10 irreplaceable applications for girls on Android

Today we will tell you about ten applications that will help us, girls, solve a lot of problems every day!

10 place: Time to drink water


It was created in order to help a woman to support her body in tonus during slimming and diet.

Our body needs a certain amount of water every day, but most people drink less than normal. Water contributes to life processes, so its deficit has a negative impact on health. Specialists note the following useful properties of water:

  • cleanses the body;
  • relieves fatigue and nervous disorders;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • prevents the development of kidney stones;
  • has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails.

Thanks to the application, which will send alerts throughout the day, the user will bring up the habit of drinking water on time and in the right amount. To use the application, you must enter the body weight, the program will calculate how much water should be drunk. After each drink, it is important to mark it in the application.

The application has performed well in 33 countries, and is among the recommended programs on Google Play.


Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.northpark.drinkwater

9 place: Wrinkles and rejuvenation

To give the body a young look is not enough one make-up and beautiful clothes, you should take care of the skin. To properly care for the skin, do not necessarily go to the expensive specialists: rejuvenating masks are not difficult to cook at home

The application of Wrinkles and Rejuvenation is ideal for those who watch their own skin. The program contains chapters telling how to do facial massage, what procedures are suitable for the skin, masks and folk remedies for wrinkles

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.knigivasilisi.morchin.akjgfkjagh

8 Place: Calorie Counter - EasyFit

For weight loss, it is recommended not only to monitor food and exercise daily, but also to control the amount of calories consumed per day. This woman will help EasyFit: helps count calories, control weight, promotes effective exercise.

Application functions:

  • calorie count;
  • dynamics of weight;
  • there is the opportunity to add meals and make a diet.

The application has two widgets that allow a woman to monitor burned calories for a week, and monitor the amount of food eaten.

When installing, registration is not required. EasyFit does not monitor the location of the woman and does not collect unnecessary information from the device: the developers guarantee the woman confidentiality. The application is available in English, German and Arabic, but in the future, Russian will be added.

EasyFit has proved itself in many women thanks to its beautiful design and efficiency. All that is required from the user is to choose your own fitness goal and follow the recommendations of the application.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.marioherzberg.swipeviews_tutorial1

7 place: HLS - Healthy Way of Life

For lovers of healthy lifestyles, one should not neglect the prevention of diseases, and for this one should get rid of from harmful habits, include healthy foods in the diet and maintain emotional mood. On the way to a healthy life a woman will help the application directory HLS

In the appendix you will find information on how to properly temper, exercise, what vitamins you need body, how to keep the body young for a long time The useful properties of plants are described, folk recipes

The handbook of HLS has a convenient structure: a woman does not have to search for an article for a long time, thanks to the search function, and you can add favorite notes to bookmarks. To use the Directory, you do not need to connect to the Internet. The application is paid, but it has a promotional code: QQ85US816J4TPTSJBWVBSUB

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = en.ymka.zojjj

6 place: The first year of the baby's life

Faced with motherhood, women often do not know how to take care of a child, so that he grows up healthy, does not get sick and develops over the years. The first twelve months become difficult for a young mother: new tasks are put on her shoulders to raise a baby. The application for caring for the child will teach the necessary skills, it contains information on developing games, goods needed for the child in the first year, diseases and methods of treatment.

The information is presented briefly and clearly, the woman will not have to read the text for a long time to find important data.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com. SAO.BabyTime

5 place: Fitness plan 30 days

When the time to lose extra pounds is not enough, girls are wondering: how to lose weight in a short time? The appendix contains all types of weight loss exercises that do not require exercise in the gym. In the development of the application, a professional fitness trainer took part.

The application takes into account the individuality of the woman's body and, on the basis of this, selects a special plan for sports. Alerts on training come on a smartphone every day. In the appendix there are video-guides how to correctly perform exercises.

In 2016, a 30-day fitness plan entered the list of the best programs on Google Play.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.popularapp.thirtydayfitnesschallenge

4 place: Maggi Diet from SIT 30

Diet Maggi one of the ways of losing weight, in which in the diet there are mainly egg products. For four weeks, the diet of Maggie allows a woman to lose 10-20 kg. Enthusiastic reviews confirm that the results of the diet the woman will be satisfied.

During weight loss the girl does not have to limit the ration of food: the menu consists of vegetable, fruit, meat, egg products. The basic strategy of the diet is to get the body to get rid of fat with products that provoke reactions that remove toxins and break down fatty tissues.

With the help of the application, weight loss will become even easier. It provides a choice of two types of menu: egg and curd. Every day there are notifications with a reminder of food intake. You can watch the progress of weight loss and control the amount of water you drink.

The application of the Maggi diet has its own chat room, where users exchange impressions, help each other with advice and communicate.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.sit.maggi

3 place: The world of beauty

Do you want to look beautiful and original? The application will help pick up makeup, manicure and look after the skin. Experts say that the clean and well-groomed skin is the key to beauty. And to make it easy for you to remain beautiful, the developers released the World of Beauty application, which includes many tips on how to make a professional hairstyle, makeup, nail design in the home conditions.

The program contains recommendations on fashionable clothes and tips for those who are going to lose weight and bring the figure in order. In order to simplify the task for women, the program has lessons with step-by-step photos.

The world of beauty has collected everything that will allow a woman to feel comfortable, young and beautiful.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.kasedomnuy.mir_krasoti

2 place: Women's calendar

Menstruation sometimes causes a girl discomfort, and it is not always possible to guess in time when the seizures begin, but with the help of this application for men, the life of a woman will become easier. The female calendar is considered the best app for tracking monthly and has a high rating on Google Play. The functions of the program allow you to follow the cycle of ovulation, so you can plan your pregnancy in time.

The developers added the ability to write in the app overall health, which pills were taken, the emotional state. Data stored in the calendar is stored securely, and if necessary, the woman has the opportunity to send them to the doctor.

Thanks to the functions the program becomes not just an application with a pregnancy calendar and a monthly, but a personal diary of a woman who can make life easier.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = com.popularapp.periodcalendar

1 place: Female Doctor

The application will be useful for both adolescent girls and mature women

A female doctor has collected everything that girls need to know for the rest of their lives. With the help of the application it is easy to find out about the violations of menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, women's diseases and other issues that bother the woman. Describes changes in the body of a woman: how to prepare, cope with them.

Recommendations for the use of tampons, pads, pregnancy planning or interruption are given. A female doctor will become a fast and convenient consultant thanks to the article search system and the ability to save information to get it without connecting to the Internet. The application is unique in that it has no analogues

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detail? d = app.drlady


Using applications, a woman will make life comfortable and easy. It will not be necessary to re-read a lot of unnecessary information on the Internet and spend time, when at hand there is a handy reference book containing useful tips.