Than to treat a fungus on a head. Medication and folk remedies

If your hair is dull, brittle and dandruff is poured from it, it is possible that the scalp is affected by the fungus.

Mycoses are found in adults and children in different parts of the body and create significant discomfort. The causative agent of the disease are different strains of the fungus. From the type of fungus that affected the human body, the symptoms and treatment of pathology on the scalp depend.

Why the scalp is affected by fungus

The appearance of a skin fungus on the head is associated with various causes.

Children have contacts with street animals and communicate with sick friends. In adults, the cause of fungal infections are blood and cardiovascular diseases, immunodeficiency states and oncological pathologies, living in unsatisfactory environmental conditions and non-compliance with hygiene rules, and others factors.

In some patients, the fungus on the head appears due to hormonal or antibacterial therapy. When trying to bring the disease out with advertised fungicides, the problem is aggravated by the wrong choice of the drug and the development of resistance to it fungal infection.


Modern specialists know more than 1.5 million. activators of a fungus. The most dangerous for a person from this number are 500 types of mycosis. Most often people are faced with mold and yeast flora, dermatomycetes and other pathogenic representatives.


Determine the nature of the pathogen and prescribe adequate therapy for mycosis may be a dermatologist or trichologist. These professionals should be treated with excessive hair loss, dandruff and an intolerable itch of scalp. If discomfort is not associated with improper care of the body, then the patient needs medication.

Fungus on the head: the main symptoms and forms of the disease

Since the human skin can affect a variety of fungi, it is important to pay attention to all changes in health and hair condition.

When the fungus affects the scalp, it is difficult not to notice the following symptoms:

  • Dryness, pallor and hair loss.
  • Peeling of the scalp with the formation of isolated areas, which have a rounded shape and indistinct boundaries.
  • Loss and loss of hair right up to the formation of bald patches.
  • The appearance of pink plaques on the head, which rise above the surface of the epidermis. Small bubbles can form on the elements, gradually fading with yellow or gray crusts.
  • Hair loss at the level of follicles. Black dots are seen on the skin. These are fragments of the affected hair, which doctors call hemp.
  • Accumulation of purulent areas in a specific area of ​​the head (is a symptom of the surface form of ringworm).

When examining patients who have treated with the symptoms of the fungus of the scalp, doctors diagnose trichophytosis or microsporosis (ringworm and microsporia respectively).


A variant of mycosis on the head is also favus, or scab. In the CIS countries, this disease does not occur. It is common in the Middle East and in the Central Asian region. In our country, in rare cases, the scab is imported by travelers.


Consider briefly every form of fungal infection that affects the scalp:

  • Trichophytosis. Characterized by intensive loss of vegetation with the formation of prorecines. Ringworm usually affects children aged 3 to 12 years. Trichophytosis is very contagious. The cause of infection is close communication with a sick person or animal. The incubation period of the disease lasts 5-7 days. Later on the head appear fragments of hair, gray plaque, swelling and redness of the tissues. All this is accompanied by severe itching.
  • Microsporosis. The disease is transmitted from sick people and animals and through public objects. Microspores spread very quickly, and the signs of their defeat are similar to the clinical picture of trichophytosis. Differentiate pathology by laboratory tests. Symptoms of microsporia include peeling of the skin and fragility of the hair, swelling of the tissues and purulent crusts. Inflammatory process is weak.
  • Favus. People get infected by the same channels as in previous cases. The disease is manifested by the formation of yellowish crusts where the hair grows. In addition to the head, the favus affects other hairy body surfaces. In the center of the affected hearth there is a dent. The skin under the crusts is atrophied and there is a steady baldness. Until the moment of alopecia, the hair looks dull and weakened and is easily pulled out by combing or hands. Hairstyle reminiscent of a worn out wig.

We present to your attention photos of different forms of skin fungus on the head.

The disease is not life-threatening, but it is better to treat it in a timely manner, because signs of deprivation on the head always repel others.

How and what is the treatment for the fungus on the scalp

Drug dermatologists and trichologists prescribe medicinal treatment of dandruff and fungus from the answers of laboratory studies. Patients are prescribed effective antifungal agents in the form of tablets, ointments, shampoos. Preparations perfectly remove the itching and irritation, but when using them, one should take into account the degree of toxicity and influence on the organs and various processes occurring in the body.

Contraindications to the use of antimycotics are usually:

  1. Renal failure.
  2. Diseases of the liver.
  3. Vascular pathology of the extremities.
  4. Incorrect metabolism.
  5. Presence of an oncologic diagnosis.
  6. Diseases of the hematopoietic system.

An experienced specialist knows how to treat a fungus on the head of an adult, so he can easily make a course of therapy. Against mycosis on the scalp, dermatologists prescribe shampoo and tablets Nizoral.

The patient takes the pill by oral route according to the developed scheme. Shampoo massage moistened hair for 5 - 7 minutes. Cost Nizoral about 550 rubles.

Ointments for external treatment of the head with fungal infection appoint ketoconazole and betamethasone (prices - 520 and 445 rubles). Fungicides eliminate itching, flaking and dandruff, relieve inflammation and kill bacteria. Maintain an acidic skin environment.

In addition to Nizoral, for washing the hair shampoo against the fungus of the scalp is used under the names Mikozoral, Sebozol, Keto Plus. They choose therapeutic balms. The comb during the treatment of mycosis is regularly disinfected and not given to other family members.

From oral means from a fungus of a skin of a head appoint Irunin, Griseofulvin, antibiotics and hormonal medicines. Hormonal therapy is effective in the presence of the patient's endocrine disease, which provoked the activity of pathogenic flora.


Hardware treatment of the scalp from the fungus is carried out with the help of cryomassage. The cold effect on the affected foci is assigned to patients as a rehabilitation procedure.


Folk treatment of ringworm and microsporia

With mild symptoms, the fungus of the scalp can be tried out by treating with folk remedies. Medical appointments can not be canceled. An integrated approach contributes to a faster recovery.

High onion and garlic properties.

Vegetables are turned into gruel and put the prepared mass on the affected surface of the head. The outbreaks are covered with polyethylene. The mask should be kept for 30 minutes, but if the scalp reacts to the corrosive composition with a strong burning sensation, the procedure is terminated earlier.

Against dandruff during the treatment of fungus on the head of healers advised to use castor and burdock oil. The products are mixed with cognac, honey, hot pepper and mix the problem areas with the mixture. Such masks fight the fungus and stimulate local blood circulation.

Antiseptic treatment of the affected scalp with the fungus is carried out with the help of calendula, honey and oak tree bark:

  1. All components are taken equally.
  2. Phytosolye is ground with a grinder to a powder.
  3. The powder is dissolved in honey and the composition is applied to the affected foci.
  4. The head is covered with polyethylene or put on a bathing cap.
  5. The session is arranged once a day.

To restore the epidermal cover of the head after treatment, it is recommended to use a decoction of lemon peels for a while. Zestri 2 lemons brew 1 liter of boiling water, cool the liquid and wipe it defective places several times a day.


P.S. Be healthy!


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