Laser therapy in the treatment of papillomas

Before the introduction into medical practice of laser removal by papillomas, it was possible to get rid of neoplasms by either surgical by way of, or during exposure to growths by low-temperature nitrogen, chemical reagents, high electric current frequency.

But due to painfulness and long rehabilitation period of these procedures, specialists invented an innovative technique, the essence of which is reduced to the impact on the wart by a laser beam. As a result, her body seems to evaporate.

What is laser therapy?

Experts use low-intensity radiation to remove tumors. Transmission of light energy to the internal environment of the body leads to the fact that:

  • circulation of blood is stimulated;
  • improves nutrition of tissues;
  • self-regulation processes are activated.

All this in aggregate accelerates the healing of the treated surface.

The procedure for removing the papillomas with a laser involves 2 actions - their excision and coagulation / sealing of blood vessels and cells. Therefore complications in the form of inflammatory processes and scarring after manipulation do not arise.

When the neoplasms with a diameter of up to 5 mm evaporate, the site of operation remains clean. But after the removal of large elements can remain unobtrusive spots of white. In any case, the complete healing of tissues takes place in 5-8 days.


Laser treatment of papillomas is good because the ray does not affect the surrounding healthy covers, thus preventing their infection. Also, during the manipulation, the doctor has the ability to control the depth of exposure.


Advantages and disadvantages of laser vaporization of papillomas

Under the impact of the beam, destruction of the altered tissue occurs. The place of the former wart turns into a crust, under which the recovery processes will later proceed. In addition to its main purpose, the hardware technique gives a disinfectant effect, which significantly reduces the postoperative period.

If you do not dare to remove the birthmarks and papillomas with a laser, be aware that due to the accuracy of the laser beam, it has found application even in gynecology. In this branch of medicine, it is used to treat genital warts that have formed on the genitals.


Thus, the main advantages of laser therapy can be listed:

  1. absence of calcined tissue;
  2. prevention of inflammation;
  3. the possibility of removing hundreds of small tumors (up to 1 cm) in one treatment session.

The disadvantages of laser treatment include side effects, similar to obtaining a burn. Within a certain amount of time, a significant reddening of the integuments or mucous membranes can be observed at the treatment site, followed by the formation of a scab. But this phenomenon is considered normal, it passes quickly.

If the human body is prone to allergic reactions to solar radiation, after removal of the papillomas by the laser, the effects can be observed in the form of swelling and hyperemia. In this case, the patient should contact the clinic.

Bubbles can form on the sensitive skin. After self-healing, their place is occupied by weakly noticeable whitish scars. It happens that the treated area changes color. This happens very rarely, but the pigmentation can persist for a long period of time.

Contraindications to the removal of papillomas by laser are such moments:

  • herpes in an exacerbation stage;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • epilepsy;
  • immunodeficiency states;
  • malignant neoplasm;
  • any skin and blood diseases;
  • tan obtained in 2 weeks (and less) before the procedure.

After the procedural regime includes the refusal to visit baths, saunas, swimming pools until the healing of the treated cover is complete. For 3 days following the procedure, it is recommended to wipe the surface with products containing alcohol.


Video:removal of papilloma in the language of the laser.

The cost of the procedure, feedback on it, useful advice

How much does it cost to remove the papilloma laser? The price of the procedure in the clinics is determined based on the characteristics of the affected area and the number of tumors. On average, for evaporation of one condyloma patients have to pay about 10 dollars. With massive clusters of warts, the procedure can be costly.

At the same time reviews the removal of papillomas with a laser collects positive. The speed of the procedure, painlessness and short rehabilitation period are attractive for patients with little time spent on treatment and the possibility of restoring an attractive appearance.


During the healing period, lubricate the exposed skin or mucous membrane with iodine, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate is prohibited. The treated area must itself become covered with a crust, which will later disappear naturally.


To treat the treated surface as soon as possible, and the skin does not form scars and scars, experts prohibit the following actions:

  1. get sunburn in the solarium and on the beach;
  2. care for the treated area with the help of cosmetics;
  3. take water procedures;
  4. rip off the crust, formed on the site of the distant build-up.

The ban on these measures is imposed for 2 weeks, following laser therapy. Bathing is prohibited until the healing zone is completely healed. If walking is planned in sunny weather, on the eve of going outside, doctors are advised to use sunscreen.


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