Influence of coffee on the potency of men


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  • Different opinions on one question
  • Temporary aphrodisiac
  • You can not eat much
  • How to drink coffee?
  • Everything depends on the body

Many men do not refuse to drink a cup of a fragrant drink from coffee beans. In this case, a few of them think about how coffee affects potency. Since there are several opinions on this issue, besides absolutely opposite, it is necessary to understand each one. Coffee and potency: is there any relationship?

Different opinions on one question

Scientists at the University of Cambridge, through research, came to an inference about the negative effects of coffee on sexual function in men with excessive use:

  1. This is explained by the fact that the product contains certain plant hormones, similar to estrogens (female sex hormones).
  2. In addition, everyone knows that the main component of the drink is caffeine, which can have a very rapid effect on the central nervous system.
  3. As a result, even one soaking a cup can lead to an excited state, euphoria.

Also, scientists were able to prove that if you drink 3-4 cups of a fragrant drink a day, this will have negative consequences for potency, it will gradually start to decline. In this, the main role will be played by estrogens, not caffeine, as many people think.

This fact has a scientific explanation. The excessive amount of estrogens in the male body leads to obesity, there is an increase in the size of the breast and abdomen, as in the female sex. However, coffee is dangerous in the event that its quantity per day will be not less than 3 cups, and every day.

Brazilian scientists have determined the effect of coffee on the potency of men in a completely different way. They conducted research on a group of young men and came to the conclusion about the positive qualities of the drink. The Brazilians insist that you need to drink it either for breakfast or after dinner.

It has long been known that the coffee product is an excellent aphrodisiac, so its use is kindled by passion. Interestingly, during the research it was found that some of the test men were excited not only from the taste, but even from the coffee smell.


Temporary aphrodisiac

Coffee much better affects male potency than other drinks. Therefore, men who consume it, are sexually more active than those who use tea, mineral water, milk. This affects the sperm, they are much more mobile than others. Due to their high mobility, this category of men has more opportunities to conceive a child. If you drink in reasonable quantities of coffee, then the potency will be in order.

Despite the positive influence of the drink on the erection, it should be said that impotence with it can not be cured. Do not forget that a cup of this aphrodisiac has only a temporary effect of an impulse towards intimacy. Researchers recommend to increase the male libido and to receive unique sensations from sexual intimacy to drink a cup of coffee before the act of rapprochement.

You can not eat much

With the daily use of a large amount of coffee potency may drop. Some scientists argue that in acceptable doses it does not affect male power in any way. Although there are cases when drinking before sex a calyx adversely affected the sexual intercourse, as a result, there was a failure.

However, there are few such cases. With excessive consumption of aphrodisiac, the central nervous system is artificially overexcited, and therefore sexual interruptions may occur. A man can have high blood pressure and even have trouble sleeping.

Scientists managed to establish the difference in how it affects the potency of coffee in granules and soluble:

  1. A granular product during sexual intercourse can cause a condition close to unconscious, as well as dizziness.
  2. These conditions are explained by the fact that the use of coffee drink leads to a reduced absorption of iron by the body.
  3. And iron affects the level of oxygen in the blood. Given this feature, many experts still do not recommend drinking coffee before sex.

How to drink coffee?

Although in some cases, a fragrant aphrodisiac is quite harmful to the potency of a man, you can still drink it. That there were no failures of an erection, dizziness and similar conditions, it is necessary to know, what dose is norm. Interestingly, in fact, there is no specific dosage. Each person has his own dose, you can determine it by observing your own state of health. The normal amount will be that which will not have a negative effect on the erection, and also on the body as a whole.

At the first sign of irritability or poor sleep, you should reduce the amount of coffee you drink. The soluble form of the product is not recommended to drink at all, in particular before committing sexual intercourse. It has a negative effect on male power, so a malfunction may occur.

More precisely, the dosage of caffeine to 500 mg often does not adversely affect human health. Grains of special roasting contain approximately 120 mg of caffeine, and a granular soluble form of about 70 mg.

The results of scientific studies indicate that eating 1-3 cups a day is not dangerous to health and often has no negative consequences. About 10 drunk cups are already threatened with serious consequences, namely nausea, headaches and fever. It is proved that about 100 cups of coffee drink can lead to death. Physicians say that coffee, drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, has a bad effect on health.


For the potency of coffee is good, but again the dose should be such that it does not cause excessive euphoria. Caffeine promotes erection, it affects the most sensitive areas of the body. The erection is maintained for a certain period of time. If you drink coffee in reasonable quantities, this will help to allocate more sperm. It is necessary to mention one more disadvantage. One of the components contained in the beverage has a devastating effect on testosterone molecules. However, this negative effect does not last long, since this component is removed from the body in a short time.

The number of cups drunk, as already mentioned, should be limited. Despite the common belief that the more coffee you drink, the better it will be for the potency, it's not. In one coffee cup contains about 30-40 mg of caffeine. This is enough to feel the excitement and experience unforgettable sensations during intimacy. However, such a dose will not have negative consequences.

If you are addicted to a coffee drink and drink at least 4 cups each day, doing this regularly, caffeine can accumulate in the body. This substance affects the production of the male hormone testosterone. As a result, there is a decrease in sexual activity, men are worse coping with stressful situations, they are deteriorating physical endurance. The less testosterone, the more the libido decreases. If you do not try to make changes in your diet, then for the potency it can end badly and it will completely fade.

Everything depends on the body

Everyone can hold this or that opinion about the influence of coffee on male power, because in some cases it can be useful, and in some cause harm. It is necessary to know that the drink can be useful only when using natural freshly ground grains for its preparation. Brew them in accordance with the instructions in a special Turkish.

A few words need to be said about the effect of coffee without caffeine on the body of a man. Since there is no caffeine, the testosterone level remains unchanged. Therefore, under this condition, not only the sexual function is performed at the proper level, but there are other positive points for men's health. For example, Harvard scientists found that men who drink about 3-5 cups of decaffeinated coffee a day rarely face prostate cancer.

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So, men who care about their sexual health, you need to know that a coffee drink can have different effects on the body. To make this impact useful, you should drink only a natural product and not more than 3-4 cups a day.