What is the essence of the blood test for the blood group and the Rh factor?

Blood test

Each of us at least once took a blood test for the Rh factor and the blood group. Most often it is performed in the maternity hospital of a newborn child. But even further in life there can be situations when the study will have to be repeated. There are certain indications to the procedure, for example: information is needed when you get to a hospital with a severe diagnosis or in the case of pregnancy planning.

To hand over the analysis of a blood on a blood group and the Rhesus factor necessarily it is necessary in case of a donation and an essential bleeding. Clinical examination is considered a prerequisite for organ transplantation, for example: the liver, preceded by fetal components for donation, during pregnancy and during hospitalization.

Clinical examination for the blood group in a polyclinic

There are four groups. Practice shows that under natural conditions these indicators do not change over a period of life. And in most cases, the baby has the same group as the father or mother. Although there are exceptions, when the baby inherits the genetics of one of the ancestors.


  • How to do blood group analysis?
  • Where does the blood come from?
  • Rhesus factor
  • Blood for blood type and Rh factor: how to take and prepare for the study

How to do blood group analysis?

To identify the group you need special equipment - the installation of AV0. This equipment was first used a hundred years ago, and to date nothing has changed. All because there was no person on the Earth with parameters different from the standard.

Installation of AB0 and test result

All erythrocytes on the membrane in the zeoliton have signal molecules - agglutinogens. There are two basic antigens - under the name A and B. The actual hematologue per blood group will consist in the determination of erythrocytes A or B. If an erythrocyte of group A is found in a person, it has a second group; B - the third; A and B simultaneously - the fourth; and if they did not find either A or B, the first. In a normal state in a healthy person, the body produces antibodies to the antigen that was not detected. For example: for a patient with a second group, these are antibodies for group B antigen. Therefore, on the surface of red blood cells there will be an antigen of group A, and in the blood - an antibody to antigen B. Since these elements can interact, they can not contain the same compounds in the blood.

Terms! Tsoliklon - a special saline solution on the surface of the shell of erythrocytes, which is involved in determining the group, including the Rh factor.

Where does the blood come from?

The blood test (blood group) in an adult or infants is taken from a vein. This is not a general analysis of the finger. To act it is necessary as follows: in blood the volume of special proteins - agglutinogens is revealed. The latter have a division into groups A and B.

Number of agglutinogens and blood group

Regardless of the fact that most people have information about compatibility: the first blood group is compatible with the second and third, and for a person with the fourth group is suitable for any other - blood transfusion is provided if the donor and recipient have the same group blood.

Rhesus factor

Rhesus is a special protein that is found on the envelope of red blood cells. The determination of Rh factor occurs during the clinical analysis of blood on certain groups. From the medical point of view, this is the same procedure.

The need for an operation occurs if there is a high risk of significant blood loss. Firefighters, military and police officers must pass such an analysis. His results are recorded in a personal file and are marked on a token. All in order that in an emergency situation, when there is absolutely no time to recognize the Rh and the group, you could quickly make a blood transfusion and save a person's life.

As for an ordinary person who is not involved in dangerous work, the need for such manipulation arises during hospitalization, preparation for planned surgical intervention and during pregnancy. This is the only way to prevent fatal complications.

Blood for blood type and Rh factor: how to take and prepare for the study

The technology of preparation for blood collection from the vein suggests some recommendations. This is done so that in the future it is not necessary to check the blood quality and not to doubt the result. Since information may be needed, for example: an immunologist in the treatment of cancer and its consequences, any mistake can cost a person's life.


Important! Find out the blood type of the fetus in the womb will not work. This will be possible when the newborn is born.


Precepts before the study of blood:

  • just before taking a sample of blood should not eat up, it is better just to drink water;
  • Procedure in the clinic "Helix" is carried out on an empty stomach. It is advisable to come from eight to eleven in the morning;

Important! An empty stomach is at least 8 hours without food and no more than 14 hours.

  • necessarily discuss with the attending physician, if taking blood on the eve of taking pharmaceuticals;
  • no matter what method of research you decide to do, even pass urine, in any case, the emotional state should be appropriate. You should be calm, do not worry and not be nervous.
  • Tobacco smoking for an hour before blood donation to the Rh factor is not allowed. After all, in this case, the compilation of the result will be invalid, and it will not be possible to correctly decipher the test;

Important! There is a little nuance: when you take blood for alcohol, smoking is also not worth it. Because at this time it can manifest, if alcohol is not even used. The essence of chemical processes is that the reaction can be unpredictable.

  • do not put unnecessary seals and bans, but that's a significant physical effort to do on the eve of any clinical research is not recommended;
  • 15 minutes to the fence to sit quietly and relax;
  • any physiotherapy procedures to postpone the study of the Rh factor. Then the doctor can look and decide in a few days to appoint them again.
  • to be sure of the correctness of the answer received, it is better to repeat the study again. After all, this is the necessary and important information. For the correctness of filling out the documentation in the clinic, take your passport with you.

Do a blood test to determine which blood group and Rh factor is needed for compatibility in transfusion or hemolytic disease in the baby. BVazhno in preparation for the intervention of the surgeon and pregnancy, when it is necessary to monitor the rhesus compatibility of mother and child.

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