How to treat nail fungus Bifosin. What patients say

With long-term treatment of fungal infection, its main strains can develop resistance to fungicidal drugs, so treatment of onychomycosis can cause some difficulties. The task of a dermatologist becomes the choice of a medicine against which the causative agent of the disease does not show sensitivity and quickly dies under its influence.

One of the strongest drugs that can quickly eliminate the onychomycosis is Bifosin with bifonazole. The variety of release forms, high efficiency and low cost of Bifosin from nail fungus allow the facility to deservedly collect positive feedback.

Bifosine: formulation and composition

Bifosin antifungal drug is sold in several forms:

  • Cream - a homogeneous mass of white-cream shade sealed in aluminum tubes with a volume of 30 g.
  • Powder - white-gray powder is sold in polyethylene containers in volume of 30 g.
  • Spray - a transparent colorless liquid is in a polymer bottle in a volume of 20 ml. The bottle is equipped with a sprayer.
  • The solution - a transparent substance is poured into bottles-droppers made of dark glass. The volume of each bubble is 15 ml.

The main component of Bifosin is bifonazole. For every 100 g or 100 ml of medicament there is 1 g of active substance. Powder additionally contains starch, zinc oxide and talc. The solution contains polyethylene oxide, in the cream - propylene glycol and polyethylene oxides.

Bifosine works on the destruction of fungal cells, destroying the valuable building material for ergosterol. Bifonazole inhibits the production of this protein in two stages of its synthesis. Thus, the agent provides a structural and functional effect on the pathogen, and the mycelial membrane is completely destroyed.

On enterococci Bifosin does not affect, its fungicidal and fungistatic effect is associated with the oppression of the following pathogens of onychomycosis:

  1. Moldy strains.
  2. Dermatophytes (trichophyton, epidermophyton, microsporium).
  3. Yeast-like flora, incl. and representatives of the candida group.

As a medicine for the treatment of fungus Bifosin is good because it can be combined with various medications and antimycotics including. The therapy takes place at home, and its result is the growth of the renewed nail plate.


How to treat onychomycosis Bifosin: Instruction

Bifosin is intended only for external therapy of fungal infection. According to the instruction, any form of it is used 1 time per day before night sleep.

Treatment of the affected nails is carried out in gloves, so that the causative agent of onychomycosis does not spread to healthy parts of the body. A solution, powder or cream is applied to the problem site with a thin layer, previously steaming the limb in a hot bath. Sick plates as short as possible cut with scissors and grind with a saw or pumice, seeking to eliminate the softened surface.


Next, the nails are dried and treated with Bifosin. The cream is rubbed with light massaging movements and wait 10 to 15 minutes for the medium to soak. If the nail fungus is treated on legs, put on socks and go to bed. Hands can wear cosmetic gloves.

For applying compresses Bifosin cream is used as follows:

  1. The medication is applied to the fungal nail.
  2. The phalanx is sealed with a band-aid or wrapped with a bandage.
  3. The application is done 1 time per day, steaming and polishing the plate before each repeated procedure.

Bifosin spray from nail fungus, according to patient testimonials, is most convenient to use than other forms.

Spray the medicine on the defective plate and the adjacent skin in the right amount. The spray is immediately absorbed by the tissues and does not spoil the clothes. After processing the fingers, you can immediately do household chores or go to bed.

The duration of treatment with onychomycosis Bifosin is 4 - 6 months. If the drug is used for the therapy of feet and interdigital spaces affected by mycosis, the fungus fungicide will win in 3 to 4 weeks. After the extinction of the external signs of the fungus of the nails, it is recommended to treat bifonazole for another 2 weeks to prevent recurrence of the infection.


Bifosin is suitable not only for the treatment of onychomycosis. The number of indications for the use of the drug is interdigital intertrigo, inguinal epidermophytia, colorful lichen, favus, candidiasis of the genital organs, trichophytosis of the scalp.


Side effects and contraindications

Since bifonazole is not absorbed by the systemic bloodstream, fungicidal effects of antimycotics can not affect the performance of internal organs and body systems. In isolated cases, the side effects of Bifosin are the following negative changes:

  • Itching and burning of tissues.
  • Irritation and flaky skin.
  • Symptoms of allergic dermatitis.
  • Maceration of the skin (the effect of bruising, as after bathing).

Contraindications to the use for the treatment of fungus on nails Bifosin has practically no. Doctors only warn that the dosage forms are not suitable for pregnant women in the first trimester of gestation and nursing mothers.

Absolute contraindication to antimycotic therapy is the intolerance of lanolin and cetyl stearol, which are present in the composition of Bifosin.

In case of intolerance, the antimycotic Bifosin is replaced by analogues:

  • Beefas.
  • Mycospores.
  • Bifonazole.
  • Zalain.
  • Mifungar and others.

If the treatment was unsuccessful, the doctor can recommend an additional examination to the patient. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the new therapy regimen, a specialist should know the general state of the immune system and the endocrine system of the person being treated. An important diagnostic value is the blood test.


Price and reviews at Bifosin

On Bifosin from the fungus of nails, the price of the manufacturer is set quite acceptable. Even taking into account the trade margin, the cost of the product does not exceed 60 rubles for the cream and 140 rubles for the spray. A small price of the drug makes treatment economical and at the same time effective, which is important with a low financial position of a person.

Store Bifosin in a dry, dark place where children can not take it. To ensure that the product has not lost its medicinal properties, the tubes and bottles contain in the temperature conditions +15 - 25 ° C.

Leaving feedback on Bifosin cream from nail fungus, patients write about the incredible therapeutic effect of its use. Literally on days 3-5, the agent used improves the condition of the affected area. It eliminates unpleasant odor, itching and other symptoms of infection.

Nikolay, 56 years old, Voronezh:

Bifosin advised me to buy a friend who successfully got rid of the fungus on his thumb. Buying a spray for 125 rubles, which is cheaper than other funds, I doubted the effectiveness of treatment. After 3 months of spray application, my doubts were dispelled, the affected parts of the nail plates passed. I advise everyone to try this drug.

Ekaterina, 32 years old, Tambov:

After the next relapse, we with the attending physician decided to change the medicines and try to treat the fungus nails Bifosin. First I bought an ointment. This form of release of the drug seemed uncomfortable to me, I applied the cream under the bandage at night and during sleep, the bandage was lost, the bed sheets. I switched to spray, it is more convenient, after spraying the drug on the nail and skin, it is quickly absorbed, after which I wear socks and go to bed. The result of treatment makes me happy, the disease began to recede.

As for the solution, this form of Bifosin is recommended for the treatment of the scalp. With the attenuation of the inflammatory process, the treatment is carried out using a cream and powder called Bifosin. Powder is also treated with excessive sweating, applying a loose form for 2 to 3 weeks.

In general, Bifosin copes with the pathogens of onychomycosis quickly. Regardless of the form of release, the drug shows an excellent result and a minimum of adverse reactions, and also facilitates the prevention of secondary infection. Correct application of antimycotic allows to achieve positive dynamics even in the most neglected cases, when the fungus destroys the nail plate.

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