Proper nutrition with atopic dermatitis in children

Complex treatment of atopy in children will not be complete without diet. The main purpose of her appointment is to exclude from the habitual diet of food with high allergic potential.

For children under 5 months of age, breastmilk remains the best option. But if the organism responds to its use with the manifestation of neurodermatitis, the nursing mother should switch to hypoallergenic foods.

Organization of proper nutrition for atopic children

Dietitians established three rules regarding nutrition in atopic dermatitis in children:

  1. exclusion from the diet of any sweets;
  2. adherence to a full-fledged diet without depriving the body of useful substances;
  3. filling a food diary.

Since the cause of dermatoallergy is any food or its eating in excessive amounts, the identification of a provocateur is difficult. In order not to carry out experiments on the health of the baby, it is necessary to remove sweets and smoked products, salted, fatty and soy products, eggs, citrus fruit from his table. Among the irritants are crackers, fast foods, chips, strawberries, chocolate, honey and products containing cocoa. All food should be low-calorie.

When developing a diet and menuatopic dermatitis in children is important to balance the diet. To maintain the state of immunity at the proper level, the body must receive all the necessary substances. It is strictly forbidden to remove from the diet not fatty fish and meat varieties, fermented milk products, cereals, hypoallergenic fruits and all sorts of vegetables.

When carrying out the first complementary foods, zucchini with cabbage - color and Brussels - are especially good. In the diet they should be introduced separately, and as the child's body becomes addicted, they can already be mixed and flavored with a small amount of vegetable oil. At 2 lures you can take corn or buckwheat shop porridge, but dairy-free. Meat for children suffering from allergies, it is recommended to give with, months. At this age, no harm will come from the rabbit, horse meat and not fatty pork.

What should be a diet for atopic dermatitis in children, shows the table.

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Confectionery and flour products Cakes (creams), caramels, pastries with sweets Cereal semolina, pasta, wheat bread, corn flakes Rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl, millet and corn - cereals. Bread from rye, ordinary sugars without sugar, flakes (buckwheat, corn, rice)
Dairy Spicy cheeses, ice cream of all kinds Whole milk, yogurts with additives from fruits, cottage cheese and sour cream Cheeses, goat's milk and mixtures in goat's milk, dairy products
Meat and fish dishes Strong broths, by-products, smoked products, sausages (all), canned food, fatty fish, canned fish, caviar, eggs Fat beef, chicken, pork and lamb Low-fat beef, turkey meat, rabbit and baby canned food
Fatty foods Salo, animal fats, mayonnaise and margarine Butter Vegetable oils: olive, corn, rapeseed, sunflower and ghee
Vegetables Radish, radish, tomatoes, spinach, sorrel, tomatoes, sauerkraut and sweet pepper Beets, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, onions and leaf salads Potatoes, cabbage of all sorts, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, trout, turnip, turnip beans, green peas, dill and parsley
Berries with fruits Strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, kiwi, sea buckthorn and citrus fruits Cherries, cranberries, plums, blueberries, black currants, cranberries, sea buckthorn and blackberries Apples, pears (white, green), plum yellow and cherry yellow, gooseberries and white currants
Beverages Drinks with gas, water from fruits, kvass, jelly, cocoa and coffee Decoctions (rose hips, fruit, vegetable), canned juices Compotes from fresh (pears, apples) and dried fruits, natural juices for children - diluted with boiled water (1/3), black tea without additives
Sweets Candy, marmalade, chocolate, caramel, pastille and honey Sugar cut 2 times Fructose
Salt From 2 to 3 grams per day

Prepare any food for the child by digesting, quenching or languishing in pairs. During periods of exacerbation of neurodermatitis, children should not be given synthetic vitamins. Food should be natural and without gluten.


How to feed a child with cow milk allergy?

With the feeding of an allergic child, who is young and who is breastfed, some difficulties may arise. Whole cow's milk does not suit him, and you still need to eat. Goat milk will come to the rescue here-atopic dermatitis in a child it is allowed to use.

Hypoallergenic product is endowed by nature with such advantages as:

  • high content of carotene and B vitamins;
  • casein - a component of the goat's milk, does not form a dense clot in the digestive tract, which means it is absorbed more quickly;
  • when comparing the composition of goat and cow's milk in the first is much more trace elements.

Thus, the goat milk can be said that it is more adapted for feeding infants of an early age.

If goat's milk is given to an allergy sufferer, it must be boiled. The need for thermal treatment is due to the sensitivity of the tender organism to microbes and parasites, which gives a pathogenic effect. Naturproduct is introduced into the diet in small volumes and gradually. In this case, parents should observe the reactions of the baby to a new food.

Goat milk is allowed to cook porridge for complementary foods. At the same time, the child should not be completely transferred to the product, since during the boiling a certain proportion of the nutrients evaporates. Get the full range of useful components can be through hypoallergenic mixtures with increased content of vitamins and trace elements. The mixtures based on goat milk are: Nenni, Cabritha, Goat.


Some baby porridges are enriched with prebiotics. Substances improve the intestinal flora and act as preventive drugs against dysbiosis.


Homeopathy in the treatment of diathesis in children

Homeopathy is a separate branch of medicine, the effectiveness of which has not yet been officially confirmed. Nevertheless, people are aware of cases of healing from dermatological diseases, which were achieved by the intake of herbal preparations. The motto of science is defined by the expression "like treated like and its action is directed to healing both bodies and souls.

Homeopathy in atopic dermatitis in children is performed in acute stages and periods of remission. But the parents should not conduct the treatment alone - the selection of medications and the calculation of the therapy regimen must be entrusted to the doctor. At a stage of vivid diathesis, homeopathic treatment can take from 10 days to 2 weeks. With prolonged flow, its duration reaches one and a half years.

The combination of homeopathy with external treatment of the doctor's covers is as follows. Selection of external medicines should be based on the characteristics of the inflammatory process that affected the skin. In this case, hormonal ointments are considered undesirable medications, but their use is permissible in severe cases by a 5-day course. Use of hormonal drugs without internal correction of the body at the first stages of development neurodermatitis aggravates the manifestations of allergies and causes changes on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchi, nasopharynx.


The purpose of this or that homeopathic preparation is explained by the form and nature of the rash. When the pinkish spot has not yet grown in size, the children are prescribed Aconite, Calcaria Carbonica, Belladonna, Natrium muriatikum. Bubbles and blisters are disposed of with the help of Cantaris, Arsenicum Album, Apis, Urtika.

  • With papular elements, Petroleum, Silicea, Causticum, Tuya, and Calcaria-Carbonica perform well.
  • With pustules appointed Psorinum, Anacardium, Antimonium krudum, Sulfur iodine.
  • From peeling Sulfur, Acidum nitrikum, Arsenicum iodateum are offered.
  • Petroleum, Grafites, Antimonium Krudum and Likopodium are used to remove crusts.
  • To dissolve the vesicles are prescribed Ranunculus bulbozus, Gepar Sulfur, Euphorbium, Rus toxiconderon, Urtica Urens.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Activities of physiotherapy are represented by electrosleep procedures and taking dry carbon baths. The doctor can also assign an alternating magnetic field. In the period of remission it is desirable to deal with mud therapy and balneotherapy.

Radon, sulphide and hydrogen sulfide baths are organized in sanatoriums for children with atopic dermatitis. Useful properties are the waters of Pyatigorsk, Yeisk, Hot Key, Matsesta, Elbrus. The list of institutions continues:

  1. "Lake Shira" in the Krasnoyarsk Territory;
  2. "Ust-Kachka" in the Perm region;
  3. "Leninskie Rocks" of Pyatigorsk;
  4. "Lake Savatikova" in the Republic of Tuva;
  5. "Tutalsky" in the Kemerovo region.

Some sanatoriums for atopics are organized on the Black Sea coast. There are plenty to choose from!


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