Compliance with diet in high cholesterol in women after 50 years


Cholesterol is an important component that plays a huge role in the functioning of the body. However, its increase causes health problems. To lower the cholesterol level, different methods are used, one of which is a diet.


  • Norm and treatment of deviation from it
  • Recommendations of nutritionists
  • Products that reduce cholesterol
    • Vegetable oil
    • Fish dishes
    • Nuts
    • Vegetables and fruits
    • Beans and cereals
  • What is forbidden for patients?
  • Example menu

Norm and treatment of deviation from it

In women after 45 years, the cholesterol level rises due to the onset of menopause. This is because the activity of the reproductive organs is suppressed, the production of sex hormones decreases, and then ceases. But it's the estrogens that control the cholesterol metabolism in the body.

Cholesterol is normal in women by age after fifty years is presented in the table:

Types of indicators From 51 to 55 years old From 56 to 60 years old From 61 years and more
Of the General From, 0 to, 0 From, 5 to, 7 From, 5 to, 9
"Good" cholesterol From, 6 to, 8 From, 6 to, 2 From, 7 to, 2
"Bad" cholesterol From, 8 to, 1 From, 2 to, 4 From, 3 to, 2

If the blood test showed a woman's values ​​above those indicated - she needs treatment. With a slight increase, you can correct the situation with dietary help and lifestyle adjustments.

Doctors recommend the following:

  • Watch the weight. With overweight women are difficult to change their diet and eating habits.
  • Refuse from drinking and smoking.
  • Time for sports. Physical exercises help to lose excess weight, strengthen health and be in a good mood. It does not matter what the woman decides to do. You can go to the gym, swim or go for a walk.
  • Monitor blood pressure. His norm is 120/80 and does not change with the years.

If the increase in the cholesterol content is significant, then one way of life and nutrition is indispensable. The doctor will recommend taking medications. The most commonly used statins that reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Important! Only the attending physician prescribes medications. Many of them have contraindications and side effects. Therefore, in no case do not self-medicate.
Bad and good cholesterol

Recommendations of nutritionists

The diet with an increased level of cholesterol in women after 50 years is simple, so even those who find it difficult to restrict themselves to eating certain dishes will easily cope with it. Its basis - the inclusion in the diet of marine products, low-fat varieties of cheese, fresh vegetables, olive oil.

When observing a diet with high cholesterol, it is recommended that women follow the following rules:

  • There are small portions at least 4 times a day.
  • When preparing dishes do not get too carried away with salt, we must try to reduce to a minimum its use. This product delays water in the body, creates a strain on the heart.
  • Refuse from smoked, fried foods, semi-finished products.
  • Cooking food for a couple.

Per day, the body needs up to 400 mg of cholesterol, after 50 years, and 200 mg is enough. Therefore, nutrition with increased cholesterol in the blood should be such that in the end the amount of this substance does not exceed the allowable rate.

Products that reduce cholesterol

To make the right menu for a week is to know what products to use to reduce cholesterol. Of the most useful we have identified the following.

Vegetable oil

This product is rich in vitamins, valuable fatty acids. That's why it is recommended to use it every day, but without fanaticism. You can fill it with a salad or just add it to a dish.

Important! Fry in vegetable oil with a diet should not be. When it is heated, all the useful fatty acids are converted into trans fats.

Fish dishes

Fish - an indispensable product that provides the body with phosphorus and other useful components. Fatty acids contained in them, prevent the penetration of free cholesterol into the blood, which helps to reduce its level.

The fish contains vitamin D, which is also very important for the body. Patients are advised to eat seafood products that are welded or steamed.


The diet for reducing cholesterol in the blood in women should include nuts. Instead of sweets for dessert is better to eat a handful of this useful product, a day is enough 50 g. This will provide the body with monounsaturated fats that dissolve cholesterol plaques that improve brain function.

Vegetables and fruits

Without a vegetable and fruit, not a single diet can do. These foods contain many vitamins and beneficial microelements. With increased cholesterol in women, the diet should include eating fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber.

Vegetable dishes are best cooked, stewed or baked, but do not forget to eat in raw form - so they are most beneficial for the body. Carrots and beets should not be cooked, as they lose their valuable properties.

Vegetables and fruits

Beans and cereals

Legumes contain protein, without which the normal formation of cells is impossible. It is a substitute for animal protein. Therefore, if the patient is required to exclude meat from the diet, then there must necessarily be legumes, they will be an excellent substitute.

In beans and cereals, there is fiber. It lowers cholesterol, preventing it from digesting when eating. Often excessive maintenance of "bad" lipids is noted in people who suffer from kidney and gallbladder pathologies. Fiber allows you to remove unnecessary bile from the body.

What is forbidden for patients?

Recipes for high cholesterol foods should not contain certain foods. What can not be eaten? Exclude the following prohibited products:

  • Creamy little.
  • Sweets.
  • Fast food (cheeseburgers, French fries, hot dogs, etc.).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Fatty grades of meat.
  • Sausage and other semi-finished products.
  • Dairy products of high fat content.
  • Fried dishes.

All these products are prohibited because they contain trans fats that harm the body, increase the level of "bad" lipids in the blood of a person.

Example menu

To understand how to make your menu for a week, you can see the following example of a diet, compiled for one day. You need to eat 5 times a day, so the same number of meals is considered.

For breakfast, any porridge with the addition of vegetable oil, from drinks - green tea. On the second meal it is recommended to prepare a salad of vegetables, filling it with olive oil, eat low-fat cottage cheese and any fruit.

For lunch, the best dish - low-fat soup, meat or fish, steamed, compote. Finishes eating any fresh fruit. As a snack, a decoction of wild rose hips with a slice of bread.

For dinner you can prepare a salad of vegetables, steamed fish, boiled or baked potatoes, drink any drink. Before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of kefir, but only skim.

Table of products and cholesterol content in them

Diet is the best assistant in lowering cholesterol in the blood. In addition, patients are advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly take a blood test, to keep all indicators under control, to timely eliminate any violations occurring in the organism.

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