Composition and use of Snorex in the treatment of snoring


Table of contents

  • Composition and principle of action of the preparation
  • Application of the agent
  • Product Benefits

Snoring - a very common phenomenon, with which many do not even try to fight, considering it completely innocuous. Spray Snorex - a remedy for snoring, which recently are very touted from all sides. It is aimed at restoring respiratory function.


As a result of snoring, inconvenience is caused to people who are close to the patient. And in vain, because this sound, in addition to discomfort, can lead to more serious consequences. In our time you can buy not only tablets, but also nipples, masks, sprays and other means of snoring. Which of them should be preferred? Will the spray alone cope with such a night problem?

Composition and principle of action of the preparation

If the Snorex medication is still chosen, its composition will pleasantly surprise anyone: it is created on the basis of natural components. They are well perceived by the body and affect the very cause of the disease. The preparation consists of such basic components:

  1. Sage - a sedative and anti-inflammatory substance that kills an infection, eliminates swelling, relieves inflammation and improves blood circulation.
  2. Propolis, or rather, its extract has a beneficial effect on the tissues of the nasopharynx, restores the tone of the soft tissues of the sky, helps to eliminate breathing problems and prevents the occurrence of oxygen fasting.
  3. Calendula helps to get rid of germs and harmful bacteria, facilitates breathing, eliminates wheezing, clears the nasopharynx and improves cellular metabolism.

The action of Snoresk is due to the concentration of nutrients that make up its composition. The result of its action is noticeable almost immediately after the first administration. According to users, 1 week of using the funds to achieve a significant result is enough. After a certain time (in all patients it is individually) the drug will not only save from snoring, but also restore sleep, improve well-being.


In addition to getting rid of snoring, Snorex has a number of positive qualities. It is possible to distinguish such basic directions of its action:

  • helps to get rid of difficulties with breathing;
  • copes with morning migraines;
  • reduces the amount of mucus discharge from the nose;
  • relieves the manifestation of sinusitis;
  • makes the muscles of the palate more elastic and durable;
  • promotes the outflow of lymphatic fluid from the tonsils;
  • the person ceases to suffer from attacks of suffocation in a dream;
  • relieves nasal congestion;
  • removes puffiness;
  • normalizes and improves sleep.

Application of the agent

The medicine is sold in the form of a spray and drops. The drug is taken 3 times a day, and the course of treatment consists of 3 phases. At the first phase of the prolonged action, a few drops of the drug on an empty stomach drip onto the root of the patient's tongue in the morning, then it is swallowed. It is advisable to do it somewhere half an hour before breakfast.

The second (mixed) phase is characterized by a special technology: at this time patients use aerosols: 30 minutes before dinner, the spray is sprayed 1-2 times with the upper sky, larynx and amygdala. The third phase of rapid action involves the treatment of the sky and throat before bed. Shake the bottle before use. Do not wash the product with water.

The drug has a pleasant smell and a refreshing taste that does not cause any discomfort when it is taken. Most often, the course of treatment lasts about a month. Contraindications it does not have, since it consists entirely of natural components. For this reason, it is suitable for everyone, without exception. However, one should take seriously the technology of taking the drug to those patients who have individual intolerance to individual components. To overdo and tolerate an overdose is also not worth it. Shelf life of the drug is long, and you need to keep the medication in a dark dry place.

Buy snoreks from snoring in the pharmacy while you can not, but it can be easily ordered on the Internet. This is due to the fact that the drug was originally developed as an active biological supplement, not a medicine. However, the natural components were so effective that even doctors began to prescribe it. Snorex is in high demand, thanks to which there are many reviews of how the drug works.

The spray passed all the necessary checks and showed excellent results. The most important thing is to beware of imitations, which in our time are many. To avoid this, patients will have to check the unique code on the package on the manufacturer's website.


Always check the site, look for opinions and opinions of real people, so as not to fall for the bait of intruders, who can fall asleep into the package as harmless components, and dangerous poisonous substances. As a rule, what is written on the site may not always correspond to reality. For example, customer reviews. Logically, there can not be negative opinions. It is for this reason that the opinions of those who have tried on themselves need to be looked for on other resources.

Product Benefits

The Snorex product, due to its natural composition and lack of chemistry, which its medicinal analogues usually contain, has a number of positive properties.

Among them, the most important are:

  • the remedy removes snoring and positively influences the state of human health;
  • fast and reliable result;
  • has no contraindications and side effects;
  • has many good reviews from doctors and consumers;
  • not addictive;
  • simple and easy to use;
  • affordable price;
  • has a quality guarantee from the manufacturer and an international quality certificate.

Snoreks from snoring is also recommended for taking colds, stuffy nose, migraines and edema of the nasopharynx. Experts advise taking it for preventive purposes. Most often, the risk group includes people suffering from various respiratory diseases, overweight, smokers, the elderly.

Native components quickly penetrate into the blood, are well absorbed and complex influence on the source of the problem. The spray has hypoallergenic properties, suppresses the inflammatory process, fights against microbes and eliminates swelling. Oils and plant components help to eliminate breathing problems and, as a result, allow you to forget about a bad dream, eliminating snoring.


Before using an unknown tool, you should carefully read the instructions for use, not forgetting to read everything that is written in fine print. Previously, the patient is obliged to visit the attending physician for an accurate diagnosis. It often happens that the patient treats unknown drugs with a non-existent disease.