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  • September 01, 2018
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Warts are not aesthetic node-like growths that appear on the skin surface due to human infection with the papilloma virus. With weakened immunity, HPV penetrates the body through cuts and microcracks on the skin or by the domestic route.

To date, laser removal of warts is recognized as the best procedure for removing unattractive growths. It is safe and painless.

For its implementation, scientists developed 2 types of lasers:

  1. Erbium laser, under the influence of which layer-by-layer evaporation of neoplasms occurs;
  2. Carbon dioxide laser beam, which promotes instant blood clotting and prevents the spread of HPV.

With the help of laser therapy, you can remove different types of warts that have grown on any part of the body:

  • Flat, having the form of nodules and sizes from 1 mm to 1 cm. The sprouts rise above the skin and have the same color as the skin.
  • Plantar - hard horny layers with a core.
  • Ordinary - small rounded neoplasms, dense to the touch. In size they are different - and with a pea, and with millet grain. The hue of the growths is darker than the color of the surrounding skin.

All listed growths are subject to laser treatment in the absence of contraindications. These include dermatological diseases, pregnancy, fever and arterial pressure, herpetic eruptions on the body, epilepsy, connective tissue diseases.


Do not start fighting warts with a laser and people who have recently had the flu, ARVI and even a cold in a mild form.


Advantages of laser coagulation

The procedure, in the course of which the warts are removed by laser, is considered to be the best option for treatment of growths. It is highly effective, because even one session is enough for the complete evaporation of education and exclusion of its further growth.

Pulmonary and safe manipulation does not lead to scarring and scarring. After it, the skin color does not change, and the treated area does not turn into a source of bleeding.

The session takes 2 - 3 minutes, but for the recovery period it takes only a few days. The shortness of healing is due to atraumatic nature of surrounding tissues and high rate of their regeneration.


The procedure gives a lasting result and prices are available.It is carried out and to small patients who have reached the age of 5. To remove warts by laser - the price will have to be paid in view of the location of the formations, their number, size, type and other characteristics. For example, the removal of the plantar wart by laser cost in most clinics varies between 2 - 3 thousand rubles. Laser evaporation of outgrowths from the face and body has an average cost of 1500 rubles.

The beam, intended for laser removal of warts, is absolutely sterile. Under its influence, the treated skin does not undergo inflammation and subsequently does not cicatrize. HPV - a provoker growth neoplasm, dies from the high temperature emitted by the beam. Specialists do not touch the wart with the device - the therapeutic effect is achieved by evaporation of its body.


Overdosage and trauma to the skin during the procedure are unacceptable. The operator, which processes warts with a laser device, during the manipulation controls both the power of the beam and the depth of its penetration.


Features of the procedure

On the eve of the removal of the wart, the patient undergoes local anesthesia. Its essence lies in the injection of an anesthetic into the skin's surface layer. Such a preparatory procedure is conducted taking into account individual patient parameters, which are determined by the type and scale of education.

The next stage is the phased evaporation of the affected tissue to achieve a healthy layer. About the removal of warts with laser feedback, patients leave positive, since the tool does not really touch the skin, and the procedure itself does not cause uncomfortable sensations.

The so-called operation ends with the treatment of the wound surface with an antiseptic without alcohol. Then it is covered with an antiseptic dressing, saturated with special components (applique accelerates the healing process).

To avoid formation of scars and pigmentation of the treated skin, the patient is given the following recommendations:

  • refusal of hot baths and sauna visits;
  • careful attitude to the appeared crust;
  • treatment of the plank with potassium permanganate (5%) or solution of fucocine;
  • use of sunscreen means, SPF of which is equal to 35 or more than this value. Treatment of the cleared skin with such creams should be performed until the structure and color of the skin are restored. Then the bath is allowed.

In order to prevent the repeated appearance of outgrowths, the patient is prescribed immunomodulatory and antiviral therapy.


In cases of deep germination of the wart core and extensive skin lesions, a deepening may occur in the treated area, or a change in pigmentation may occur. Complicated healing sometimes leads to the appearance of a visible scar.


Video:process of removal of neoplasms by a laser.

What do patients tell about laser therapy for warts?

On the procedurethethe warts on the face with laser treatment are given positive feedback by clinic visitors. For example, 35-year-old Marina shared her impressions:

"The unattractive dark build-up on my face spoiled my appearance for several years. To be treated by means of traditional medicine I did not risk, as I was afraid to spoil the skin even more. Having heard about the opening of a specialized clinic in our city, I turned to her best doctors.

After evaluating my neoplasm, they offered to get rid of it with a laser. The procedure took only a couple of minutes of my time, and the wart really seemed to evaporate from my face. I am pleased".

About the removal of warts with laser reviews often leave the parents of young children. For restless patients the procedure becomes the best solution to the problem, because it does not take much time and does not cause pain.

The mother of the 6-year-old boy remembers how his son suffered from pain while walking, when three warts simultaneously increased on his soles. But after treatment with a laser beam, the painful growths disappeared and did not appear any more. After getting under the action, the family paid for the procedure 2000 rubles.

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