If there were papillomas in the vagina. How to get rid ?!

Papillomas formed in the vagina or in the crotch area look like small nodule-like outgrowths of corporal or pink color. In another way they are called condylomas.

With multiple clusters of elements, experts put women diagnosed as "papillomatosis" and offer to get rid of them in the most rational way.

The causes of the formation of papillomas in the female genital tract

The causative agent of the disease is a papillomavirus infection, or HPV. The incubation period of its development is 2 - 3 months. With the influence of adverse factors, the period can be reduced to 2 weeks. In rare cases, the period from the moment of infection to the manifestation of the first signs of pathology takes several years.

The human papilloma virus enters the vagina during unprotected intercourse or when it is performed with unverified partners. Also, the disease can develop against the background of a decrease in general or local immunity, after the transfer of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive and STD. These are:

  • endometritis;
  • inflammation of the ovaries;
  • vulvovaginitis;
  • chlamydia;
  • gonorrhea, etc.

Because of what can this trouble happen? Gynecologists note that early sexual life, vitamin deficiency, imbalance of the vaginal flora and frequent experience of stressful situations in some patients are factors predisposing to activity of HPV.

The causative agent of the disease is about hundreds of strains, each of which provokes certain skin lesions. With the ingress of healthy tissue, the virus penetrates into the basal layer of the dermis and damages the protein shell of the selected cell. Then, the viral DNA is introduced into the center of the cell and awaits the advent of favorable circumstances for the infection of the body. In people with strong immunity, harmful DNA can not penetrate into the chromosome of the nucleus, so the disease does not show itself.


The defeat of the organism with an oncogenic HPV type increases the risk of developing a malignant tumor. Oncogenic viruses are characterized by increased activity and are less amenable to therapy. In appearance, internal neoplasms resemble small cones or villi.


Clinical features of condylomas

In women, papillomas appear at the entrance to the vagina, on small and large labia, on the cervix or on the mucous membrane of the vaginal tube. Experts recognize them in appearance, similar to broad, pearly white villi. Elements have pointed tops, and from their "legs" comes a clear, unpleasantly smelling liquid.

As it expires, the woman experiences itching and discomfort, which intensifies during sex. Also, she may notice slight spotting that appears after she has had intercourse. Their output indicates the trauma of condylomatous elements.


Photos of different variants of papillomas in the vagina, you can look on the Internet. Detection in the intimate area of ​​these growths requires an immediate visit to the gynecologist. And even if they are not a source of unpleasant sensations, it is still not necessary to delay the visit to the doctor. Under the influence of adverse factors, neoplasms can expand and spread to the cervix, causing cancer.


At first, the disease is asymptomatic, and for her to identify a woman will have to undergo colposcopy. The diagnostic technique allows to take a smear and a site of the affected tissue and transfer them to a cytological and histological examination. To determine the HPV strain, doctors conduct a PCR analysis and suggest that the patient be given blood for syphilis, HIV and other sexual infections.


How do condylomatous formations look at an early stage of infection? Initially, they are defined as the site of vasodilation. This sign is not always subject to correct interpretation, which makes diagnosis difficult and does not allow you to quickly start treatment.

Medical treatment of vaginal papillomas

When prescribing drugs against papillomas, doctors should take into account certain features of therapy:

  1. impossibility of development of stable immunity to HPV, which threatens with the repeated formation of growths in secondary infection;
  2. the occurrence of relapses, which were observed in a third of patients. In order to prevent them, the main treatment course should be supported by antirecidive therapy.

To a woman could get rid of multiple manifestations of pathology, she is prescribed antiviral drugs in tablets - Lycopid and Alpizarin. They perfectly cope with massive clusters of elements. To maintain the body's defenses, the patient is offered to drink immunomodulators - Cycloferon, Galavit, Immunophane and the like. From chemotherapeutic drugs against HPV Podophyllotoxin is shown.

If treatment of papillomas in the vagina has to be done during pregnancy, doctors prefer to take therapeutic measures only in the first trimester. Future mothers are prescribed Interferon or Solcoderm.

If the doctor prescribes local treatment for the therapy, they must be applied until the papillom completely disappears. In the healing of the problem skin Galaderm gel shows itself well. On the papillomas it is applied during the month 2 - 3 r. in a day.

From antiviral ointments it is worth paying attention to Ryodoxol. The drug is prescribed for 1 month for treatment of genital warts from 1 to 3 r. per day. Longer use can cause light burn and reddening of the skin. The number of contraindications to the use of ryodoxol is hirsutism, pregnancy, telangiectasia.

Hardware removal of papillomas from the vagina

How to treat papillomas in the vagina without medication? Modern methods of getting rid of tumors are:

  • cryodestruction, or exposure to the element by liquid cooled nitrogen. The procedure leads to the death of papillomas. Healing takes place 7 to 14 days. The method is good for removing single elements.
  • Electrocoagulation, in the process of which the "leg" of condyloma is cauterized by electric current. The new formation dies off, and the liberated area heals within 2 weeks. This method of removing papillomas in the vagina doctors choose to treat neglected cases.
  • Laser destruction. The beam of the apparatus dries and evaporates the condyloma, after which the formed crust gradually falls off. Laser therapy is indicated for the development of large growths of papillomas.
  • Radio wave surgery is a painless process that allows you to get rid of all the warts in 1 session. Scars after such intervention do not remain.

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