When is sperm aggregation a pathology?


Table of contents

  • Causes of aggregation
  • Why do lumps appear in the sperm?
  • How is it treated with an increased amount of mucus in the ejaculate?
  • Why not self-medicate?

Aggregation is the accumulation of spermatozoa in the ejaculate in the form of clots of different sizes. She should not be present in the results of the analysis of the ejaculate in the normal state of male health. Aggregation of spermatozoa is determined during the spermogram. Her results are often a signal that the reason for the absence of pregnancy is hidden in the man and his health. Ejaculate for analysis is taken at the first stage of determining the presence of male infertility.

If, in addition to aggregation, all indicators are normal, a man is considered fertile.With the aggregation, sperm motility is somewhat reduced, but this does not significantly affect the ability to fertilize. The infertility of couples with these test results lies in another reason.


If the aggregation is diagnosed against the background of other low spermogram indices, then the combination of these factors can seriously affect the mobility of male sex cells and significantly reduce the likelihood of natural conception.

In order to normalize the quality of sperm, it is necessary to identify the causes that caused the pathology, and to carry out a complex treatment of the inflammatory process.

Causes of aggregation

The presence of aggregation of spermatozoa indicates that in the semen there is gluing of male sex cells not with each other, as in agglutination, and with the cells of the epithelium, immature sex cells, macrophages, lumps of mucus or with the remnants of already obsolete ones life cells.

The appearance of mucus in the semen can occur for various reasons. Aggregation can occur with prolonged chronic inflammation of the gonads. By itself, aggregation does not affect the probability of conception naturally, but if there are many clots and the process is sufficiently pronounced, this may be a cause of impaired motility of the spermatozoa.


The cause of this phenomenon is an increase in the total amount of time the liquefaction of sperm. This is often observed after prolonged chronic inflammation of the testicles, the prostate or the vas deferens. Usually, this process occurs with an increase in the time of liquefaction of sperm and increased viscosity of the ejaculate due to chronic inflammation of the genital organs of the male.

Bonding of spermatozoa with mucus is due to a change in the physico-chemical composition of the sperm, the properties of which deteriorate if there are contributing factors. Chronic inflammatory processes, which appear against the background of sexually transmitted diseases, can lead to the aggregation of spermatozoa.

Why do lumps appear in the sperm?

One of the most common diseases, during which lumps of mucus appear in the ejaculate, became vesiculitis. It develops with inflammation of the seminal vesicles, which occurs with the prostatitis. Chronic prostateziculitis occurs long and asymptomatically. Spermogram in such chronic diseases shows a sharp increase or decrease in the volume of seminal fluid. With chronic vesiculitis appears a syndrome of viscous semen, which causes an increase in ejaculate lumps. The prostate gland produces a special secret, which in some sources is called juice. It is the transport medium for spermatozoa. In the inflammation of this male organ, the secret is poorly marked, and the sperm becomes more viscous.

In inflammatory processes occurring in the prostate gland, the body develops complications such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, paraproctitis, orchiepididymitis. If the disease is not detected and not treated on time, then all these diseases of the genitourinary system of men lead to infertility. Spermogram, in which there is aggregation, should alert a man. In this case, a consultation with the andrologist, additional examination and treatment is needed.

How is it treated with an increased amount of mucus in the ejaculate?

With a large number of lumps that appear against the background of prostatitis or vesiculitis, the possibility of fertilization is greatly reduced. With severe aggregation, the spermatozoa are strongly adhered with mucus or epithelium. To identify pathologies that affect men's health and reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, consider the problem comprehensively, taking into account all the parameters of the spermogram, and analyze the degree of deviation from norms. Determining the causes of the appearance of lumps of mucus in the ejaculate requires additional diagnosis. To conduct treatment and predict the presence of fertility in the future, only a physician who has fully studied all the test results can.

In most cases, antibiotic therapy is prescribed for treatment, which is selected depending on the causative agent of the disease. Patients with sperm aggregation are assigned complexes of vitamins and microelements that are not only contribute to the speedy eradication of the inflammatory process, but also improve the quality of the composition sperm. Possible fizioprotsedury, improving the state of internal sex organs.

Treatment for this type of violation will be aimed at normalizing male health, removing the inflammatory process and treating the infection that caused it. After therapy, a repeated spermogram is prescribed.

If the aggregation is not a symptom of a serious pathology, then after a course of drug treatment the tests return to normal. In chronic, seriously neglected conditions, treatment is ineffective.


Why not self-medicate?

In a life people often are engaged in a selftreatment, believing, that if treatment has helped or assisted in one case will help and in other. Some men suggest that with a bad spermogram enough to drink a course of dietary supplements and everything will return to normal. Sometimes, after finding out that there is aggregation in the analysis, use the experience of treating familiar people.


http://www.youtube.com/watc? = 1dpJqH_Nbjc

The method does not always work, because the pathogens of infections are different, and in pure form the disease is extremely rare. More often inflammatory processes are caused by complex infections, sometimes a whole bunch of diseases.

What treatment is required in a particular case, only a specialist can determine.

The basis for the treatment of any disease of the genital area was the use of individually selected by the doctor combinations of antibiotics, effectively working against the existing pathogens in the body. They are selected on the basis of laboratory tests. The effect after the onset of treatment occurs quickly, but treatment with antibiotics should continue until the tests show complete recovery.


http://www.youtube.com/watc? = G3g1IqSMPzM

There are a number of other subtleties in the treatment of male diseases that have caused aggregation. They are accumulated by personal experience during medical practice and are an indisputable argument in favor of treatment under medical supervision. Only with such treatment a man can hope for a positive result.