How to get rid of plantar warts

  • September 02, 2018
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Plantar warts are skin lesions that are formed by the activity of the human papillomavirus. Most often it appears on the heels and pads of the toes, that is, On the ground, which are the support points of the foot. When walking on the warts, there is pressure, which is fraught with their transformation into bone calluses.

Visually, these neoplasms are similar to bulges. Their colors can be different - from natural bodily to abnormal black. In the photo, the plantar warts are shown in different versions.

The virus is transmitted by contact between healthy and sick people or through the objects infected by it. Fertile soil for reproduction of the virus is a warm, humid environment, typical for such common areas as a shower room, gym, swimming pool.

As the skin of a healthy person touches the infected surface, the virus penetrates the body through cuts and scratches on the limbs. It is noteworthy that the incubation period of HPV has a wide range - it takes from several weeks to several months. Its end is marked by the appearance of one or more warts. Effects of malicious virus are especially vulnerable to people with weakened immunity and children of early and adolescence.

Warts on the sole of a child

The causes of plantar warts in children may be the following:

  • direct contact with the carrier of HPV;
  • visiting public places with high humidity;
  • use of personal belongings of an infected person, most often kids become infected through toys.

Treatment of plantar warts in a child can be difficult because of their growth in groups, arrays, which is due to the concentration of viral foci. The lack of timely and proper therapy of tumors threatens their growth inside.

You can recognize the wart on the sole of a child in a number of ways. It is a growth of up to 1 centimeter in color, coinciding with a shade of healthy skin and not having a skin pattern. It happens that the growths differ from the surrounding skin with a light brown or yellowish color.


By the absence of a skin pattern and surrounded by build-up, black dots judge the lesion of a child's HPV organism.


Often, warts disappear from the foot alone, without any treatment, but this can take up to 2 years. Indications for immediate removal of the build-up are its growth or bleeding.

Before insisting on the operation, the specialist must differentiate the plantar wart from corns, syphilis and Reiter's syndrome.

The method of removing the built-up edge is selected in each individual case and taking into account the location of the tumor, its size and degree of growth. Often, warts are eliminated by treatment with caustic acids, chemicals or a method of destruction.

Modern methods of removal of plantar warts

The easiest way is to treat plantar warts of small size and formed in a single specimen (removing groups of large growths is often a laborious exercise).


Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, people with weak immunity and with damaged nerves in the lower extremities, any treatment for warts should be carried out under strict medical supervision. For these categories of patients, specialists first offer the most painless techniques that do not have side effects and do not leave scars and scars.


In the presence of plantar warts, treatment can be carried out according to the following methods:

1.Cryotherapy, that is, freezing or treatment of the build-up with liquid nitrogen. Under the influence of this substance, a blister appears around the wart, and necrotic tissues exfoliate for the next 7 days. Some patients suffer this procedure rather painfully. No less uncomfortable are the blisters that remain after cryotherapy, although they disappear on their own.

2.The use of cantharidin is a liquid substance made from a spinal fly and containing salicylic acid in its composition. The product is absolutely harmless, therefore it is suitable for the treatment of plantar warts in a child.

But for this procedure, it is worth noting the same tenderness and tendency to form blisters, which can appear in a few hours or a day after the manipulation. The procedure ends with the application of a dressing and giving the doctor a recommendation regarding the application of a salicylic patch for a week, followed by healing. The final healing of the treated zone takes place on the 5th - 10th day.

3.When removing the plantar warts, the laser burns microscopic blood vessels, which lie in the build-up. After some time, the infected tissue dies off, and the tumor itself falls off. After laser pulse therapy, scarring may remain.

4.Excision of warts with a scalpel or electric needle is carried out after anesthetizing the treated area. This method is used lastly because of the high risk of scar formation.

Video:how to apply Wartner Cryo to remove plantar warts.

How to remove a wart from the sole at home

How to get rid of plantar warts with improvised means?

1.For the treatment of children, you can use ordinary raw potatoes. It is cut into 2 halves and rub the affected area (daily).

2.Green apples also have a high healing effect. From the fruit squeeze the juice and moisten them growths. The first results will be visible after 10 procedures (manipulations should be performed daily).

3.At home, the removal of plantar warts can be done by applying compresses to them from crushed bulb of wild garlic. Before the procedure, the skin surrounding the build-up is lubricated with a nourishing cream or petroleum jelly. The course of treatment is 7 days, and it ends with a hot foot bath and scraping warts with pumice stone.

4.Apple cider vinegar is used to eliminate warts. Copiously moistened in the vinegar wadded disc, it tightly banded to the growth and detect 30 minutes. After the time the compress is removed, and the limb is put in a hot bath, prepared with the addition of chamomile infusion. It is produced by brewing 5 tbsp. l. dry inflorescence of the plant in 1 liter of boiling water. The therapeutic course of 20-minute baths is 2 - 3 weeks. Each nightly procedure ends with a slight rubbing of the wart with pumice and rinsing it with running water.


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