How to apply a pencil from warts and papillomas

  • September 02, 2018
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One of the unpleasant phenomena are the various neoplasms that arise in different parts of the skin. Often patients try to find a remedy for warts and papillomas that would quickly get rid of them without harming the entire body.

One such known and commonly available means is a lapis pencil, which includes such an active substance as silver nitrate. This drug has an antiseptic effect, which helps prevent further spread of the infection.

Features of the drug

Many patients wonder about what a lapis pencil is and in what cases it can be used. The main active substance, which is part of the lapis pencil, is silver nitrate. This substance is able to perform in the human body immediately two actions:

  • cauterizing effect on the skin, leading to protein clotting and tissue necrosis;
  • bactericidal - silver nitrate helps to completely get rid of bacteria.

It is thanks to silver nitrates that microorganisms are suppressed and their life stops, which in turn prevents the risk of infection and inflammation of the skin. With the help of a pencil, you can remove papillomas, warts, erosion, skin cracks, small wounds and ulcers.

How to apply the drug

Before you start using this tool, it is recommended to visit a specialist who will exclude the malignancy of the tumor. Lapis is intended for external lubrication of skin, and it is necessary to use it only after a careful reading of the instructions for using a pen-pencil.

With the drug, just remove the cap, dipped the pencil in cold water and begin to apply it in the form of dot smears on the damaged areas of the skin. In order to get rid of warts and papillomas, it is enough to lubricate the skin only several times during the day.

The product is well absorbed into the skin, so the problem of how to wash off the lapis pencil from the skin is unlikely to arise.

Video:how to remove the wart with the help of a pencil.


Contraindications for use

Despite the effectiveness of the drug and its positive characteristics, it is not recommended to use a lapis pencil from the papillomas on the face and on a large area of ​​the skin. This is due to the fact that after applying the product on the skin, burns and scars may appear, which will worsen the appearance of the patient.

Contraindicated use of this tool for patients who suffer from increased sensitivity to silver ions. In this case, the use of a pencil can provoke the development of an allergic reaction in the form of a rash.

Care should be taken to treat children with this drug, because their skin is much more tender, which increases the likelihood of burns. The use of a pencil in pregnant and lactating women is carried out under the close supervision of a specialist and This procedure is applied only in cases where there is no possibility to treat others ways.

Pencil analogues

There are analogues of a lapis pencil, the action of which resembles lapis. Such an analog is the preparation of complex action "Tsiarcum which is a special solution, which includes ions of silver, copper, citric acid and hydrogen. "Cyarcum" is used both for external use and for rectal.

Where to buy the drug

Lapis pencil can be safely purchased at the drugstores of the city without any special prescription. However, in recent years to buy it has become quite problematic, which is due to a sharp restriction on the number of supplies.

The form of the preparation is a pencil, which has the shape of a cone with a rounded apex of white or gray color. As a wrapper, a polyethylene pencil is used, which is packed in paper or cardboard packaging.

The price of a pencil varies from 120 to 160 rubles per package.

Feedback on using the tool

Reviews of the lapis pencil from the warts are quite contradictory. A medical study confirmed that only half of the patients were able to completely get rid of the warts with the help of this drug. Approximately 1/3 of patients treated warts only slightly decreased in size, with the drug being applied once a month for 10 days.

In some cases there was a rapid cure for warts and papillomas in parallel use analogues of the preparation, which include such substances as celandine, superchistotel or celandine with zinc. Individual patients complained of the development of various allergic reactions when using a pen-pencil.

Is it possible to combine the drug with other drugs

A pencil is not recommended for use with substances that are of organic origin. This leads to the development of a certain reaction, during which the decomposition of the drug with iodide chloride occurs, with precipitation.

Shelf life is 36 months at a temperature of 8-15 degrees, with the mandatory condition is not to fall on the packaging of direct sunlight.

The use of a pencil can lead to the development of various complications and side effects, so It is necessary to be careful when using it and to resort to the help of this remedy only after consulting with doctor.


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