What to do with pain in the heart and how to support the body during pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a special period in a woman's life. Her body begins to work in a new way, there are pronounced changes in the functioning of organs or systems, there are changes in the psyche and emotional state.

A considerable number of female patients consults that they have a heartache during pregnancy. To this fact, gynecologists are serious, prescribe to their patients additional examinations, consultations with physicians of therapeutic and cardiological profile.

Why does the heart ache in the early stages or with the further development of pregnancy? Are heart pain dangerous, what causes them, do they need immediate treatment? Often many girls ask exactly such questions when applying to a medical institution.


  • The main causes of pain
  • Risk Categories
  • What kind of heartaches are observed in pregnant women?
  • What methods and methods are used to diagnose
  • Rules of behavior when there is pain in the heart of a pregnant woman

The main causes of pain

Pregnancy involves significant changes in the functioning of the body. At the onset of a new condition for a woman, especially if an unplanned conception occurred, the excited psycho-emotional state of the future mother, there is a feeling of heightened anxiety and responsibility. In such situations, the heart often suffers from a pregnant woman. To normalize the state requires qualified psychological help, close attention of close people and their special support.

To know in time what caused heartache in a pregnant woman, you need to visit a doctor regularly

In the early period of expectation of the child, the heart hurts in pregnant women due to increased load on it. 10th week of pregnancy completes the formation of an additional circle of blood circulation - placental. Its formation allows ensuring the supply of the fetus with oxygen and nutrients necessary for proper development, the formation of its organs. If there is a lack of a woman, there may be pain in the chest during pregnancy, vegetative vascular dystonia, anemia, a threat of spontaneous miscarriage.

Situations when the heart hurts during pregnancy, can provoke unpreparedness for her of the vascular system. A significant increase in the burden on the female body, especially in the first trimester leads to an increase in the tone of the vessels or, conversely, to their relaxed state. That's why a woman has a headache, dizziness, fainting, pale skin may appear.

Development of the fetus, growth of the uterus in the second half of pregnancy, especially in later periods (30-40 weeks) causes strong pressure on the diaphragm, lungs and the heart of the expectant mother. In this case, pain in the chest causes a change in the position of the heart, which is now located in a horizontal position. This provokes stitching pain in the heart area during pregnancy. Additional rest, taking a comfortable pose, especially at night for sleep, facilitate painful manifestations.

Warning: Dangerous pressing pain in the heart at 38 weeks of pregnancy, during preparation for childbirth.


It causes a feeling that it hurts under the breast, at late pregnancy, especially when making turns or bending of the body, increasing strain on the spine in the lumbar and thoracic region. The growing uterus presses on the roots of the spinal cord, which causes a feeling that the chest hurts during pregnancy.

In the period of expectation of the child, the future mother may get aggravation of the existing diseases, so situations where a tunic or presses the heart during pregnancy are dangerous. Doctors recommend before going pregnant, undergo full medical examination and diagnostics in a medical institution.

Risk Categories

Some pathologies of the cardiovascular system, diagnosed in women, often become unconditional reasons for the prohibition of the birth of children or require significant conception. Some heart defects, chronic arrhythmias, myocardiostrophy, cardiomyopathy pose a danger to the life of a pregnant woman, lead to the development of a fetus with pathological changes.

With caution, after a complete examination, plan maternity when:

  • age over 32-35 years, especially if this pregnancy is for woman first, or there were unsuccessful attempts at conception, cases of miscarriage;
  • heart attacks of a stable nature, pronounced tachycardia;
  • highly elevated blood pressure;
  • swelling of the extremities.

The risk group for the occurrence of pain in the heart include women with excess weight, multiple pregnancies or a complicated state of health during the previous childbearing period.

What kind of heartaches are observed in pregnant women?

Pain in the heart during pregnancy manifests are of a different nature. It depends on a number of reasons. Allocate anthrax pain and cardialgia.

Because of the changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman, associated with an increase in the load on the heart and blood vessels, myocardial ischemia may develop, in which the body receives inadequate nutrition. Ischemia can become the root cause of the development of a dangerous pathology of cardiac muscles, a deadly disease - myocardial infarction. In the presence of these pathologies, a woman begins to experience anguish pains:

  • in the heart area often aches, with the pain is pressing, burning character;
  • there is a palpitation of the heart;
  • At the same time the heart and left arm hurts, unpleasant sensations are observed in the left scapula, neck and lower jaw.

The combination of such symptoms is dangerous, their appearance on any month of pregnancy requires an immediate request for medical help.

Intercostal neuralgia can also cause a pain syndrome in the heart

Heart diseases caused by inflammatory processes, certain malformations of its development, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cause pain in the heart during pregnancy, associated with manifestations of cardialgia, which are inherent:

  • prolonged aching pain;
  • individual tingling sensations;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • Painful sensations extend to a vast area with localization in the left side of the breast;
  • there is swelling of the legs;
  • heart pain can be dramatically increased by coughing or sneezing, accompanied by exhalation, observed during inspiration in the heart region.

Cardialgia are dangerous, characteristic of the third trimester of expecting a child, can manifest until the ninth month. Their occurrence requires consultation with a cardiologist, conducting an additional diagnosis of the cardiovascular system, revealing pathologies of other organs.

Often, when it hurts heavily under the breast during pregnancy, a woman experiences additional symptoms - increasing blood pressure or lowering it, headache - such situations should be known to the doctor, the situation requires additional blood and urine tests, prescribing therapy.

What methods and methods are used to diagnose

Determine the cause of what hurts under the chest in the heart area during pregnancy, help diagnostic methods used in out-patient settings. If there is a suspicion that the pathological work of the heart or the vascular system is developing, it is recommended as soon as possible to seek medical help.

Pregnant women, irrespective of the term, are prescribed removal of the electrocardiogram and ultrasound examination of the heart. These diagnostic procedures are safe for the mother and her future child.


During the diagnostic procedures, check:

  • size and position of the heart in the chest;
  • diameter of the heart vessels;
  • rhythm of the heart;
  • conduct detailed monitoring of the work of the heart;
  • find possible changes in the work of the body chambers, valves, thickening of the myocardium.

In many cases, during pregnancy, several studies are carried out at up to 15 weeks, at the end of 29 weeks or other periods. One month before the planned delivery, at 36 weeks of gestation, cardiologists are assigned additional examinations, the result of which at week 37 determines the preparation for labor. The possibility of natural childbirth or indications for caesarean section is revealed.

It is recommended to hold an ultrasound of the heart at 36 weeks of pregnancy of a woman. 39 week is crucial, requires constant control of a woman with heart pain. The patient is in a hospital, receives prescribed cardiac treatment and preparatory procedures for labor.

Ultrasound is one of the most reliable diagnostic methods

Rules of behavior when there is pain in the heart of a pregnant woman

What if the pregnant woman constantly or suddenly feels pain in the chest and heart? The first answer that comes to this question. - do not cry or persistently endure such feelings. It does not matter whether the fifth month or breast is very ill during the eighth month of pregnancy, you need to see a doctor immediately or call an ambulance.

Then the woman should strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, which can be formulated in the form of a memo:

  • you need to calm down, you can drink water or herbal tea;
  • take the position lying, it is better to lie down comfortably on one side;
  • remove clothing to ensure normal circulation of blood;
  • the body needs additional oxygen, so it is important to ensure fresh air;
  • if possible, contact the attending physician, follow its recommendations, then treat them as prescribed.

Moderate physical activity, daily walks in nature, the performance of recommended physical exercises, compliance with the regime and a certain composition of food, exclusion of stressful situations and full sleep, abandonment of harmful habits before the planning of pregnancy and during it can strengthen the heart and blood vessels, help make healthy child.

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