Why do some men sweat around their legs?


Table of contents

  • Phlebeurysm
  • Phlebitis and side effects of drugs
  • Swelling of the legs with heart failure
  • Kidney pathology
  • Impaired lymph flow and wearing the wrong shoe

This phenomenon, like swelling of the legs, occurs in a large number of men.Edema in the legs is due to the fact that in the tissues there is an accumulation of a large amount of fluid.It should be noted that swelling of the legs can be a sign of very serious diseases, which can have the most negative impact on the kidneys, liver and veins. In order to timely eliminate the problem, you must first know the root cause. And there are many of them.



One of the main reasons for swelling of the legs in men is varicose veins. As a result of this disease, there is a high-pressure swelling in the capillaries, as a result of which fluid is released into the tissue from the vessels. Swelling of the legs with varicose veins is not always symmetrical on the legs, that is, on one leg, edema can be large, and on the other - smaller. And it often happens that swelling is observed only on one leg. The swelling of the legs is greatly increased if the man is on his feet for a long time or this occurs towards evening.

Phlebitis and side effects of drugs

Chronic leg edema very often occurs when phlebitis is formed. This disease is characterized by the fact that the veins (it happens that only one vein) become clogged by blood clots, which is called a thrombus. And with such a disease in most cases only one leg swells. Such swelling, as a rule, is characterized by sharp and severe pain.


The cause of swelling in the legs may be the consequences of taking various medications.

If we talk about the nature of such drugs, then here it is necessary to note those medicines that lower the pressure. Similar effects may have some contraceptives, as well as such drugs that have a high content of female hormones (estrogens). Many men get swollen legs as a result of the fact that they take various steroids for a long time, which are mandatory for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, asthma and arthritis.

Swelling of the legs with heart failure

If the legs swell chronic, the causes of this can be various diseases associated with the heart. In particular, we can talk about heart failure. It should be noted that when the causes of swelling of the legs is heart failure, then this is in most cases painless. The fact is that the heart muscle, which is weakened by insufficiency, is simply not capable of properly pumping blood, as a result of which it begins to accumulate in the veins, and this can cause them expansion. In this case, the liquid components of the blood begin to seep into the tissue, which is the cause of severe edema. As a result of heart failure, edema is observed on both legs.

With heart failure, you need to revise your diet. It should be minimized, and it is best to completely abandon the sweet, salty and spicy food. If every morning to take a contrast shower, swelling of the legs will be significantly less. When a person with this disease goes to sleep, his feet should be above his head.

Kidney pathology

If the kidneys become diseased, swelling in most cases is observed on both legs. As a rule, pain is not accompanied. It is characteristic of the appearance under the eyes of the blue, on the face and on the hands there is swelling, often the body temperature rises significantly. There is all this as a result of the fact that the composition of proteins in the body is disrupted or there is a change in their number. In diseased kidneys, proteins begin to excrete into the urine. If human tissues lose proteins, then they begin to be completely compensated for by the fluid that comes from the blood vessels (such a liquid has a protein in its composition). As a result, leg swelling also occurs.



Often, kidney disease occurs due to the fact that a man consumes a large number of alcoholic beverages. And the reasons can be a sedentary lifestyle, a lot of fatty foods.


Impaired lymph flow and wearing the wrong shoe

Many people who wonder why they swell around their legs do not know that this is very common is due to the fact that the lymph flow is broken in the subcutaneous tissue, thus, the skin forms stasis of lymph. All these processes are directly related to the fact that protein and water metabolism is violated in the body. This is often the cause of severe edema on the legs. Often, this phenomenon is called "elephantiasis".

Legs swell and from the fact that just worn wrong shoes. As a result, calf muscles contract unevenly, which leads to such negative consequences. To avoid this, you need to give up wearing a narrow and tight shoe that has a flat sole.

Another reason for swelling of the legs may be:

  1. Flat feet.
  2. Excess weight.
  3. Long stay in the heat.
  4. Diseases associated with the thyroid gland. The fact is that the thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate metabolic processes in the human body. If such processes are violated, it can lead to swelling of the legs. It should be noted that in this case not only the feet but also the face and hands swell. And it happens most often in the morning.


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Whatever the reasons for puffiness in your legs, you should immediately contact your doctor. Otherwise, the consequences can be the most negative. And modern medicine is such that such diseases are most often successfully cured. Therefore, if the foot swells up, you need to go to the doctor quickly, which will find out why the legs swell, and will prescribe treatment. Male organism has many features, and such a question as to why legs are swollen, men of different age can ask themselves.