Than to treat a fungus on legs or foots between fingers

Mycosis, or fungal infection can affect any part of the human body. It causes special discomfort between the toes.

Statistics show that with a fungus between the toes to the dermatologist appeals to every 5 residents of Russia. Associated with the disease with excessive sweating and wearing uncomfortable or substandard footwear.

Why does the fungus appear between the toes

Fungus is transmitted by close communication with the carrier of the pathogen, when using non-sterile manicure supplies, other personal care products and laundry. Most often the fungus clings to the feet in swimming pools, baths, gyms. Very quickly mycosis infected people with weakened immunity.

Fungal infections on the soles may also appear after barefoot people have walked along bare soil or a grassy surface. The causative agents of the disease live not only in conditions of high humidity, but also in the open ground. Therefore, walking without shoes can be dangerous.

Other factors and causes of fungal development between toes:

  • Hypovitaminosis.
  • Dysbacteriosis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Prolonged intake of antibiotics.
  • The presence on the legs of wounds, ulcers, pustules.
  • Pathology of lymphatic vessels.
  • Local hypothermia.
  • Abundant sweating of limbs, which maintains a warm moist environment in the interdigital zone.
  • Pregnancy and immunodeficiency states, when the natural defense of the body is weakened.
  • Wearing tight shoes, narrowed models and sewn from synthetic materials.
  • Long stay in the standing position (leads to squeezing the soft tissues of the foot and worsening of the blood flow).

Fungus in the interdigital folds provokes the activity of dermatophytes, molds and yeast-like strains. Infection of the skin occurs at the moment of getting on the body of viable spores. Under favorable conditions in the human body, fungi germinate in the intercellular epidermis and reach the surface of the dermis.


How does the fungus appear on the legs between the fingers

At the initial stage, mycosis can occur without any significant symptoms. The patient does not pay attention to a slight itch, there are no other uncomfortable sensations in the early stages. This leads to a rapid development of the pathogen, which begins to damage the skin of the leg, the interdigital area and the nails.

Later, a person infected with a fungus can observe such symptoms:

  1. Seals on the sole.
  2. Increased sweating of the feet.
  3. An unbearable itch and soreness between the fingers.
  4. Peeling and cracking of the interdigital zone.
  5. Yellow or gray spots of large size, the area of ​​which increases without timely treatment.
  6. Change the appearance of nails. With onychomycosis and mycosis of the foot, they fade, deform, cover with colored spots and stripes.

If the fungus spreads to the nail plates, it will be completely possible to get rid of it only after 9 to 12 months.


External signs of the fungus between the toes are shown in the photo.


To stop the propagation of the pathogen, it is necessary to contact the dermatologist in the presence of the first signs of lesion. Running forms of mycosis spread from the interdigital parts of the legs and nails to other parts of the body and prolong the fight against the infection in time.

The fungus between the toes can flow in three forms:

  • Squamous. It is characterized by swelling and flaking of the skin, separation of whitish scales and expressiveness of the cutaneous pattern in the affected area. Seeded by fungi, the site becomes shiny. Nails are deformed.
  • Hyperkeratotic. Symptoms of this form of fungus on the legs are red-blue rashes in the interdigital zone and on the skin fingers, enlargement and thickening of scales, which subsequently change their color from white to gray-brown. The rash is "diluted" with liquid vesicles. Pathological foci merge and creep across the entire surface of the foot.
  • Intertriginous. At this stage mycosis is manifested by swelling, inflammation and redness of the skin. The problematic surface is cracked, peeled, and deep erosions are formed on it.

Medicamental treatment of fungus between toes

Dermatologists, mycologists, infectious disease specialists diagnose and treat the fungus between the toes. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient should get rid of old bastards and slippers, and disinfect street shoes with lemon juice or a special preparation, having previously removed the insoles. Disinfect shoes for preventive purposes every week.

With the initial forms of interdigital foot fungus with regular therapy, you can cope for 1 month. To do this, it is sufficient to apply ointment from the fungus between the toes on the legs with the content of tolnaftate and miconazole. An example of such a preparation is ointment Clotrimazole.

Use it for 2 weeks, then change to avoid addiction.

Antifungal ointments eliminate the causative agent and external symptoms. External funds are used throughout the period of therapy. To fix the result and prevent secondary infection, it is recommended that they be used 10 to 14 days after recovery.

What ointments and creams you can cure a fungus between the toes:

  • Pimafucin.
  • Mikozoral.
  • Dactanol.
  • Kanesten.
  • Lamisyl.
  • Terbinafine.
  • Exodermil.
  • Diprosalic.
  • Nizoral.
  • Nitrofungin.
  • Hinofungin and others.

Affected nail fungus on the foot treated with therapeutic varnishes or solutions. These are drugs called Loceril, Oflomil, Batrafen, Exoderil.


To treat interdigital fungus on the legs with the help of external antimycotics was most effective, dermatologists recommend preparing the affected areas of the body for the procedure. The preparation is that the feet are soared for 15 minutes in a slightly hot soapy solution.

Prepare it in the ratio of 2 tbsp. l. shavings of laundry soap for 2 liters of water.

After the foot bath, wipe with a disposable napkin and rub a thin layer of ointment into the dry steamed skin. The treatment is performed in affected areas and in neighboring healthy areas where there are no obvious symptoms of mycosis.

Antifungal tablets are prescribed for patients with moderate or severe mycosis, with defeat of nails. The purpose of therapy is to improve the body at the system level.

List of oral medications for interdigital fungus:

  1. Orungal.
  2. Fluconazole.
  3. Terbinafine.
  4. Ketoconazole.
  5. Irunin.
  6. Griseofulvin.

With severe itching and general sensitization, patients are prescribed antihistamines and sedatives. The general immunity of the body is increased by multivitamin complexes. Secondary bacterial infection is eliminated with antibiotics and sulfonamides.


Folk remedies against interdigital foot fungus

If there is no possibility to visit the doctor, and there are no suitable medications at hand, the patient will be helpful know what to treat the fungus on the legs between the fingers, what kind of improvised substances and products are suitable for this goals.

1. Egg and vinegar help to effectively remove the fungus. Chicken eggs and shells are poured with vinegar essence (75%).

The bank is taken to a dark room and waiting for the complete dissolution of the shell. From the resulting mass, remove the film and dilute the mixture for 1 hour. l. butter. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and insisted for 1 day. For the treatment of fungus, egg-acetic ointment is used 2 times a day for 1 week.

2. The second way of home treatment of the fungus between the toes is to mix the ammonia and water (1 tbsp. l. x 200 ml). The solution is abundantly moistened with a piece of soft tissue and wrapped around the foot, affected by the fungus. The extremity is additionally wrapped in polyethylene and put on a sock. This compress is done before bedtime. In total it is necessary to spend 8-10 procedures.

3. In the treatment of interdigital fungus on the feet of folk remedies, recipe with ground coffee:

  • In 1 liter of hot water, dissolve 5 tbsp. l. coffee.
  • The whole volume of the drink is poured into the pelvis and the legs hover for half an hour.
  • Do not wipe the limbs, put on cotton socks and go to bed.
  • In the morning, feet are rinsed with cool water.

Procedures are done daily for a month. Mycosis necessarily retreat.

4. In the summer, wormwood helps to get rid of the fungus between the toes. The broth is prepared from 0.5 kg of the aboveground part of the plant and 3 liters of ordinary water. The greens are cooked for 15 minutes, then insist 30 minutes and filter. The filtered liquid is used to soar your feet before going to bed.


P.S. Be healthy! You can share in the comments your folk recipes.


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