Postinor effects, whether it is possible to become pregnant after taking the drug

Postinor is a drug that millions of women use for emergency contraception. Everyone knows that a shock dose of hormones can not bring anything good to the body. The damage from taking Postinor is repeatedly emphasized by gynecologists, but the drug has not lost its popularity for many years. This is due to its availability, relative cheapness and efficiency of the action.

However, when going to the pharmacy the next morning after unprotected sex, it must be borne in mind that after taking Postinor, the consequences can be the saddest. Any woman should know what should be prepared after taking the drug and whether it is possible for her to apply for emergency contraception.

How the drug works


The active substance in the basis of Postinor is the levonorgestrel hormone. One tablet contains 5 mg of this hormone, which is a "slaughter dose" (for comparison: in oral contraceptives not of emergency use such an amount of levonorgestrel is in 20 tablets).

The mechanism of action of Postinor is quite simple. The hormone contained in the preparation leads to the blocking of ovulation. If ovulation has occurred, the drug prevents the passage of the fertilized egg into the uterus, that is, in the woman's body, in fact, there is a mini-abortion.

In one package of the drug there are 2 tablets. For how long should I drink them? The first should take a maximum of 72 hours after unprotected sex, the second - 12 hours after the first. This ensures maximum efficiency.


Effectiveness of the drug

The effect of Postinor is largely due to the fact, how many hours after sexual intercourse it was adopted. The effectiveness of the drug is high enough - up to 95% (if the necessary requirements are met and the first pill is taken no later than 24 hours after sex). The longer the interval between unprotected intercourse and taking the first pill, the lower the effectiveness and the greater the risk of developing a pregnancy.

So, if the drug is taken within 48 hours, the probability of its action is slightly higher than 50%. It should, however, be remembered that the probability of getting pregnant always exists. Even if Postinor is accepted in the first 24 hours, he does not give one hundred percent guarantee, like any other method of contraception: you can still get pregnant.

If the pills do not work and the pregnancy after Postinor does come, some women decide to leave the child, and then the question arises of the influence of Postinor on the fetus. Of course, hormonal shock can affect the development of the baby, but often the pregnancy passes without obvious complications. For such a pregnancy will need to be monitored more carefully in time to identify complications or pathologies. Practice shows that many babies are born healthy and strong.

Many women are worried about another question: is pregnancy possible after taking Postinor in the future? Is it possible to use the drug without fear of developing infertility?

There is no single answer to these questions. If you use tablets as an emergency aid and do not abuse their use, there should be no difficulties with motherhood in the future. Many women manage to conceive after Postinor. If a woman takes the drug to the category of "regular contraception problems, of course, can not be avoided. And not only with pregnancy, but also with the work of the whole organism as a whole.

Side effects

It is known that side effects exist even in the most "safe" drugs. Of course, they also have Postinor, which is very difficult to classify as safe. The huge concentration of a hormone in one pill can lead to serious health problems both immediately after admission and in the long term.

Side effects after postinor:

  • dysfunction of the intestine;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • a woman can have a headache;
  • dizziness, weakness and weakness are possible.
  • in many women after postinor the stomach hurts, which is associated with a change in the hormonal background and the onset of bleeding.

If the manifestations of side effects are not very strong, you do not need to do anything - it is a natural reaction of the body. However, with pronounced reactions, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Consequences of admission

Hormonal imbalance is an obligatory and inevitable consequence of taking a drug containing percussive doses of a hormone. How seriously this consequence in each individual case depends on the woman's body.

The instruction says that taking Postinor relatively painless for health can not be more than four times a year. However, even a single dose leads to a disruption in the function of the ovaries, and it takes some time to restore it.

If the drug is taken on an ongoing basis, problems with the ovaries can not be avoided: they are depleted, and the independent production of hormones by the female body is coming to naught. An additional problem due to postinor administration may be uterine bleeding. This is because the blood levels of the progestogen are increased.

Reception Postinor on a regular basis is also able to affect other body systems. Possible the formation of blood clots (especially if the woman already had problems with blood coagulability). The occlusion of the vessels can be either partial or complete. Especially dangerous are cases of pulmonary embolism. Its consequence can be a hemorrhage in the brain, which in especially dangerous cases leads to death.


As can be seen from the possible consequences of taking Postinor, it is undesirable to use the drug even for absolutely healthy women. However, in the presence of certain diseases and conditions of the body the drug is absolutely contraindicated:

  • It is impossible to use Postinor for diseases of the liver and bile ducts;
  • under the age of 16;
  • during the lactation period;
  • in the presence of uterine bleeding;
  • with individual intolerance of the drug components;
  • in any infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • in the presence of malignant tumors - because of the likelihood of their increase;
  • with a tendency to increased thrombosis;
  • with peptic ulcer;
  • in the disorder of enzymatic activity in the gastrointestinal tract.

Postinor Alternatives

Is it possible to find an alternative to this drug? Yes, there are a number of means that take in place of postinor. Escapel is referred to as emergency contraception, but it can not be said that the effects of its use do not entail complications. Its basis is the same as that of Postinor: the huge content of the hormone (gestagen). However, some women prefer it to Postinor because this drug is more convenient to use. It is required to drink only one tablet.

In addition to Postinor and Escapel, women also use conventional oral contraceptives (Marvelon, Novinet, Regulon, Rigevidone), but increase their dose. Calculating the correct dosage at home is difficult, but some women are convinced that an increased dose of "regular" contraception is not as terrible as emergency Postinor and Escapel.

Mifepristone is also used for emergency contraception. The effectiveness of the drug is due not to hormones, but to an anti-progestogenic effect. Mifepristone leads to a stop of ovulation and does not allow the ovum to penetrate into the uterine mucosa.

There is also a non-drug way of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex. This is an intrauterine device. With the introduction of the spiral in a timely manner (up to 3 days), the effectiveness of this method tends to 100%. However, the spiral is not recommended for unborn women yet, as well as for those who have a lot unprotected sex, and partners often change: the likelihood that they will develop differently genus of STDs.

Despite a large number of alternatives, Postinor is still considered the most effective means of emergency contraception, and women are not afraid of warnings about numerous complications. Given the state of their own health and the possible impact of the drug on the body, each woman should decide for herself whether it is possible to take Postinor to her.

It should be remembered that taking the drug never goes without a trace to the body and the consequences after Postinor are always, even if the person does not feel them. Accordingly, the decision on admission is entirely the responsibility of the woman, who must carefully weigh all possible complications. The effect of hormones on the body can not be underestimated, which is why you need to think carefully about your decision before you go to the pharmacy.