How to treat dermatitis on the face

Dermatitis on the face is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, which is expressed by red spots. An unbearable itch makes a person scratch combs, which leads to a deterioration in their appearance.


  • Allergic disease
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Atopic form of dermatitis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis of the face
  • Oral dermatitis
  • Diet that alleviates dermatitis on the face
  • Folk treatment of facial dermatosis

The disease develops due to the influence of various factors. It can be a holistic allergic reaction or a separate sign of pathology. The disease is divided into allergic, contact, atopic, seborrhoeic and oral dermatosis.

Allergic disease

According to the allergic type, dermatitis develops due to sensitization of the body, when it has to react to components of incoming food or substances related to the skin. At an easy stage, the disease is diagnosed by bright red spots, rashes, swelling. In neglected conditions, the picture is supplemented by the following symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • headache;
  • tear.

The place of the blisters can be occupied by scars and scars. The process is characterized by a slow flow. The problem on the face appears in a few days from the moment of contact with the stimulus.

All the signs of dermatitis on the face are shown in the photo, its treatment with ointments and creams will be described below.


To develop a therapeutic course against allergic dermatitis, specialists take skin tests that facilitate the detection of an allergen. Creams for treatment are chosen from those drugs that have antihistamine properties. Ointments for the face are prescribed to eliminate symptoms and strengthen local immunity.

Of the desensitizing drugs, a 10% calcium gluconate solution is indicated - it is administered intravenously. Also, the patient is offered a transition to a diet with the exception of foods containing potential allergens. Facial care products are also selected by the doctor. It is recommended to wash it with special solutions.

Contact dermatitis

This form of the disease is manifested by tissue inflammation caused by allergens and irritants. They can become household chemicals, products with nickel content, medicines, latex.

The path of development of pathology is simple:

  1. the stimulus falls on the face;
  2. there is an allergic reaction to contact;
  3. the inflammatory process is started.

A clear symptomatology of contact dermatitis is severe itching, redness of the skin, its peeling and covering with bubbles.

How to treat this dermatitis on the face? After revealing the allergen, it should be excluded from contact with the skin. Of antihistamines, dermatologists prescribe Erius, Zirtek, Telfast. They are consumed or administered topically. Erius appoint at the rate of 1 tablet per day. The drug is suitable for treatment of adults and children over 12 years.

The condition of the skin, covered with sores and vesicles, is improved with the help of corticosteroids. The problem is well solved cream Advantan and ointment Lokoid. They use them once a day, lubricating the affected areas on the face for 3 to 5 days.


Chamomile and lime color in the fight against facial dermatitis use so. Both components take 4 tbsp. l. and they drink a liter of boiling water. On a quiet fire, the composition is cooked for about 20 minutes, then insisted for 4 hours. The product is filtered and used in a warm form to wash the face.


Atopic form of dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis on the face is a common pathology, known as eczema. The exact causes of its emergence science could not be uncovered, so the disease spills over into a chronic form.

Typical symptoms of atopy of the face are:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • blistering;
  • redness;
  • peeling of the integument;
  • thinning and breaking of eyebrows;
  • deepening of folds on the eyelids.

The mechanical effect on the problem site triggers an inflammation process leading to roughness of the skin. Combing skin tissue can cause infectious damage to the body, which will make the picture more vivid.

In order to treat atopic dermatitis, special antihistamine creams and ointments are prescribed on the face of the doctor:

  1. Elokom, removing puffiness and giving antipruritic effect. In the form of an ointment, it is used to eliminate peeling, in the form of a cream - with inflammatory infiltration.
  2. Afloderm - antipruritic anti-inflammatory ointment, narrowing vessels and reducing edema. She is treated for 3 weeks.
  3. Trikzera is a cream that reduces the hypersensitivity of the face. To moisturize and restore the lipid layer it is applied 2 r. per day. The skin should be pre-cleaned.
  4. Solcoseryl is a gel and ointment that heals irritated tissues and accelerates the regenerative processes in the depth of inflamed areas. Skin treatment is carried out 1 - 2 r. in a day.

To normalize the emotional background dermatologists prescribe tablets Persen, Tofizopam, Atarax. To support the gastrointestinal tract, Smoktit, Lignin, Hilak Forte, Bifidumbacterin are recommended.


Eczema does not belong to dangerous diseases. However, severe itching and burning deprive the person of sleep, make him irritable and quickly tired.


Seborrheic dermatitis of the face

As a chronic inflammatory process, seborrheic dermatitis on the face develops due to activation of the fungus saprophytic flora. The conditionally pathogenic microorganism inhabits the skin of each person and does not give itself out until the moment of occurrence of favorable circumstances for reproduction.

The causes of the spike in the activity of the parasite are:

  • increased fat content of the skin;
  • decreased immunity;
  • endocrine disruptions;
  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • low stress resistance;
  • bad habits;
  • deficiency of vitamins;
  • diabetes;
  • thinning of the barrier of the dermis of the face.

The disease is recognized by irritated reddened areas, white and yellow scales, patient complaints of itching and burning.


Numerous papules on the face can be localized in the nasolabial area, on the forehead, cheekbones, in the eyebrows. All the symptoms of pathology are not immediately apparent. From the initial itch the picture gradually changes for the worse.


How to cure seborrheic dermatitis on the face? To get rid of itching and redness, doctors prescribe corticosteroids. In order to avoid the formation of rosacea and thinning of the skin, they are used short-term courses. Salicylic acid and an antifungal agent for internal administration are also prescribed.

Constant itching, nervous irritation and insomnia are treated with sedatives. Special care is indicated for skin care. To strengthen the immune system, the body is provided with vitamin supplements. For this purpose, take vitamins A, E, fish oil.

Ointment from dermatitis on the face, talker, cream must contain zinc. The substance dries the skin, gives an antifungal effect and relieves inflammation. It is found in zinc ointment and zindole. From physiotherapeutic procedures against SB, cryotherapy and ultraviolet irradiation are shown.

Oral dermatitis

The periodic variety of dermatosis develops near the mouth for various reasons. During pregnancy, the disease occurs due to the combination of certain foods. It also appears against the background of dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract and prolonged intake of hormonal drugs.

The characteristic signs of the pathology are itching and burning, red spots of different saturation, scaly patches around the mouth. It is noticed that, depending on the weather, the spots change their tone. Also, vasodilator drugs and certain foods can affect the intensity of focal staining. Adverse changes in the face cause aesthetic discomfort to people.

Treatment of oral dermatitis on the face begins with the refusal to use fluoride-containing toothpastes, washing and cosmetic products, steroid preparations for external skin treatment. As a drug therapy develop courses Metronidazole and Trichopol. Patients with pustular rosacea are treated with antibiotics:

  1. Erythromycin;
  2. Metacycline;
  3. Oxacillin;
  4. Oleandomycin.

Vitamin therapy against oral dermatitis involves the use of ascorutin, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and vitamin B6. Patients who have pathological foci located around the eyes, for the prevention of visual disease, a periodic visit to the ophthalmologist is recommended. To ease the condition, the doctor prescribes Prednisolone, hydrocortisone drops, antihistamines, riboflavin-phosphate injections.


At the last step in the fight against perioral dermatosis, the patient is encouraged to undergo physiotherapy. A good effect in treatment is obtained from the use of snow obtained from liquid nitrogen or carbonic acid. In special cases, electrolysis is prescribed. The patient is reminded that he should not stay under direct sunlight for a long time and stay in stuffy rooms.


Diet that alleviates dermatitis on the face

With dermatitis on the face, the diet supposes the exclusion of carbohydrate products from the diet in the form of sweets, sweet drinks, semolina, baking from the highest grade flour, muffins, jam.

By intensifying fermenting processes in the intestine, they worsen digestion and promote the activation of pathogenic microorganisms. Due to the fact that harmful substances remain in the tract, the proteins do not have time to digest and lead to the development of dermatitis.

Strict exclusion from the menu is tinned, pickled products, homemade pickles. Spices may be consumed in limited quantities with the refusal of sharp and hot seasonings. You can eat high-quality products from semi-finished products, but you should not abuse them anyway. Fast food in general fall under a complete ban.

As for the technology of cooking, with dermatitis on their face, they must be baked, boiled or stewed. When heat treatment, vegetable oil should be replaced with olive oil. Meat dishes cooked on open fire or coals, it is forbidden to eat.

Also, the ban is imposed on:

  • caviar;
  • fish of fatty varieties;
  • seeds and nuts;
  • strawberry;
  • products of beekeeping;
  • citrus fruits.

Fruits and vegetables in orange and red peel should be cleaned before eating. It is recommended to replace tomatoes and red peppers with yellow varieties.


Folk treatment of facial dermatosis

1. In inflammatory processes on the skin, healers are advised to use a decoction of birch buds.

Prepare it by brewing 1 cup of vegetable raw material with a glass of steep boiling water. After 20 minutes of boiling, the medium is filtered. To wipe the skin it is used daily.

2. St. John's wort is obtained from the juice of a plant, half evaporated. The liquid is combined with butter at the rate of 1: 4. Store the composition in the refrigerator. With any skin problems, it is used as a disinfectant.

3. Effective treatment of dermatitis on the face at home will help cranberries. From her berries squeeze the juice to get 50 ml of liquid. Then it is combined with 200 g of Vaseline and mixed thoroughly. The drug is used externally for the treatment of pustules and to eliminate skin itching.

4. To calm the irritated skin, honey and Kalanchoe are used. A useful mixture is prepared from equal parts of the juice of the plant and the product of beekeeping. The composition is insisted for a week, then the same volume of aloe juice is injected into it and the dishes are removed with the mixture for an additional 7 days. Finished mass lubricate the sick skin.

5. Leaves of plantain and yarrow are collected in equal quantities and thoroughly washed from dirt. Then the raw material is ground, mixed and laid in a gauze pouch. He is put on the problem site. The mixture gives an antiseptic and healing effect. It removes inflammation and irritation from the skin.

Video:how to treat dermatitis on the face at home using folk remedies.

6. Phyto-antiseptic is obtained from thyme ordinary. One part of the dry powder is combined with 5 parts of the oil base. In other recipes, it is recommended to mix 10 g of raw material with 100 g of alcohol or 15 g of the boiled to half a glass of raw material to be combined with 4 parts of the base. The drug is used to apply lotions.


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