Cancer treatment in Russia - cost, methods, clinics


Cancer is the malignant growth of mutated cells in the body, which is characterized by the penetration of new growths into all tissues and the spread of pathological elements in the form of metastases.

Each patient with an established oncological diagnosis is subject to registration with a specialized dispensary. All data from medical institutions are collected in a single information base. Statistics show an increase in the number of oncological morbidity in the population. So in 2012 there were about , 0, 00 people on the register, and in 2013 there are , 0, 00 people. The frequency of tumors, the first place is breast cancer, the second - lung cancer. Troika is closed by malignant neoplasms of the stomach.

Treatment of oncology in Russia

Clinics of oncology treatment in Russia are represented by centers located in all regions of the country. The largest number of such institutions is registered in Moscow and St. Petersburg. These two cities account for 50 specialized medical centers, 10 of which are private forms of ownership and, accordingly, treatment in them is paid.

After establishing an oncological diagnosis, the patient is sent to the cancer center to clarify the data and prognosis of treatment. At this stage, a person can collect all available medical documentation and go to a consultation at the federal cancer center. In a specialized medical institution, the patient addresses, first of all, to the registry, where he is assigned a visit to the oncologist and creates a personal card. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient is assigned an individual treatment plan, which can be carried out at the place of residence or in the center. Also, the doctors of the clinic can offer to conduct a course of surgical and conservative treatment on the basis of its own cancer center.


How is cancer treated in Russia?

According to the chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation M. Davydova, there are a sufficient number of specialized oncological clinics and oncologists in the country, thereforecancer treatment in Russia, as well as the treatment of all types of tumor neoplasms are conducted at a decent level.

Oncological assistance to the population is free of charge, but for the operative intervention the patient needs to get a quota. This procedure includes:

  • The attending physician makes an extract from the medical history, which indicates the patient's condition, diagnosis, treatment, results of the examination.
  • The medical commission at the place of residence considers this extract and after three working days passes the materials to the federal medical commission.
  • In case of a positive decision regarding the provision of medical care to a person, within 10 days the patient is hospitalized.

The cost of cancer treatment in Russia

Therapy of cancerous lesions begins with the advice of an oncologist. During the appointment, the specialist conducts an examination of the patient, examines the available results of the examinations and appoints additional diagnostic methods.

  • Primary reception of the oncologist: 1200 rub. - general practitioner, 2500-3000 rub. - Candidate of Medical Sciences, 3000-3500 rub. - Doctor of Medical Sciences.
  • The cost of a second visit and consultation of a doctor: 1200-2000 rubles.
  • Selection of an individual treatment plan and diagnosis - 1000 rubles.

Diagnostic procedures:

  • Biopsy of tissues of surface layers - 4000 rub.
  • Deep sampling of biological materials for histological examination - 5000 rub.
  • The price for laboratory tests using oncomarkers is 500-2000 rubles.
  • X-ray examination - 500-2500 rubles.
  • Computer tomography - 2000-3000 rub.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging - 2500-5000 rub.

Treatment of oncological pathology involves the use of three main methods:

  1. Surgery.

Operative intervention depending on the location and size of the tumor can be performed with complete or partial resection of the affected organ. In the process of surgical treatment, as a rule, nearby soft tissues and regional lymph nodes are removed for preventive purposes.

  • Surgical removal of a tumor localized on internal organs: 18000-50000 rub.
  • Removal of a tumor of the central nervous system: 22000-150000 rub.
  • Operative treatment of skin cancer: 10000-30000 rub.
  1. Chemotherapy.

About 150 state departments of chemotherapy are in Russia. The method consists in introducing into the patient's body special pharmaceutical preparations that destroy cancer cells. Means for carrying out chemotherapy are available in the form of tablets and injections. Determination of the dose of the drug and the number of courses of admission is carried out individually for each patient, taking into account the type of tumor, its location and overall health.

  • The cost of one course of chemotherapy is 50000-400000 rubles.
  • Postoperative chemotherapy course - 50000-100000 rub.
  1. Radiation therapy.

The method of treating oncology involves exposing the tumor to high-energy X-rays, which stops malignant neoplasm growth and allows subsequent radical removal of mutated tissues.

  • Prices for exposure to ionizing radiation are 1, 00-, 00 rubles.

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