Features of warts in intimate places: their treatment

  • September 03, 2018
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Warts are dense formations on the skin, the color of which coincides with the color of the surrounding mucosa. The size of warts in intimate places and in the anus can reach several centimeters. The growths, or condylomas, localized in a spicy zone, form arrays.

Under the influence of the HPV virus, women develop warts on the labia and cervix, around the clitoris and into the vagina. In men, condylomas grow on the bridle of the foreskin, the glans penis or on the skin of the scrotum. The virus is transmitted sexually.

Factors predisposing to infection are:

  • dysbiosis of the microflora of the genital organs;
  • non-observance of personal hygiene rules;
  • unprotected intercourse with HPV carriers;
  • frequent change of partners;
  • early and promiscuous sex life;
  • presence of infectious diseases of the STD group;
  • pregnancy;
  • weakened immunity;
  • susceptibility to stress;
  • lack of vitamins in the body.

Also, warts on the genitals can appear due to the use of someone else's personal care items, especially bathroom accessories.


Infection is possible and in the bath itself, if a person sits on the shelves in the nude. Therefore, in order to prevent HPV infection, individual litter should be used.


Features of intimate warts, their dangers

The first alarm signals, warning of the appearance of genital warts, are abnormal growths in the perineal zone. Becoming an initially cosmetic defect, gradually warts on the penis and the surrounding areas of the body are transformed into a real problem, because due to constant friction about the underwear they cause painful sensations, bleed and are inflamed. Very often an outbreak occurs from the outgrowths.

In appearance, condylomas resemble oblong outgrowths with sharp tips. With their large size and fusion, they become similar to cauliflower. As the growth grows, the genital wart can take the form of a walnut. The color of the pathological papule coincides with the shade of normal skin. Sometimes it is red or pink.

On the photo warts in intimate places can be in different versions.

Diagnosis of genital growths involved in such specialists as: dermatovenereologist, surgeon, urologist, gynecologist. Pathology is differentiated with itch lymphaplasia, condylomas characteristic of syphilis, and the formations inherent in squamous cell carcinoma.


At the first visit, specialists take tests for all types of STDs not only from the referring patient, but also from his partner. From warts on the genitals can take a biopsy - a piece of tissue, pinched for the purpose of histological examination. Men undergo urethroscopy, women - colposcopy. The presence of papilloma virus in DNA materials is judged by the response of the polymerase reaction.

What are the dangerous growths accumulated on the genitals?In the absence of adequate therapy, they can degenerate into cancers and cause malignancy of the pathological process occurring in the rectum, on the cervix in women and in the genital organs of men. In addition, the enlarged focus is able to form a so-called wart crust. And only in some cases the warts disappear on their own.

Methods of treatment of warts

The most simple way to get rid of warts on the head of the penis is to remove them.

Doctors offer the following procedures:

  • cryotherapy, during which the build-up is eliminated by treating it with liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser therapy is an excellent atraumatic way of getting rid of the build-up at the stage of inflammation;
  • electrotherapy, performed on the visible areas of the skin by applying an electric current;
  • radiowave removal is a safe procedure when performing healthy tissue surrounding condyloma, are not affected (for the healing period there are several days, repeated warts are not grow up);
  • Surgical intervention is the most reliable method, however it has certain side effects associated with the need for local anesthesia.

Surgical and physical techniques are effective in treating bulk rashes. But any therapy must necessarily be supplemented with the appointment of immunomodulating drugs. These can be Neovir, Cycloferon, or Pyrogenal.

For the duration of treatment, a complete rejection of sexual contacts (until the healing of the treated surface) is recommended. When an STD is identified, the prohibition of sexual activity is imposed until the complete cure of the disease.

Of folk remedies for wartsthe pubic juice and other intimate parts of the celiac juice showed itself well. Pharmacy preparation "Super Clean" gives results in the treatment of small congestions of condylomas, but in order to avoid possible complications, it can only be used after consultation with the doctor.


In the process of getting rid of warts, you need to revise and habitual diet. Nutritionists recommend enriching it with fatty, but fortified food.


For external treatment of warts on the labia, you can prepare garlic ointment. Its components are regular cream and garlic mush (1 h. l.). The product is applied to condylomas and pribintovyvayut or covered with a patch for 3 hours. After the time has elapsed, the body is washed with water.

Folk healers are advised to treat intimate warts with potato juice. For 30 consecutive days it should be dripped on the growths 2 times a day. Fir oil is used in a similar way.

The list of preventive measures preventing the appearance of genital warts is the avoidance of accidental connections. But if they did take place, it is possible to prevent HPV infection by treating organs with special chemical solutions. The most accessible measure of prevention against warts for people who are sexually active is the use of condoms.


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