Disadvantages of EMF analysis, methodology of conducting and calculating indicators, preparation for research

Blood test

Often when passing medical examinations, it is required to donate blood to the EMF or to the RW. What disease is revealed during the analysis? What are the norms of the study? How to prepare for blood sampling? What to do in case of a positive result?


  • What is a blood test for EMF
  • Method of research
  • Explanation of the analysis
  • Are there any shortcomings in the analysis
  • How to take the analysis, and how to prepare for the analysis
  • What to do in case of positive analysis for syphilis

What is a blood test for EMF

EMF is an express method for diagnosing syphilis. Also called RW, being a reduction from the "Wasserman reaction". The analysis is named in honor of the scientist, who first proposed this kind of research. EMF blood test is known for a long time as an inexpensive, fast method for diagnosing syphilis. This study is included in the list of necessary for clinical examination. Its simplicity and informativeness makes it possible to identify a dangerous disease in the initial stages. If the disease is not detected in time and not treated, then it progresses, affecting the organs, growing into a chronic form. With early diagnosis, the disease is successfully treated.

EMF or RV analysis

Method of research

The causative agent of syphilis is the bacterium pale treponema. EMF is an indirect method of serological diagnosis, since it does not detect a bacterium, but it reveals antibodies produced by the body to fight the disease. The analysis will show the presence of the causative agent of syphilis in the blood 6 weeks after the alleged infection.

Explanation of the analysis

The study has no norms and reference values. The blood test for RW is either negative, or positive. In the case of a negative result, the pathogen is not detected, in the case of a positive one, it is said in the possibility of infection. A negative result is indicated by a minus sign, this is the norm for a healthy organism, and a positive sign is a plus sign.

The more pluses are near the name of the study, the more likely that the pathogen is in the blood. One and two pluses are considered a dubious reaction when it is impossible to assert the presence of syphilis. Three and four pluses are considered positive reactions.

You can not talk about norms. In decoding, the level of titles is important. Antibody titers are important if the patient's analysis is taken during treatment. This study helps to establish whether therapy is effective. In normal treatment, the level of titers during the year will decrease fourfold. After completing the course of treatment, a person should take tests for another year to make sure that the disease has receded.

Are there any shortcomings in the analysis

The analysis has drawbacks, and at the moment there are more modern methods for identifying syphilis, for example: the determination of specific IgM and IgG.

EDS-analysis of blood often has a false positive result. This is due to other diseases or physiological causes and is not a deviation from the norm.

False positive result of EMF analysis during decoding is:

  • menstruation or pregnancy;
  • if the rules for submitting the analysis are not respected;
  • at diseases: a tuberculosis, a diabetes, a lupus erythematosus, a tuberculosis and a number of others;
  • with drug addiction and alcoholism.

It happens that when decrypting the patient receives a false-negative result. Usually in early or late stage of syphilis.

How to take the analysis, and how to prepare for the analysis

Blood is taken from the elbow bend. That any factor does not affect the reliability, observe the simple rules:

  • Do not drink alcohol and a large amount of fatty foods;
  • give blood on an empty stomach, wait 8 hours after eating.
Rules for blood sampling on emf

What to do in case of positive analysis for syphilis

First, you need not panic and see a doctor for additional advice. Perhaps the norms of the study were violated or other factors influenced the result. It is recommended to donate blood again.

The study of EMF makes it possible to determine with a high degree of probability the presence of a causative agent of syphilis in the blood. Therefore, it is taken for every physical examination.

The analysis will be appointed by:

  • at planning and conducting pregnancy, for revealing of a disease during prophylactic medical examination,
  • future donors,
  • workers who need a medical book.

It is recommended to undergo a study for people at risk, for example: children of infected parents, people in contact with patients who have unprotected sex acts.

There is also a household way of spreading the infection. Therefore, if you want to know if everything is normal with health, in a timely manner, go through the research and follow the preventive measures.

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