Innovative device Snore Stopper from snoring


Table of contents

  • Snore Stopper Action
  • Device Advantages
  • Possible contraindications

The snore stopper against snoring is an innovative device that effectively helps with this problem. Recently, an increasing number of people suffer from this pathology. The quality of sleep deteriorates, and with it the overall well-being. After all, it is known that sleep is extremely important, and a quiet rest is impossible when snoring pursues a person. He wakes up broken, irritated, the morning and all the following day no longer bring adequate satisfaction. In addition, snoring does not let sleepy people around him calmly. As a result, the whole family suffers from the problem.


The reasons for snoring may be different. About 30% of adults suffer from such a disease. Snoring can occur because of a curved septum that is in the nose, or narrow passages, large tonsils or polyps. Whatever the main reason, it is necessary to get rid of this pathology, as this can lead to a stopping of breathing (sleep apnea) in a dream and a lethal outcome.

In the modern world, medicine is developing at a rapid pace, so there are many different means and devices against snoring. These are all kinds of medications, drops for the nose, clips and bracelets.

Snore Stopper SS 650 is a truly revolutionary device, which was specially developed by scientists to eliminate snoring. It has a special biosensor, which is located on the base of the controller. This device helps to get rid of snoring at home. Thanks to him, many people began to sleep peacefully and get up in the mornings rested and full of energy.


Snore Stopper Action

Snore Stopper - this is a special bracelet from snoring, which is worn on the wrist. Some time after the device is fixed, the device goes into standby mode.

It works on the principle of catching snoring and delivers electrical impulses for a few seconds. These discharges are very weak and almost imperceptible, so they are absolutely safe for the snoring person. Once he snores, the nerve endings in the wrist area are affected by vibration, the person feels uncomfortable and changes the discomfort. Thus, snoring stops. If it repeats, then a special pulse wave sends a signal again.

Before using the device, you should consult a specialist. Bracelet Snor Stopper does not eliminate the problem itself, but only temporarily removes it. However, with constant use, a person develops a special reflex, which allows him to control the process of snoring in a dream.

The device against snoring, consumer feedback about which speak about high efficiency and convenience, helps to establish a sleep after the first application. Outwardly, the device looks very dignified and will appeal to both men and women. Experts respond well about this tool and can recommend it to their patients, but along with this they advise to undergo a full examination and to identify the cause of snoring.

Device Advantages

The Snore Stopper bracelet has become popular with many customers due to the fact that it has the following undeniable advantages:

  • beautiful design, like a watch;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • removes snoring without interrupting the sleep of a person;
  • Relieves of pathology, prevents apnea and helps with gnashing of teeth;
  • A compact size that people like to spend a lot of time on trips like;
  • suitable for women and men;
  • economically uses energy, working on batteries;
  • automatically turns off after 8 hours;
  • does not cause side effects;
  • safe when using.

The device has a fairly low price and very high efficiency.

Possible contraindications

Despite the uniqueness and efficiency of the device, it has some contraindications:

  1. Do not use the device for people who have implanted pacemakers.
  2. If patients are under medical supervision when using electronic equipment, then for them the use of a bracelet is also contraindicated.
  3. In cardiovascular diseases, too, should abandon the device.
  4. It is forbidden to use the device during an infectious disease or in respiratory diseases.
  5. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use the bracelet during these important periods of their life.

In addition, you should not use an electronic tool for people with epilepsy and dermatological diseases, especially those with skin irritation in the wrist area.



When buying the kit includes:

  • device from snoring;
  • wrist strap;
  • special electrode;
  • screwdriver;
  • instructions for use.

The battery is not included in the package. It must be purchased separately. The AAA battery is suitable for operation.

The case is made of high-quality plastic.


The device should not be attached to other parts of the body, because in this case it will not produce the proper effect.