Treatment of genital warts with laser, nitrogen and the Surgutron device

  • September 01, 2018
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Laser therapy is an effective method of deducing genital warts

The use of a chemical laser to get rid of condylomatosis - gives good results, with its implementation in a comprehensive treatment of the disease, carried out along with immunomodulatory and antiviral therapy.

The advantages of laser removal of genital warts include the absence of bleeding, a scant risk of complications and the shortness of the session. The removal of small elements occurs within 15 minutes.

However, the technique has some drawbacks. Because of her soreness, the patient is subjected to local anesthesia. It is possible and scarring of the liberated areas, especially with extensive lesions of papillomavirus infection.

Indications for the removal of genital warts are small or medium foci on limited skin or mucous surfaces. Massive accumulations of warty formations in large parts of the body are gradually derived. Observance of this rule is the guarantor of absence of scarring. Otherwise large condylomas, simultaneously evaporated by a laser beam, will leave a trace in the form of appreciable scars.

Laser therapy is excluded in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • defeat of the genital herpes;
  • degeneration of the element into a malignant tumor;
  • acute current diseases;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic ailments.

During the day following the operation, the cleared outbreak can not be injured and watered. To suppress the vital activity of the HPV strain, the patient is shown antiviral therapy.


Liquid nitrogen - an assistant in the treatment of visible manifestations of HPV

The destruction of the neoplasm looks like exposure to it with cooled liquid nitrogen and leads to the death of pathological tissues. The procedure for removing condylomas with liquid nitrogen takes about a minute and is accompanied by a slight pressure on the viral bundle.

The result of the freezing of the build-up is hyperemia and puffiness. After a while, the hearth turns into a blister or a dense crust. After a few days, it is discarded, and in its place is almost unnoticeable pink speck.

With a superficial effect on the neoplasm, the procedure is performed for 15 seconds like cryomassage. A specialist dips a cotton swab in the substance and "rolls" it along the massage lines with pressure on the problem zone.


In general, cryotherapy creates a short-term stress for the body and has a beneficial effect on the course of metabolic processes. Trauma or tissue destruction after the end of the session is not observed. The only drawback is the complexity of controlling the depth of impact.

Regarding the price of warts removalby cold treatment of tissues, it is affordable and varies between 400 - 500 rubles for each element. For comparison: laser therapy of condylomatosis costs about 5 thousand rubles with a one-time evaporation of 10 neoplasms. The radio wave technique of HPV treatment is estimated at 900 - 2000 rubles. for one nodule.


Chemical burning of growths is comparable to cryodestruction. Only the growths of the doctor are affected by special acids that cause the death of the tissues affected by the virus.


Features of treatment of genital warts by radio waves

Removal of genital warts by radio wave method is a high-frequency manipulation, recognized as the most effective in getting rid of condylomatosis. It is carried out with the help of the modern unit "Surgitron which neatly removes damaged tissue.

Advantages of radio wave surgery are:

  1. painlessness;
  2. rapid healing;
  3. absence of edema, hemorrhage, inflammation.

The session begins with local anesthesia, its duration is determined by the number and size of the growth. The action takes 10 to 20 minutes. The radio-knife creates thermal energy, which cuts the infected cover without contact.

Video:treatment of neoplasms by Surgitron.

Removal of genital warts by Surgitron is shown even to pregnant women, since this type of intervention is absolutely safe for the health of the future mother and the developing fetus. For the rapid healing of the focus in the post-operation period, it is recommended to avoid contact with water. And then the crust will fall off itself in 1 - 2 weeks.


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