How to increase the activity of spermatozoa?


Table of contents

  • What determines the activity of spermatozoa?
  • Diet for 20-year-old men
  • Diet for men after 30 years
  • What to eat at the age of 40 years and older?

The activity of spermatozoa is determined using a spermogram. This is a comprehensive analysis that allows you to detect existing deviations and draw conclusions about the ability of a man to conceive a child. In many cases, the low activity of spermatozoa is the cause of unsuccessful attempts at conception. Therefore, every man planning to become a father should first of all find out what contributes to the change in sperm activity, and adhere to the recommendations received.

What determines the activity of spermatozoa?

The activity of spermatozoa is affected by many different factors. So, low activity can be caused by various infectious diseases and inflammations, traumas, complications after childhood diseases. In the event that a man did not encounter any of the above, his spermatozoa could become less active under the influence of a bad ecology, because of alcohol and harmful products, smoking, drug use, constant high physical exertion, stress and depressions.

In order for the ejaculate to become more active spermatozoa, you need to analyze your lifestyle and make changes to it. First of all, a man should carefully monitor his diet. The diet should include quality and useful products, such as:

  • low-fat meat;
  • all kinds of nuts;
  • dairy;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals.

The food should be full, balanced and regular. Increasing the number of active spermatozoa contributes to normal sleep and quality rest. It is necessary to make an adequate daily routine and stick to it.

Increase the concentration of active spermatozoa products containing vitamins C and E. It is necessary to take care that the ration included the product
Increase the content of active spermatozoa in the ejaculate can be by physical exertion. Exercises with "iron" contribute to the development of testosterone, which is closely related to the quality and quantity of sperm. However, it is important not to overdo it, because Excessive physical activities have absolutely the opposite effect.

To compose an individual diet should consult a doctor. He will study the characteristics of your body and the results of the tests. Based on these data, an optimal diet will be prepared. If, after making adjustments to lifestyle and nutrition, an increase in sperm activity will not be observed, the doctor will prescribe special vitamin complexes and medications. Depending on the situation, other methods of treatment may be used. To start receiving any additional funds can only be recommended by a doctor.

Diet should be based on the age of the man. At different stages of life, the male body needs a different amount of these or other trace elements.

Diet for 20-year-old men

During this period, a young man should direct his efforts to strengthen and preserve his sexual abilities. First of all, the diet should contain all the products mentioned above and necessarily eggs. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and soothe a man in whose body the hormones are raging.


Eggs are allowed to use in any form. This product contains vitamin B, necessary to maintain sexual potency at a good level and reduce nervous tension. Professional nutritionists say that nervous tension, anxiety and nervousness lead to vitamin deficiency In, because of what problems with the nervous system will progress, which will inevitably affect the sexual function.

Another good product for young men is celery. It helps to improve potency and libido, i.e. sexual attraction.

From desserts, the best for 20-year-old guys is quality vanilla ice cream. It contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium.

Diet for men after 30 years

It is at this age that most men begin to think about the continuation of the genus, so their body requires special attention. The compulsory component of the diet of a thirty-year-old man is Brazil nuts. It is necessary to refrain from smoking, alcohol and drugs, tk. their use increases the risk of violations in the future offspring.

These nuts are an excellent source of selenium and vitamin E. They protect spermatozoa from the negative effects of free radicals and contribute to improving the quality of sperm in general.

Men who have crossed the 30-year limit must necessarily include a liver in their diet. This is the most affordable and one of the best sources of vitamin A. This vitamin is very important for the normal natural conception of the child.

A number of studies have been carried out, the results of which confirm that men who receive a sufficient amount every day vitamin A, have a higher quality of sperm, potency and libido than their peers receiving less of the said vitamin A. With a decrease in the vitamin A content in the male body, the quality of its sperm is markedly reduced, and the motility of spermatozoa also decreases.

In addition, the liver is an excellent source of zinc. With each ejaculation, the male body consumes an average of 30-35% of the daily zinc norm. So just one romantic weekend with a loved one can completely deplete the reserves of this element in the male body.

Men who dream of healthy children must include peaches in their diet. This product contributes to improving the quality of sperm in general and improving the activity of spermatozoa in honesty. They include vitamin C. It is established that when frozen, it is preserved in peaches better than with simple storage. Thus, frozen peaches contain vitamin C even more than oranges.


Be sure to eat foods that contain vitamin C. Its daily dose should be selected individually with the doctor. The use of a sufficient amount of vitamin C will increase the concentration of active spermatozoa in the male ejaculate.


What to eat at the age of 40 years and older?

After reaching the age of forty, a man needs to focus his efforts on maintaining his form at the same level. To preserve the erection, experts recommend that you include a blackcurrant in your diet. It contains dietary fiber that helps to remove excess cholesterol from the body and prevent it from settling on the walls of the vessel. Cholesterol plaques disrupt the patency of all blood vessels, including those that supply blood to the male sexual organ. Because of this, the erection is reduced.

The man's diet "for 40" should include cereal mixtures. If a person constantly feels tired and often refuses intimacy, he should include in his diet cereals containing riboflavin and thiamine. These substances provide the body with vital energy, promote sexual drive, normalize the nervous system, increase the activity of spermatozoa and pleasure from sex.

It is important to consider that the older a person becomes, the worse his body absorbs vitamins. In the cereal mixtures, rich in vitamins, there is also niacin. This substance takes part in the development of histamine, which, among other things, affects the appearance of orgasm.

Men after 40 should not deny themselves the pleasure of eating a large steak. Such food also contributes to the appearance of sexual arousal and the improvement of sperm quality. The steak should be low-fat. Proteins that make up meat contribute to an increase in the concentration of napinfrin and domafin in the blood. These substances exacerbate the sensations that arise during sexual intercourse. Beef contains zinc. It reduces the production of the hormone prolactin, thereby enhancing sexual attraction. And the most valuable property of beef is that when it is consumed in the blood of a man, the testosterone level increases, with which erection and libido are directly related.

Finish the meal with a bit of bitter chocolate or - even better - a cup of quality cocoa without sugar. In the composition of cocoa there are methylxanthines. These substances increase the sensitivity of the body, so that sexual contacts will be more vivid. And chocolate raises mood and causes a feeling similar to falling in love, which to some extent also contributes to the increase of sexual desire.


So that the sperm was good, and the sperm are active, the man needs to give up bad habits, start playing sports and eat right. And, of course, periodically take the ejaculate for the analysis of the spermogram, in order to timely detect the violations. Take care of your body, and it is sure to answer you the same. Be healthy!