Features of the application of a bandage against snoring


Table of contents

  • How does the bandage work?
  • Benefits of a bandage bandage
  • Why use a bandage?
  • Most popular brands

The bandage from snoring is a bandage that was purposefully created to fight snoring. It is made of special elastic materials. Similar designs were available to people as early as the 19th century. These were large and extremely inconvenient devices made of iron. Use them was painful. A rigid frame prevented a person from falling asleep, he could not comfortably rest on a pillow. After a while, these designs were stopped, abandoning such an absurd idea. And only in the 60 years of the twentieth century they decided to resume the production of bandages from snoring. In this case, much attention was paid not only to the elimination of the problem, but also to the convenience in wearing.


How does the bandage work?

Currently, there is a huge number of various designs on sale, which differ in the quality and type of material, peculiar form and additional devices.

Anatomical bandage for the face is aimed at fixing the lower jaw during sleep. This prevents the formation of snoring due to the expansion of air channels. The pathology itself and an unpleasant loud sound are formed as a result of the fact that the passages of the respiratory tract narrow, and the muscle tone decreases. Also, there may be softness of the palate, inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx and larynx. With some deformations, wave-like movements of air currents arise.


The causes of snoring in some cases are various physiological changes in the body that can occur due to the inevitable aging process, as well as due to various diseases and pathologies.

Rhinitis, tonsillitis, respiratory problems, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, overweight or deformity of the jaw - all this can lead to snoring. When using a special bandage it is important to know that it is not intended to treat this pathology. It only helps temporarily to get rid of the symptoms.

If snoring is worried because of serious illnesses, you should consult a doctor and go through the necessary treatment.

Benefits of a bandage bandage

Bandages from snoring, reviews about which patients and doctors leave, have undoubted advantages over other devices:

  1. Accessibility and wide prevalence. This product can be purchased at a pharmacy, specialized and online stores.
  2. The optimal price in comparison with tablets and other means that have the property to end, so they need to be purchased constantly. The bandage against snoring is bought for a long period.
  3. Simplicity and convenience in use. The product is easy to put on the head, a person can cope with this independently and it is very comfortable in it.
  4. Absence of any serious contraindications. You can use a bandage at almost any age and absolutely everything.
  5. The universal size. The device is equipped with special straps that easily adjust the length, so it can be purchased for any head without fitting.
  6. High efficiency. The product eliminates the symptoms of snoring when first used, in contrast to questionable medications that must be taken for a long period.
  7. Absolute safety and reliability. The bandage gently and fairly tightly surrounds the head and jaw, so it will not fall off during the night rest. Qualitative brand models are made of hypoallergenic materials that allow the skin to breathe. The product can be used at any time of year, regardless of the cold or heat.


Why use a bandage?

Before buying a bandage, it is important to remember that it does not treat the cause of snoring. The product is more intended for getting rid of the symptoms of pathology. In addition, it can be used for complex therapy together with other therapeutic agents. The bandage works great with the first application. If she is worn constantly at night, she neutralizes the problem. The person no longer makes loud unpleasant sounds, he is not threatened with a brief stop of breathing during sleep, he gets enough sleep and wakes up vigorously and rested.

The product does not help if the patient is diagnosed with nose diseases - rhinitis, sinusitis, various polyps. It is not recommended to use a bandage during pregnancy, children under 6 years of age and people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. At high temperatures, too, should not use it.

Most popular brands

Manufacturers at the moment offer a huge selection of dressings against snoring. At first glance, they seem all the same, so it's hard for a buyer to choose any one. The following models are considered to be the most popular and effective:

  1. Anti-snoring is a domestic brand. It is manufactured by AlzFix. It can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. The product has a standard appearance, the optimal cost, quite affordable for the average person. The bandage is equipped with a regulating strap to fit the size to any head. An important feature is the two-point fixation, which provides a snug fit at the back of the head and the crown. Due to this, the bandage is additionally protected from falling off during night rest.
  2. Anti Snore Chin Strap is a popular Chinese model. It is produced by different manufacturers. Among the other bandages is characterized by low cost, correspondingly greater availability among the population. It is a classic product that covers the head and lower jaw. Has additional cuts for the ears. Consumers note that this device is attached less reliably than other options. The adjustable belt clip is located in the nape of the neck and is fixed on the velcro.
  3. Stop Snoring CPAP is a very high quality and reliable model of the American manufacturer SleepWell Pro. Has a fairly high cost compared to other bandages presented in the Russian market. The product is made of their high-quality material, it perfectly passes air and has hygroscopicity. Fixation for this bandage is two-point, the belt size is adjustable, the head girth tight and comfortable.



The bandages from snoring are used by a huge number of people all over the world. They are attracted by the availability, comfort while wearing and safety of the product.