What can be taken with pain in the heart, and when can not self-medicate?


Pain in the heart is familiar to many. Usually the attack begins unexpectedly. It can be triggered by a nervous breakdown, overwork and even a common cold. Have a genetic predisposition to cardiological diseases, taking hormonal drugs (which entail a change in the work of the heart) because of chronic diseases, people of pre-retirement age and retirement age know what they need medicines. What tablets will help the patient to hold out until the arrival of physicians, and what is better to take if the heart is pressing, is not known to every person.


  • What to do when an attack occurs? First aid for the victim
  • Causes of pain
  • How to reduce pain, if pressed in the heart?

What to do when an attack occurs? First aid for the victim

If you suddenly get sick in the chest area, you do not need to panic, since there are many diseases with symptoms similar to a heart attack. Algorithm of actions:

  1. When there is pain in the heart, you need to call an ambulance.
  2. Take the horizontal or semi-horizontal position.
  3. Get rid of pressing things. Women, if necessary, unfasten the bra.
  4. Try to relax and take deep breaths with slow exhalations.

After a few minutes of breathing exercises, you can drink validol or another remedy with a similar effect. If the compressive pain in the region of the heart appears as a result of a stressful situation, a nervous breakdown or experiences, it is recommended to drink Corvalolum or Valocordinum.


After the withdrawal of the attack, you must immediately consult a doctor to determine the exact cause and treatment.


In the case of long waiting for the arrival of physicians, you can take the heart medications that are available in virtually every home medicine cabinet.

  1. To relieve nervous tension take Validol or Valocordinum in the amount of 40 drops.
  2. When aching pains in the heart, drink analgin with aspirin for 1 tablet.
  3. With simultaneous occurrence of heart pain and difficulty breathing, you must put a nitroglycerin tablet under your tongue, take cover with a warm blanket.

If the attack began indoors, then you need to ensure free access to fresh air by opening the window or windows. It is important to ensure that the patient is drinking enough water.

Medications that help with heart pain of different etiology

Causes of pain

The intensity of the pain syndrome does not always correspond to the consequences that follow it. Therefore, an ambulance is better to call, when only the beginning to root for the sternum, without experimenting and without waiting for strong attacks.

  1. In cases where it is precisely known that the cause of the sensations is a cardiac disease, cardiac preparations are taken from the pain in the heart, appointed by the attending physician.
  2. All the pains associated with the heart are divided into two categories:
  • Emerging due to a strong nervous overexcitation or physical overload and passing after a short rest, are called religious. If there is a dull and aching pain in the heart with a pressing-burning character, the main center of localization which is located behind the breastbone and gives in the left arm and jaw, it is necessary to take sedatives means.
  • Developing against the background of a violation of the blood supply to the heart and leading to irreversible effects, the pains are called cardialgia and are localized in the left breast region. With them, my heart aches, the pain intensifies during a cough.
  1. If the heart is strongly pricked, the pain quickly grows, becomes tearing or, on the contrary, compressive, there is a burning sensation, this may be the first sign of a heart attack.
  2. For pains that are of a neuralgic nature, inconstancy is characteristic, a decrease in intensity at the time when the patient takes the horizontal position of the body.

If the heart tingles after eating, the pain can be caused by overeating or abnormalities of the digestive tract.

Causes, characteristics and symptoms of pain in the chest

How to reduce pain, if pressed in the heart?

After determining the cause of pain, you need to take drugs that reduce them.

  1. If the heart hurts, you can take:
  • aspirin in an amount, g;
  • nitroglycerin not more than 1 capsule under the tongue for 1 reception;
  • Validol not more than 1 tablet.

In this case it should be taken into account that nitroglycerin reduces pressure, and validol, on the contrary, increases.

  1. Pain syndrome, caused by elevated blood pressure, is removed by taking a drug that lowers blood pressure.
  2. As a means to help with attacks, hot foot baths with the addition of mustard are used.
  3. The use of Validol and Corvalolum will help to calm down and relieve pain in any disease, but not with cardiac. In addition, these drugs are highly addictive, and after several applications the patient's body stops responding.
  4. Nitroglycerin, despite its advantages, gives a large number of side effects and is therefore banned for use in hypotensive patients, people with increased intracranial pressure, in a state of shock.
  5. Validol is not recommended for people who have had myocardial infarction.
  6. The use of nitroglycerin, together with Validol, helps to reduce headaches caused by the vasodilating properties of the first drug.

The effect of all existing drugs on the pain arising in the region of the heart is approximately the same. They can help only with the course application and in doses calculated by specialists, after a complete examination of the patient.


Incorrect diagnosis of the disease and the use of drugs for other purposes may cause serious complications and disruptions in the work of different body systems.

Methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation are used if the heart stopped

Calling an ambulance to an unauthorized person, it is necessary to make sure that she arrived, and only after that leave the patient. Before the arrival of doctors, you need to monitor the condition of the victim, providing all possible assistance.

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