Oil Stop-Active against the fungus: reviews

What is a foot fungus and how to treat it, every modern person should know.

Unhealthy lifestyle or vice versa, too active with a visit to the pool, sauna, solarium, fitness center and communication with unfamiliar people lead to infection of the skin and nails with fungus in the hands or legs. The development of the disease is also facilitated by the wearing of tight shoes and synthetic socks. In summer, the risk of infection increases in nature, where people like to walk barefoot.

Quickly to overcome infection to the infected person the oil from a fungus of fingernails or nails will help or assist Stop Active - the innovative agent with fungicidal effect. It destroys pathogens of onychomycosis, heals cracks on the heels, eliminates the unpleasant odor of the legs and prevents relapses of the disease.

Oil composition Stop-active

The composition of the drug Stop-Active is based on safe for human health components:

  • Musk beaver - antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunomodulating substance. The ingredient eliminates itching and fetid odor and inhibits the growth of pathogenic flora.
  • Mumiyo asil - an organo-mineral component has a vegetable, animal and mineral origin. It contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, which heals the skin, controls sweating and disinfects tissues affected by the fungus.
  • Stone oil - a unique ingredient is the accumulation of salt on the walls of caves. As a remedy, the stone oil contains a multitude of trace elements that moisturize and nourish the skin, accelerate the exfoliation of dead particles, heal wounds and cracks on the soles and restore the local immunity. In addition, the cave salt softens the calluses and corns and gives the feet a pleasant coolness and relaxation.
  • Oily basis - a combination of several types of oils cleans, vitaminizes and heals the skin and nails. The feet become tender and healthy.

The liquid consistency of the composition allows the Stop-Active to be uniformly and subtly applied to the entire surface of the foot - this property advantageously emits oil on the background of a cream or other form of antifungal medication. The product is quickly absorbed and does not spoil clothes.


30 days of regular application of Stop-Activ means gives an incredible result. Sweating, itching and cracks on the legs disappear, and the pathogens of mycosis and onychomycosis die. Feet acquires a healthy, well-groomed appearance.


How to treat a nail fungus with Stop-Active oil

According to the instructions for use, Stop-Active oil is used once a day in the evening. The affected limb is first washed with household, tar or antibacterial soap (Safeguard, for example) and thoroughly wiped with a disposable napkin. A small portion of the ointment is squeezed out onto the palm and rubbed thinly over the entire foot, grasping the interdigital patches.

Doctors in the responses to the oil Stop-Active against nail fungus write about the importance of treatment means of each nail plate affected by onychomycosis. Neighboring healthy nails should be oiled to prevent infection. The course of therapy is individual, its duration is always associated with the severity of the symptoms of onychomycosis.

  1. Fungus of foot skin can be cured for 3 - 4 weeks.
  2. With nails, the situation is more complicated, since healthy plates grow for 3 to 6 months.

The systematic use of Stop-Active oil after 2 weeks allows the patient to evaluate the first results of treatment - the cuticle produces healthy tissues of normal pink hue. Itching, burning and unpleasant odor also disappear.


The antifungal agent Stop-Active is indicated for the treatment and prevention of mycosis and onychomycosis at different stages of the disease development. Interacting with affected tissues, the drug destroys the mycelium, its spores and other microorganisms, if the process is complicated by bacterial infection.


Contraindications and side effects

There are no wide restrictions on the use of the fungicidal agent in question. Children's age, pregnancy, lactation and a variety of diseases are not contraindications to the treatment of the nail fungus Stop-Actives. However, patients are recommended to study the composition of the oil in detail, because some of its components to hypersensitive people can cause harm.

With liver and kidney disease and mechanical jaundice, the patient should consult with the doctor about the safety of treating the fungus on the feet with Stop-Actives. Stone oil, for example, has a choleretic property. Therefore, the drug can not be useful for jaundice.

The facts of overdose and serious side effects caused by the use of Stop-Activate oil medicine are unknown. If the patient is predisposed to an allergy, the product can provoke a negative skin reaction. In this case, oil treatment is immediately canceled.

Where to buy Stop-Activ

Find out how much Stop-Active costs from nail fungus, you can in the pharmacy or on the official manufacturer's website. Pharmacists sell antimycotics for 1500 rubles, on the Internet its cost reaches 1 thousand. rubles. For a 10-ml bottle, it's expensive, so it's more profitable to buy oil directly from the manufacturer or order through distributors with a good reputation.

To distinguish the original from the forgery the attentive buyer can by the qualitatively designed package, the absence of errors in the inscriptions and the barcode with the identifier. Important is the opinion of people who bought the medicine on the Internet. On responses it is easy to orient, what resource distributes the goods without deceit.

On the official website, you can order Stop-Active Gel from the fungus at the promotional price. The manufacturer regularly makes discounts for his goods and presents quality certificates at the request of the consumer. To buy stop-active today only residents of Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus can.

In the future, the manufacturer plans to expand the service area so that a person from any country can cure onychomycosis with this unique remedy.

Customer Reviews

So that you can see the effectiveness of the oil from the Stop-Active fungus, we offer you to read real consumer feedback.

Yana, 38 years old: At first, I did not attach importance to the brittle and yellow nails on my legs, I thought that there were not enough vitamins. But once a friend who works as a nurse in the dermatologist's office, advised me to see a doctor and take the tests. Learning that I have a fungus, I was very upset. The doctor advised me to write Stop-Activ oil on the Internet. According to him, it helped to bring the fungus to the feet of many people. I smeared with this agent exactly one month, but positive results have noticed already at the end of 2 weeks of treatment. Nails became stronger and acquired a healthy shade, fingers stopped itching.

Sofia, 22 years old: I'm an athlete. Once in training I hit my foot on the iron inventory. After a while, noticed that the fingernail on the big toe of the foot had blackened, and the leg itself periodically itches and does not smell very pleasant. The doctor recommended that I process the Stop Stop with oil. The product is not greasy, it is quickly absorbed and does not require special skills for use. But most importantly - I cured the fungus in 4 weeks, and the disease does not bother me anymore.


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