Effective drops for the treatment of nail fungus

Color change, stratification and deformation of the nail are bright signs of onychomycosis.

Treatment of infectious disease is carried out with the aim of destroying the infection and strengthening local immunity. For this, dermatologists prescribe to their patients general and local antimycotics.

Drops from the nail fungus are included in the second group because of external use. Despite local effects on the pathogens of onychomycosis, they are considered an effective option antifungal medicines, because liquid forms penetrate better into the nail plate and work more productive ointments.

Advantages of antifungal drops

Considering drops by the eyes of the consumer, it is first of all worth noting the convenience of using therapeutic solutions. Packed products in bottles with dispensers, which excludes their use in uncontrolled quantities and facilitates application. Point use of funds allows the patient to conduct treatment of the fungus on the nails economically, since drops last for a long time.

On the safety of combating fungal infection with solutions, we can say the following.

Droplets are applied against the fungus of the nails on the feet and hands just for external treatment of the affected plates. Their active components do not enter the bloodstream and do not negatively affect internal organs and systems. The toxicity of liquid preparations is very low, and it extends only to pathogens of the disease.

Another important point for consumers is the simplicity and effectiveness of therapy. Drops fully comply with this condition, because they:

  1. Instantly absorbed by the structure of the nail.
  2. The preparation does not spoil clothes, bed-clothes and is not erased.
  3. Deep penetration into the plate quickly destroys the spores and body of the mycelium.
  4. As part of complex therapy, solutions treat advanced cases of onychomycosis and prevent surgical removal of the affected plate.

Also, patients like the affordable prices of some antifungal drops.

For example, Clotrimazole costs 160 - 180 rubles, Terbinafine hydrochloride - about 200 rubles. The higher cost of pharmacists is installed on the Exoderm and Naftiphine - this is 350 - 370 rubles. The most expensive solution can be called Mikozan, since its price reaches 800 rubles.


Drops from the fungus of nails have two important pharmacological properties - fungistatic and fungicidal. The first property provides restriction of fungal spores in reproduction and prevents infection of the whole organism. The fungicidal effect is expressed by the destruction of mycelial cells.


Indications and contraindications

External therapy with the use of antimycotic drops is widely practiced in fungal infections. Pathogenic strains penetrate the structure of the nail through the free edge and are introduced into the bed and matrix.

Drops from a fungus dermatologists appoint at occurrence on plates of spots and the thickened sites, at deformation of a fingernail and atrophy of defective area when the plate is stratified and crumbled. Drops save the situation also in the case when the fungus nibbled by the fungus begins to be rejected by the bed.

Other indications for the use of antifungal solutions:

  • Dermatomycosis.
  • Candidiasis of the epidermal surface.
  • Foci of pitybearing deprivation on the body.
  • Inflammation, itching and burning around the nail.
  • The appearance on the plates of strips, spots, grooves.
  • Irritation, peeling, reddening of the interdigital zones on the upper and lower extremities.

Contraindications to the use of a drop from the nail fungus on the feet (fingers) also have, since their composition is based on chemical substances. It is not customary to prescribe medicinal solutions to patients with individual intolerance to antimycotics, pregnant and lactating women, and children under 12 years of age.

It is forbidden to apply drops on the irritated and wound surface, supernumerary and bleeding sites. Liquid medicines in the presence of patients with injured nails can provoke itching, burning, flaking and redness of the adjacent skin. In general, contraindications for drops are much less than ointments, creams and tablets with a fungicidal effect.

Nevertheless, self-medication is unacceptable, because the choice of an effective drug requires answers from laboratory tests of the affected nail. The doctor can develop an adequate scheme of therapy if he knows exactly the type of pathogen of onychomycosis and the degree of lesion of the nail plate.


Launched onychomycosis leads to a decrease in immunity and intoxication of the body. It can not be ignored, because the progressive course of pathology will turn around for the patient with complete destruction of the nail and a violation of the aesthetics of the body. In addition, the nail fungus is contagious to others.


Overview of drops from nail fungus

To increase the efficiency of the doctor's prescribed drops, it is recommended to cut the affected area of ​​the nail as much as possible. The remaining surface should be made rough with a nail file. For better absorption of medicines, the nails are made to steam out with hot baths with soda and soap.

Drops are applied to the prepared plate pointwise, leading a trickle along the edge or falling under the nail, if it comes off the bed. Do not touch the surrounding skin.


Drops with naphthyfine hydrochloride called Exodermil dermatologists are most often prescribed for mycosis and onychomycosis.

It exhibits fungicidal and fungistatic properties, effectively destroying mature fungi and destroying spores. Drops quickly repel the inflammatory process and eliminate itching and burning. Use them 2 times a day, applying to the sick nail and the surrounding skin.

The first results of treatment of onychomycosis Exoderil can be assessed after 10 - 14 days. But you can not stop therapy, because the general course of therapy is designed for 6 months. The patient's efforts will not be in vain - for half a year the drops will completely crack down with all forms of fungal infection and restore the condition of the nail to a healthy appearance.



The healing drops from the fungus of the nails on the hands and feet with terbinafine are endowed with a fungicidal effect spectrum.

For 3 - 6 months of use, terbinafine destroys the cellular membranes of dermatophytes, yeast-like and moldy strains. Before starting treatment, it is recommended to soften and remove the affected plate. Drops are treated with a nail bed 2 times a day.

Strictly following the rules of therapy, a person is guaranteed to be relieved of the disease and relapses for at least 1 year.


Depending on the causative agent of onychomycosis, Bifonazol drops exhibit a fungicidal or fungistatic effect.

The product is intended for the treatment of nails and adjacent rollers. Apply it 1 - 2 times a day for 5 weeks. After the disappearance of the symptoms of infection, the therapy to prevent the recurrence of the fungus is prolonged for another 2 weeks.



The liquid form of the antifungal drug suppresses the activity of mold and yeast-like pathogens.

Cyclopyrox drops effectively fight and with some bacteria, which speeds up the treatment of a mixed bacterial-fungal type of onychomycosis. Apply the medicine to the cleaned polished plate 2 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks.

The advisability of further use of Cyclopyrox is discussed with the doctor, but for longer than 6 months, drops are not used.

P.S. You need to choose a drop with your doctor and start treatment!


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