scars: the cost of the procedure and reviews

Not every person has healthy healthy skin. Beauty of the body spoil the spots from acne, scars and scars after injuries and surgeries.

Doctors offer patients several methods for the removal of defects, but the most popular is laser correction of scars. The procedure promotes intensive collagen production and skin renewal. As a result, tissues get rid of flaws, get bactericidal protection and acquire a youthful appearance.

Laser resurfacing of scars: indications and contraindications

To address to the doctor concerning laser removal of scars the person can at presence on the face and a body of various mechanical damages which spoil a normal kind of appearance.

The cost of the service is determined individually, taking into account such factors as:

  • General condition of the skin.
  • Type of scar tissue.
  • Age of the patient, etc.

Each technique has advantages and disadvantages, but according to the experts' reviews the most popular is the laser resurfacing of scars with the use of neodymium and carbon dioxide devices.

Contraindications for laser excision of scars are various skin diseases, including oncological, severe diabetes, blood pathology and pregnancy. Of the side effects after surgery to remove scars laser can be observed hyperpigmentation of the skin. Prevent negative effects will help skin care with ultraviolet filters and refusal to stay in direct sunlight.

In addition, in the first week after the operation, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Nourish and moisturize the skin with quality cosmetics.
  2. Do not use products with alcohol content when caring for the body.
  3. Do not visit the sauna, sauna, solarium.
  4. It is compulsory to take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

After removal of scars laser can cause pain and swelling. After 7 to 10 days, these phenomena will disappear on their own.


Features of the procedure

To get the best effect from laser correction of scars, you need to undergo a little preparation. It will protect the tissues from pigmentation and help them to recover faster, making the results as pronounced as possible. Increase the susceptibility of the skin to the laser will help the use of tretinoin or glycolic acid. But if a specialist works with a low-intensity laser, you can do without preparation.


Directly to the laser skin polishing the doctor proceeds after the patient receives soothing and relaxing remedies. The operation time depends on the type of laser used and the degree of complexity of the defect. The duration of grinding varies from 15 to 90 minutes. In some cases, after the procedure, a dressing is applied to the treated area.

What lasers are used by doctors when removing scars:

  • Smartxide Dot CO2 - an outdated model of the carbon dioxide unit is still used in cosmetology. The technique is applied pointwise to the scar tissue, emitting rays in beams. Mini-channels the laser creates without damaging the skin. Also, the device accelerates the synthesis of collagen and recovery processes in the body, making the skin better.
  • Vascular laser - with the help of the device specialists provoke a microvascular thrombosis of vessels concentrated in the tissues of the scar. Laser radiation softens the scars and reduces the brightness of their color. The unit is suitable for the removal of keloid and hypertrophic scars.
  • Ablation erbium laser - the specialist sets the device the required depth of influence and evaporates the scar tissues layer by layer and with high accuracy. Subsequent regenerative processes form a new collagen rich epidermis. Erbium laser does not burn surrounding tissue, it is considered sparing for the body. But for a complete removal of the scar, several grinding sessions must be performed.
  • Neodymium laser - suitable for fractional photothermolysis. During the procedure, the vessels in the rumen undergo partial coagulation. The healed collagen is destroyed, after which new collagen and fibroblasts begin to be produced. The flaw resolves gradually.
  • Laser nano-perforation - completely replaces defective tissues with healthy ones. The procedure is carried out without contact. The integrity of the skin is preserved, since there is no heating. The rehabilitation period passes as quickly as possible. In this case, the patient is not prohibited from sunbathing.


The neodymium method

Non-ablative medical equipment affects the skin atraumatically. The beam destroys the scar from the inside, affecting defects of any complexity. Neodymium laser can produce keloid and atrophic scars, which are difficult to remove by other methods.

When removing the keloid scar, an extra-long laser pulse triggers, causing the vessels to collapse, and the canal disappearing through which the nutrients flowed to the rumen. Also on the pathological site, collagen synthesis is stopped. All this leads to the fact that the flaw decreases in size and completely disappears.

For grinding the atrophic scar, the neodymium laser is tuned to stimulate the production of collagen. The processed scar becomes elastic, smoothed and compared with the relief of the skin. The power of the energy and the frequency of the impulses the doctor prescribes and controls through the computer.


A feature of the neodymium laser is its ability to penetrate the epidermis to a depth of 2 mm or more. Radiation produces a smoothing effect, but the effect on the skin of the device is minimal.



Carbon dioxide method

The ablation carbon dioxide laser acts on the scars in a destructive manner. People do not experience pain, because local anesthesia is used during the preparation (an anesthetic cream is injected into the scar base or an injection is injected). The essence of the procedure is to start the mechanism of producing its own collagen, which can rejuvenate the skin and accelerate the division of healthy cells.

The advantage of removing the scars with a CO2 laser is the ability to smooth out all types of scar tissue. The result of the procedure is noticeable in a week from the day of implementation. But completely the dermis is restored for 3 - 6 months. The time depends on the depth and magnitude of the scar.

In addition to scars, the carbon dioxide method removes age wrinkles on the face. The laser painlessly smoothes the skin and gives excellent results for rejuvenation.



In the rehabilitation period after carbon dioxide skin polishing, precautions should be taken and the sun should not get on the body.


Evaluate the results of surgery for the removal of scars with a laser can be photographed before and after the procedure.

The apparatus works to completely destroy the defective zone, and its effect triggers the formation of the renewed skin. The scar becomes invisible. To fix the effect, the patient undergoes special rehabilitation courses.

How Rehabilitation Works

After removal of the scars by laser within 5 - 7 days, the rehabilitation period lasts. First the polished area is covered with a crust, which independently and gradually exfoliates. It can not be cut off forcibly, as in the first three days, treating the skin with alcohol-containing products and antiseptic preparations.

Care of the wound is reduced to a careful treatment with an anti-burn, wound-healing, moisturizing or antibacterial drug:

  • Natursil.
  • Olazole.
  • Linetol.
  • Pantesol.
  • Vinisol.
  • Argosulfan.
  • Bepanten Plus.
  • Levomekol.
  • Levovinisole.

Caring for the wound for 3 weeks, regularly treated with acetic and saline aqueous solutions. If laser removal of the scar was performed on the face, use sterile thermal water for washing. Simply spray the skin from the spray gun.


Price and reviews

If you plan to remove the scars with a laser, you should discuss the cost of the surgery with your doctor in advance.

Focusing on the individual problem, the specialist will select a suitable laser for the impact and decide how the fabrics will be ground. Also, the final amount will be affected by the prestige of the clinic and the qualification of the specialist.

The approximate price of the service "laser scar removal" in Moscow:

  • Normotrophic scar - primary consultation of the surgeon - 1 thousand. rubles. Skin treatment - from 560 rubles. for 1 square. cm. Anesthesia - 500 rubles. The minimum total is 2500 rubles.
  • Scars around the eyes - 5 - 6 thousand. rubles.
  • Scars on cheekbones - from 4000 rubles.
  • Correction of the chin - 8 thousand. rubles.

What patients say:

Tamara, 38 years old: I had furuncles on my cheeks, which the doctor deemed it necessary to remove surgically. In their place were small, but ugly bulges. Over time, I decided to laser face polish and do not regret it. Only 2 sessions gave an excellent result - the scars are almost invisible. You can see them only by gazing intently into your face.

Olga, 18 years old: Depressions and scars on my face I had since childhood. I was sick with chickenpox and ripped off a few pockmarks. The injuries were festering, and my mother treated me with various drugs for a long time. Ugly skin of the face constantly attracted the attention of others, I was nervous and could not communicate normally with people.

The cosmetologist recommended me the laser correction procedure. I did not need preliminary training. In the evening of the same day, I returned home, and a week later I was happy with a perfectly smooth face.

Alexey, 40 years old: I had a deep scar on my forehead after the accident. At first he healed it with Kontraktubeks ointment, but the tissues recovered slowly. When four laser therapy sessions were performed, the scar became hardly noticeable. I plan to visit a few more procedures.

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