Causes of herpes on hands. Methods of treatment

Herpes simplex virus affects the human body once and for all. Depending on the strain of the pathogen, the patient discovers fluid bubbles in different parts of the body.

Herpes colds on the lips are familiar to many people, but there can be herpes on the hands, not everyone knows. The defeat of herpes hands (palms, back of hands, fingers) - a rare phenomenon in the practice of virologists and dermatologists, but no one is immune from it.

Why does herpes have herpes

The main reason for the formation on the hands of the elements of herpes is one of the three strains of the virus:

  1. HSV-1 (causes bubbles on the lips).
  2. HSV-2 (herpes in an intimate place).
  3. HSV-3 (Varicella Zoster virus, which provokes chickenpox and herpes zoster).

The primary signs of any form of herpes on the upper limbs are usually associated with trauma to the skin tissue or general supercooling of the body. Also, the activation of herpes can be observed after surgical manipulations, transferred diseases, intoxication. On nerve axons the pathogen moves to their endings, causes itching and the formation of blisters on the surface of the skin in places where nerves pass.

Most often, simple herpes on the fingers appears after the transfer of infection from another viral focus. For example, in the presence of herpes on the lips, infection occurs because of feeling the sore by hand or when applying the ointment with your fingers.

Microcracks and skin diseases become predisposing factors for new infection:

  • Eczema.
  • Neurodermatitis.
  • Atopic dermatitis.

The doctors explain the activation of herpes on the hand of the child by a decrease in immunity.

The protective forces of the body in childhood are weakened in the presence of chronic pathologies of infectious nature, from stress and frequent acute respiratory infections, serious injuries, etc.


In patients with genital herpes, the infection spreads to the hands due to the performance of medical and hygienic measures. Infection of doctors (gynecologists, urologists) is due to examination of patients without gloves.


How to recognize herpes in hands

The development of herpetic infection on the hands occurs in stages:

  • Primary symptoms include itching and burning of the skin, swelling of some areas. It is important not to miss this moment and apply any antiviral agent. Timely therapy will prevent further development of the disease.
  • The second stage is characterized by inflammation of the skin and by covering with small painful vesicles containing a contagious serous fluid.
  • The third stage is dangerous by re-infection, as the elements burst, their contents spread to healthy tissues, and the strain re-enters the body. The period is characterized by high contagiosity. The task of therapy is the inhibition of the activator activity, the fight against bacteria and the strengthening of immunity.
  • The concluding stage 4 has the following picture: the sores dry up, the wounds gradually heal and overgrow with dense scabs. After a few days the crusts fall off. Naked tissue is covered with small scars.

When affected by herpes of hands, viral foci are localized at the tips of the fingers and the peri-oral surface. The high risk of involuntary trauma and forced hand contamination pose a threat to bacterial fungal infection and the transformation of inflammation into eczema.


Through all stages of herpes on hands passes for 7 - 10 days. You can assess the specificity of the disease by photo.

Methods of treating herpes in hands

An integrated approach to the treatment of herpes on the fingers and hands is based on oral intake of drugs and external treatment of the affected area. For internal reception, doctors prescribe tablets:

  • Keterol.
  • Famvir.
  • Valtrex.
  • Acyclovir.

The appointment of antibiotics is advisable in the purulent forms of herpes.


As an external treatment, patients are offered soda and manganese baths and ointments Panavir, Zovirax, Valaciclovir. With the drying of sores, fir oil will help to speed up the regeneration of the skin.

To strengthen immunity, experts appoint Genferon, Viferon, Anaferon. High immunity strengthens the body's defense and encourages it to fight the pathogen at the first attempts at destruction. In addition to these immunomodulators it is useful to take vitamin complexes, extract of pink rhodiola or Echinacea, tincture of ginseng chemist.

Of folk remediesHerpes treatment on the hands of the most popular vegetable decoctions and juices. For applying compresses, infusion of arnica flowers is prepared. Dry raw materials are supplied with boiling water at the rate of 3 tbsp. per liter of liquid. The product is insisted for 2 hours, moistened with gauze and wrapped around the limbs. The procedure is performed several times a day.

Rapid removal of herpes from the hands are facilitated by compresses of green tea. The leaves of the green variety are steeply brewed in a cup and insisted for 20 minutes. Infusion of sterile bandage is irrigated and vesicles are wound up. After 15 minutes, the bandage is removed. At night compress is put on request. Number of procedures for 1 day - 4 - 5.

In the summer, the question of how to get rid of herpes on fingers is solved with the help of celandine. Yellow drops of problem areas should be treated 5 times for 15 minutes, with an interval between lubrications of 3 minutes. In just 1 day you need to do 3 moxibustion.


In consultation with the doctor, to accelerate the drying of herpesvirus elements, it is possible to wipe the foci with alcohol-containing solutions - cologne, zelenok, Fukorcin.


Prevention of herpes on the hands is based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Sportsmanship.
  2. Rejection of bad habits.
  3. Active life position.
  4. Observance of personal hygiene with frequent washing of hands.
  5. Enhancement of immune defense by hardening and using healthy food systems with the inclusion of mineral and vitamin supplements in the diet.

P.S. Remember, there is no cure for herpes with 100% effectiveness. The task of therapy for all cases is to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the body.


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