Milk with iodine for abortion - folk remedies

We will open the veil on how in early terms to contribute to spontaneous abortion, at home, in particular how to correctly use milk with iodine for abortion.

It is clear that the target audience of such inquiries is a girl of about fifteen, the first thought with a delay in their monthly only conception, except for fear of telling parents about what happened, they are hardly anything more are guided.

At this age, all kinds of hormonal bursts are possible, often the delay is simply the cause of the unsteady cycle, but the fear and cheapness of the proposed method make it popular. As milk and iodine act on the body, and whether such a means can disrupt a possible pregnancy, consider below.

In what cases are they advised to drink iodine and whether it is beneficial


Iodine helps restore the protective functions of the body, promotes normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It is indispensable for the beauty of teeth, hair, nails.


The lack of a mineral can provoke such health problems as:

  1. drowsiness, lethargy, apathy, irritability;
  2. miscarriages at early stages, difficulties with conception;
  3. disorders of the menstrual cycle (irregularity, oligomenorrhoea, amenorrhea);
  4. violation of mental activity, memory problems, concentration of attention;
  5. tendency to overweight.
  6. pathology of the digestive tract (propensity to constipation).

Products of vegetable origin, rich in this trace element: mussels, kelp, shrimp, sea salt.

To maintain a balance, it is recommended to eat iodized salt in food, to use as dry seasoned crushed sea kale. A lot of facts and confirmed information can also be found about the benefits of iodine for the nervous system and the work of the brain.

On forums and various blogs he is advised to drink:

  1. With radiation sickness. The usual medicine in jars used for the treatment of the skin, in this case is not suitable, even in combination with milk. In a specific case, doctors prescribe the use of medications that contain potassium iodide (eg, iodomarine).
  2. To cancel ovulation. An original method of folk contraception is iodized milk.
  3. The most famous variant of the use of the composition based on milk and iodine is used as an abortive method.

It is necessary to know, after drinking a large amount of the drug, you can affect the body toxicly, induce vomiting, nausea, provoke stomach diseases and other serious complications.

If a woman is not pregnant, but there is simply a cycle failure, the monthly ones will begin, but the harm of using this remedy significantly exceeds such questionable benefits.

The reason for the delay may be caused not only by the alleged conception, but for example:

  • stress, nervous overloads;
  • moving or resting in another climatic region;
  • hormonal instability of a young organism;
  • debilitating diets (this also often applies to young girls);
  • active sports with lifting weights;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathology;
  • diseases of the uterus and appendages;
  • endocrine pathology.

If the girl is really waiting for the child, which is confirmed by the tests, such a cocktail with milk can cause severe bleeding, or in large doses due to toxicity - fetal death. As a result, a fan of experiments will be in the hospital, and at best only lose a child.

Despite the fact that repeated use of the mixture causes fetal death, the uterus does not always contract, as such there is no miscarriage. A dead fruit for a woman threatens with serious inflammation, problems with internal organs, heavy bleeding. Even the intervention of doctors does not always give guarantees of the patient's future health, often as a result of such experiments the girl becomes barren.

It is also possible that when the fetus does not die after bleeding, the parents naturally learn about everything, and will not be against the birth of the baby, but will such a child be healthy?

It is unlikely that a person who has maimed himself in this way will boast about it to friends or write a review on social networks.

Recipe for the use of a drug for miscarriage

  1. Means a course call. The composition includes a glass of warm milk and 12 drops of iodine. Drink in the morning, every day for 10 days. After that, the menstrual period should begin or a miscarriage occurs.
  2. 25 ml of alcohol solution of iodine (half the standard package) for two hundred grams of milk, this method, according to the reviews, more quickly solves the problem.

Possible consequences of taking the drug inside

  • violation of the hormonal background;
  • poisoning, stomach ulcer, bloody vomiting, bleeding from the urinary tract;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • burns of the esophagus, stomach, with a strong effect of the drug, possible tissue death;
  • disorders of heart rate and heart function;
  • nervousness, increased anxiety, sleep disturbances;
  • loss of consciousness.

Situations of this kind, when adolescents are actively looking for options to disrupt pregnancy at home, resorting in particular to use of iodine with milk for abortion, reviews about which are often deplorable, have a place to be because of fear go to the doctor. Almost any teenager is afraid to admit to parents about the current situation, lack of knowledge and finances forces to look for such ways of solving the problem. After a positive test, a stressful situation occurs, in which the girl thinks little of the consequences, fearing the publicity and reaction of adults.

Parents try to avoid such topics in communication with children, teenagers do not have a culture of sex and basic knowledge about contraception, in many families it is taboo, children are afraid of a hard reaction more than possible health problems and they decide to drink milk with iodine. All this leads to the fact that so far unreasonable folk methods have been applied in practice

To avoid complications and health problems, parents should try to create trust in the family, so that the girl could go for advice to her mother, and not seek answers in in social networks.

Judging by the responses and comments to such posts, adult women also actively use such inadequate methods for abortion and even allow themselves to be advised to other people.

With delays in menstruation or in case of suspicion of unwanted pregnancy, you should only go to a specialized clinic where abortion will be performed professional doctors who after the appointment of restorative treatment and help prevent that such a mistake became for the girl and her health fatal.