Cauterization of liquid nitrogen by papillomas: merits and demerits of cryodestruction

Cryodestruction of papillomas is a modern technique aimed at removing neoplasms by exposing them to a low-temperature substance. Liquid nitrogen destroys pathologically altered tissues without affecting surrounding covers.

The absence of bleeding as a consequence of the procedure is explained by the blockage of arterial and venous vessels lying in the treatment zone. Foci after removal of the growths heal very quickly and do not transform into coarse scars.

Cryodestruction is a painless way to get rid of papillomas

Manipulation is carried out using a cryodestructor - a special apparatus containing liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -196 degrees.

Its duration is determined by the type of wart and the depth of penetration of the roots into the skin. In general, the procedure takes about 2 minutes. As it is finished, the treated area becomes hard, white and unfeeling.

At the end of the day after cauterization of papillomas with liquid nitrogen, a scab is formed. In the next month and a half, he must repulse himself. Remove and pick it should not, because the frozen crust protects the wound from infection.

Also, in the first day after the procedure, the treated area becomes swollen and hyperemic. On the second day, a blister jumps up here and an inflammatory process, caused by cell death, develops. Its duration can vary between 2 - 3 weeks with a profuse exudation. Then the process of epithelial repair begins.


In some cases, the full healing of tissues with the restoration of their natural structure takes about 6 months. If the treated area is scarring, the scar will be smooth and barely noticeable.


Video:removal of papillom with liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction).

Indications and contraindications, merits and demerits of cryodestruction

To resort to removal of papillomas with liquid nitrogen is permitted in the absence of signs of their malignancy, that is, degeneration into a malignant tumor. Indications for the cold destruction of outgrowths are their trauma and causing aesthetic discomfort to their possessor.


Contraindications to the procedure include:

  1. increased sensitivity of the organism to cold;
  2. the presence of acute current diseases of an infectious nature;
  3. inflammatory processes, flowing in internal organs;
  4. oncological diseases.

The advantages of removing warts in this way include the absence of the need for anesthesia, easy tolerability of the body, the short duration of the session and its affordable cost. The risk of consequences in the form of scar formation by specialists is minimized, and the effect of cold acts as a kind of prevention of infection.

To identify the shortcomings of cryodestruction, you should know that the procedure can be performed aggressively and more gently. In the first case, there is a risk of scarring, although it is minimal. In the second case scarring is excluded.

The main disadvantage of cold neoplasm replacement is that the specialist does not always have the ability to control the depth of influence on the desired focus. For this reason, it is likely to get a small burn of healthy skin. Minus of nitrogen therapy can be called the emergence of the need for repeated removal of old warts of large sizes - they are difficult to extract.


Cauterization of the neoplasm solves only the cosmetic problem. The human papilloma virus is the main cause of the appearance of warts, it is impossible to overcome only the low-temperature effect.


Cost of cryodestruction, reviews about procedure

The procedure for removing papillomas with liquid nitrogen prices set acceptable - from 4 to 10 dollars. Variations in value are determined by the following points:

  • size of the built-up edge;
  • its location;
  • number of procedures;
  • brand of the device;
  • the prestige of the clinic and the professionalism of the doctor.

The removal of papillomas with liquid nitrogen - reviews of dermatologist patients usually leave positive. The 20-year-old Victor enthusiastically tells how, with the help of cryodestruction, he managed to get rid of the unsightly build-up on his neck.

"A wart on my body appeared in 15 years. She was rubbed against clothes and had no aesthetic appearance. After reading the information on the Internet, I decided to reduce the papilloma with liquid nitrogen. The doctor was experienced, good-natured. He told me how to behave after the procedure, that you should not tear off the crust.

After about 10 days, it really fell off by itself. A few months have passed, the hearth completely healed and merged with the surrounding skin. It is practically invisible. "


Blisters can not be hidden under a band-aid. They can be covered with a bandage to protect the treated area from external influences. Wash the hearth carefully, with clean water without soap. To abolish a strong soreness, if any, can be a tablet of Analgin.


40-year-old Anna shared her impressions about the treatment of papillomas with nitrogen.

"Until recently, my body" decorated "warts - as a sign of carriage of papillomavirus they appeared in the number of 5 pieces. After reading reviews on the Internet about the painlessness of their removal by cryodestruction, I decided to try this method on myself. Indeed, the procedure was quick and painless. The vesicles quickly healed, the allocation of the contents was insignificant. I am pleased".

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