Why there is a damp head on the penis?


Table of contents

  • What is this ailment of the penis?
  • In connection with which the penis head is inflamed in men?
  • Signs of the age-old balanoposthitis of a man
  • Preventive measures for men

If you find yourself in such a phenomenon as a moist penis head, you should not panic. Especially in the case when the head is moistened with grease during the process of sexual intercourse. This phenomenon is considered normal.But if moisture keeps on the head constantly and is accompanied by other symptoms (for example, an unpleasant smell), it is better to visit the urologist and ask what this phenomenon could mean.If there were cases of unprotected sex acts, then the situation could become menacing. In any case, to identify the infection, you need to go to the doctor and take the necessary tests for this.

At the primary reception, a doctor by an individual examination can only make an assumption about why and in connection with which the head of the penis is wet. So, if the problem is not in the STI, but quite urological, that is, there are nonspecific complaints that do not have a direct relationship to genital infections, the urologist will make a normal smear (microscopy), and if necessary, he will appoint a general Analysis of urine. Based on the results of the analysis, the doctor will prescribe the treatment.


Often, cases where the pathology on the head is caused by such a common male disease, as balanoposthitis. What are its signs of manifestation, in connection with what it arises and what kind of ailment in general, we will consider further.

What is this ailment of the penis?

Balanoposthitis refers to the inflammation of the head on the penis and foreskin, which can be observed in men of different ages.

Symptoms of balanoposthitis:

  • puffiness and redness both on the head and on the leaf of the foreskin;
  • white dry coating on the head;
  • severe pain in the place of contact;
  • phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin, preventing naked head);
  • rashes near the head;
  • unpleasant smell;
  • wetting and separation of liquid secretions;
  • ulcers and suppuration;
  • gangrene.

Based on the identified cause, the urologist will be prescribed the appropriate treatment for balanoposthitis. In general, the treatment of this ailment involves a set of different measures. This includes impeccable implementation of personal hygiene rules in the area of ​​the genital organ and local treatment through antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory creams, as well as, if necessary, general treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics. In some situations, when the balanoposthitis is often repeated, surgical intervention of the surgeon (circumcision of the foreskin, for example) can be shown.


In connection with which the penis head is inflamed in men?

Most often balanoposthitis is noted in boys under 5 years of age and men who support regular sexual activity.

The main cause of the inflammatory process is an infection that causes inflammation of the skin. Often inflammation causes fungi, bacteria, viruses or an allergic reaction.

In adults and boys, the causes of balanoposthitis are not the same. Therefore, they are treated separately.

The causes of male balanoposthitis are:

  1. Insufficiency of hygiene rules in the genital area.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases (at the time of unprotected sexual contact): trichomoniasis, chlamydia, candidiasis (thrush), mycoplasmosis, genital herpes, gonorrhea.
  3. Manifestation of contact dermatitis (allergic reaction) to various substances: intimate hygiene products, washing powders, latex and lubrication of condoms and others.
  4. Minor lesions of the penis and irritation of a mechanical nature.
  5. Reduced body defenses in certain diseases (oncological, diabetes, HIV infection).
  6. Acceptance of certain drugs (steroid hormones, antitumor and others), predisposing to the onset of inflammation on the head and / or foreskin of the penis.

The causes of balanoposthitis in boys are:

  1. Insufficient hygienic care for the child (little bath, for a long time left in wet diapers), improper use of diapers (they are chosen not in size: either large or too close, rarely their change).
  2. Phimosis is a phenomenon in which a narrowing of the foreskin is observed, which does not allow to open the head of the penis, when the skin fold is pulled back. As a result of the narrowing of the foreskin under the fold of the skin near the head, a foci of inflammation arises. Children's phimosis is referred to a variant of the norm that does not require medical intervention. But at signs of inflammatory process of the kid to show the doctor does not prevent.
  3. Allergy or irritation of the skin (contact dermatitis) can manifest itself in response to contact with irritating creams of intimate hygiene, clothes from coarse fabrics or washed with some kind of powder, etc. These factors can develop inflammation not only on the head of the penis, but also in the groin and buttocks of the boy.

Signs of the age-old balanoposthitis of a man

  1. The head of the penis takes a reddish hue, there is swelling, which leads to an increase in its size.
  2. An emerging rash on the mucous membrane and skin in the area of ​​the foreskin and head takes the form of specks, pimples, vesicles or cracks.
  3. The sore area itches, touching it provokes any pain or burning sensation.
  4. The foreskin can not be pushed aside and completely open the head of the penis. Phimosis is considered the most frequent sign of balanoposthitis.
  5. Pain syndrome in the process of erection and during sexual intercourse.
  6. Leaking from the leaf of the foreskin purulent contents, accompanied by a smell.

Based on the symptoms of balanoposthitis, there are:

  1. A simple (catarrhal) form is characterized by the redness of the head and / or foreskin, their swelling, painful sensations of the skin when grazing and phimosis.
  2. Erosive balanopostitis of the head of the penis is characterized by a rash like deep-lying cracks (erosions), giving rise to a feeling of pain.
  3. Gangrenous form of balanoposthitis differs the greatest danger from all inflammations and is manifested by the formation of deep ulcers and in some places by the necrosis of the tissues of the head of the penis and foreskin. With gangrenous form, pus is very prominent in the inflamed area, body temperature rises, and overall well-being worsens.

Symptoms of a child's balanoposthitis:

  1. Redness of the head of the penis and folds of the foreskin with their puffiness, which causes an increase in the size of the penis.
  2. On the skin or mucous in the vicinity of the intimate zone, there may be a rash like bubbles, pimples, cracks.
  3. Crying and anxiety of the child at the time of touching the genitals and urination.
  4. The body temperature rises to 39 degrees.
  5. There is a bad dream in the baby, a bad appetite, moods and irritability.


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Preventive measures for men

  1. The washing of the penis every day is recognized as the main factor contributing to the prevention of inflammation of the head and / or leaf of the foreskin of the penis. Take a shower and change your laundry enough once a day (and more often). In the process of washing, you need to pull out a sheet of skin fold, wash the place under the fold from the accumulated dirt and then return the skin fold to the usual place. Means of intimate hygiene should be selected with special care. It is more prudent to wash off the shower gel or soap will not be superfluous either.
  2. The use of condoms will help to protect against diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse. Especially when you are not sure that the partner does not have them.
  3. With redness on the head and penis, phimosis, pain at the time of erection and urination, an appeal to the urologist is necessary.

Preventive measures in children's balanoposthitis

An important measure of preventing children's balanoposthitis is responsible compliance with hygiene requirements.


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For children under 2 years such requirements are: to select the appropriate diapers, more often to change them (after 4-6 hours), carefully wash the boy, spend an air bath for about 10 minutes, apply moisturizers to the skin of the penis (D-Panthenol, Topikrem). In no case is it permissible to shift the foreskin of a toddler violently if it is narrow and badly exposing the head (in children this phenomenon is considered the norm).

A child over two years old must be warned not to touch the penis with dirty hands, and also teach him to strip the head of the penis when the skin will move easily.

The wet head of the penis? Urgently visit the urologist.