How to apply Boroxyl Lotion from papillomas. Reviews

Papillomas are small and large neoplasms that appear in humans due to infection with the papilloma virus.

HPV occurs in adults and children. Infection occurs through household items, in public places and by infecting mechanical damage to the skin (scratches, wounds, cracks, irritated areas).

Remove growths in different ways, but not always they are effective for papillomas of various types. The use of innovative products, such as, for example, Boroxyl Lotion, increases the chance for rapid skin cleansing from non-aesthetic viscose.

Composition and medicinal properties of Boroxyl

The unique composition and absence of direct analogs makes Boroxyl lotion a powerful antiviral agent.

It has a liquid form and is not a medicine. This cleansing lotion for external use, designed to correct skin defects of a viral origin. Dilute the drug into dark glass vials with a volume of 15 ml.

For ease of application, a brush is screwed into the cover.

The complete composition is represented by:

  • Water.
  • Potassium hydroxide.
  • Extract of the bark of the willow is black.
  • Aloe vera extract.
  • Extract of the Neem.
  • Extract of tea tree leaves.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose.

Distilled water with potassium hydroxide dissolve the keratinous body of the wart and penetrate the skin. The components do not cause side effects. On the papilloma, Boroxyl exerts a cauterizing and mummifying effect.


The advantage of Boroxyl is that a person can use it to bring out papillomas of different sizes without using complex procedures. Self-management therapy does not cause pain and does not leave scars and scars.


Indications and contraindications

A wide range of indications for use cosmetic lotion does not. Its only purpose is to remove skin growths that were formed under the influence of human papillomavirus.


Instructions for use suggest using Boroxyl point to treat each papilloma 2 - 3 times a day. Procedures must be performed carefully, so that the product does not spread to healthy skin. You can apply the drug only to the papilloma.

Therapeutic manipulation is recommended to hold several days in a row until the warts darken. At this stage, therapy is stopped and waiting for the element to fall off completely. You do not need to rip and pick it off. The wart should fall off on its own. The growth of more than 2 - 3 mm takes longer.


During the application of the lotion, peeling of the horny areas of the skin can be observed. This is a normal phenomenon, which does not require the abolition of treatment and medical intervention.


Contraindications to use Boroxyl lotion has little:

  1. Children under 7 years.
  2. Hypersensitivity with allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

In the period of breastfeeding, women can excrete papillomas with lotion. But nursing mothers should ensure that the baby does not lick the treated areas of the body. If Boroksil did not help, the treatment should be stopped and go to the dermatologist. Aggressive agents for the removal of warts during lactation and pregnancy women can not be used.


Of the side effects, the drug can cause pigmentation of the skin, released from the papilloma. This phenomenon doctors explain the natural regeneration of the epidermis. It disappears within 8 - 9 months.


Important recommendations for use

To use lotion from papillomas Boroxyl produced positive results, consumers should adhere to several recommendations:

  • Do not use the drug to remove nevi.
  • Do not treat with inflamed tissues.
  • Do not apply lotion to open wounds, scratches, genitals, eyes.
  • Do not handle the oral cavity and do not take the medication inside.
  • Do not cover with adhesive tape and do not bandage the areas, lubricated with Boroxyl.
  • Do not tear and do not lubricate with medicines appearing crusts.
  • Do not sunbathe under the sun and do not visit the solarium during the entire period of the drug (ultraviolet at this time is dangerous for the body).

If Boroksil splashed and accidentally got in your eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of running water and visit the doctor.


Keep the product recommended in a place away from children in a darkened room where the temperature is maintained at +15 - 25 ° C. The contents of the opened bottle is recommended to be used within 30 days. After the expiration date (3 years), use of lotion is prohibited.

Some consumers violate these conditions and subsequently write in the reviews that Boroksil divorce and does not help at all.

Price and reviews

In pharmacies, Boroxyl is not sold. Producer LLC "Oleander" (Russia) distributes its goods through the official website and registered dealers. Here you can find out the exact price - according to the latest data lotion is sold for 1170 Russian rubles.

Verify the effectiveness of the facility allows consumer feedback:

Elena, 24 years old: I had a few small papillomas on my body, which were often traumatized about clothes. I did not want to remove them surgically, and I decided to get rid of the defect with the help of an external remedy. I ordered Boroksil on the Internet and started applying it after taking a hot bath. The lotion acts better on the steamed body - I found out about it at the forum, where the Russian product was discussed. Thanks to the drug, I got rid of the warts in 5 days.

Oksana, 36 years old: For the first time my papillomas appeared in adolescence. They periodically disappeared and appeared in the same place, sometimes the growths were formed on other parts of the body. On the possibility of safe removal of papillomas, I found out on the official website of the manufacturer of Boroxyl Lotion and without hesitation I ordered a drug.

She smeared her sores 3 times a day and already on the 2nd day noticed that the smallest viscose fell off. With large warts had to fight for a week, but still they disappeared. Scars and scars on the body. I am pleased.


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